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TeamEvilGSP Live Q&A 7-26-20

Have a question for Broderick to answer in his weekly Facebook Lives?

01:42 Ever dealt with any knee injuries over your years of squatting?

02:44 A better carrier for Anavar than MCT oil?

05:27 Have you ever worked your front squat as much as your back squat?

06:08 Is there much merit to pre workout insulin with injectable l-carnitine?

07:07 What’s the concentration of Primobolan enanthate that can be made without using solvents that are very unhealthy?

08:10 Ian King has a great book on programming. Is this correct? I saw he has a 3 book series on his site & several others.

08:50 Are all the negative side effects of oral steroids mainly caused by the impaired bile flow or are there other pathways?

10:41 Please do more videos like this!!!

11:27 If one would take 1500mg of Metformin, would you take them all on an empty stomach in the morning or split them up?

12:58 Would you recommend EQ for contest prep?

14:00 When would you recommend an athlete increase his Metformin dose?

15:51 If a woman took a really low dose of Aanvar with no sides, could she run it for long periods of time, like months? Granted taking something to help keep hormones balanced.

17:23 Do you recommend your athletes to come off Metformin or stay on all year round?

18:52 How well does Dan Duchaine’s underground handbook stand today?

20:17 Is it true that our gene expression will eventually be autoregulated to downregulate the production of AR receptors?

23:56 In some podcasts your caloric advice for a growth phase is 35-40 time weight in kg, but after that phase, during a cruise phase, how many calories should be eaten?

26:14 Can’t access ketotifen. Any alternatives?

26:41 Do EQ & DHB have similar effects in terms of the benefits you mentioned about EQ?

28:30 If the person consulting you is unable to get R insulin & the only option available is Novorapid, how would you schedule the dosage to maintain hyperinsulinemia?

30:45 What is the side effect of staying on Masteron (600-800mg) with 200mg of Test year round?

31:45 Would HGH + Metformin have a benefit in any way of fortifying myocytes through Metformin’s effect on mitochondrial density?

33:04 When talking about skinfolds (Parrillo method), are you aiming for a certain total number of skinfolds for a physique athlete to be stage-ready?

35:20 What are your thoughts on “Specific Strength Training” by Yuri Verkhoshansky?

36:55 Ketotifen continued…

37:22 Can Clen & Ephedrine affect the thyroid gland?

38:18 I’ve understood that the AR gene expression that’s responsible for the production of them…

39:46 On the topic of androgen receptors, would the individual who for whatever reason has a higher number of androgen receptors simply require a higher dosage of AAS to achieve the same effect as the opposite?

40:34 Glutathione – what is your stance on this topic?

40:55 I’ve found that for clients going to cruise a 5% drop in calories is sufficient to mitigate the obvious body comp, assuming the surplus was enough to gain 1lb/week on cycle.

41:54 Is Anavar directly toxic to the kidneys?

43:02 During an aggressive fat loss phase, which steroids other than Tren would spare one’s muscle the best?

44:37 My girlfriend 5 years ago had Basedow disease & her endocrinologist removed her thyroid gland completely, except for parathyroids. She is on T4 but doctors said that T3 therapy would be better. What’s your opinion?

48:20 Had a conversation about an individual with a lower GFR who was considering T-Bol. You mentioned that was a poor choice due to a larger burden on the kidney metabolism. What are other higher risk compounds?

49:55 Just as Masteron has a downward pressure on estrogen, are there any steroids that have an anti-progesterone effect?

52:02 If using Dianabol for the first time, would you have to use it for a lower period than Anavar, as it’s a central column & hence 6 week use would be full suppression?

54:16 Do DHT compounds have a stronger impact on increasing dopamine? Can this directly combat prolactin?

56:33 What type of needle do you personally recommend for a viscous substance like Primobolan?

55:15 I bought Dr. Hatfield’s book “Hardcore Bodybuilding & finished it. Was his favorite word “pencil-neck”?

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