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TeamEvilGSP Live Q&A 7-24-20

Have a question for Broderick to answer in his weekly Facebook Lives?

01:36 Why Are Anavar & D-Bol considered “starters”?

01:51 What is the suppression time of Primobolan in terms of weeks?

02:48 If someone has low thyroid, but still in the reference range, what would you recommend to remedy it?

03:36 I know you prefer Primo & Mast. What’s the highest you’ll have clients run Test? Obviously depends on many factors, but curious if there’s a dose you won’t go over.

04:45 Why are Anavar & D-Bol normally the first stuff most people use when they first start using PEDs?

05:46 Do you think cruising on a dose on the top of the 2-3mg/kg vs. lower or medical TRT dose, reduces the magnitude of the effects when you up the dose?

07:10 Is it common to get an enlarged prostate on 450mg Primobolan a week & 250mg of Testosterone?

07:30 Does it make a difference where you make injections, or is it strictly a practical & preference thing?

08:36 If overall body weight is the primary goal during a growth phase for a bodybuilder & Nandrolone isn’t an option, what would be a reasonable alternative?

09:58 Would 200mg of Test a week be enough to cause super physiological rates of muscle tissue growth for a 165lb male, or is it a boosted version of TRT?

11:48 Have you found that athletes that use GH long term benefit from using T4?

13:27 Best beginner compound for massing? I’ve listened to many podcasts from you & Dr. Mike & I’ve found that Anavar would be the “best” beginner drug for cutting.

16:18 Any synergy between just insulin & T4 orT3 for fat loss?

17:05 Checked my blood pressure multiple times & it’s always under 120/70 however since I’ve taken 50mg of Anadrol 3 days ago, the veins on the sides of my head are still pulsating as if I’ve got high blood pressure.

18:48 On your last Madsen Files, you mentioned that you think Randy could have gained more muscle with less Test & more Primo. Why is that the case, since I thought they are equally anabolic per mg?

20:27 In the Madsen Files, Randy took a week off all PEDs in the first week after a cycle. What would be the reason for this short break from PEDs even if he is on TRT?

22:08 I listened to Dr. Mike’s podcast about beginner questions about starting to use PEDs & Anavar & D-Bol came up a lot, he talked about them as a starting point. Why is that?

24:00 Any ideas why someone would get constipation from adding Prim to a TRT base?

25:42 Lowest minimum effective dose of Tren?

26:31 If a person had to rely on Arimidex, how many times should one take it & wait before rechecking blood values?

28:56 I was told that if the body never spends time with a physiological level of androgens, rather always being on some degree of superphysiological androgen level long term progress slows.

29:52 If your goal is fat loss from 2IU of GH every day in the morning, how long should you fast post injection?

31:10 Opinions on low dose Tren on a growth phase?

31:51 If 300mg of Test put you in the reference range, wouldn’t that be a true TRT?

33:22 What are your thoughts on the recent Olympic Weightlifting PED scandal? Do you think that eventually there would be untested weightlifting?

35:21 Speaking of your post-it note rule for orals, are you aware of how long Arnold took Dianabol for any one time?

36:11 If receptors don’t get downregulated, what happens when at a certain threshold of drugs you start noticing diminishing returns?

37:16 Any validity to high protein intakes (4g/kg) being better for strength than 2-3g/kg?

39:14 Really personal question about being on TRT for a very long time, what would the recommended dosage & protocol be on HCG to get my fertility rate up?

42:45 Did I understand well that you recommend a 2 week break from all AAS including TRT after the course?

43:36 How did the Testosterone roundtable go?

44:17 Could gut bacteria influence energy metabolism, making it harder to lose or gain weight?

46:03 Do you feel that if these politicians stopped worrying about anabolics & how so called bad they were, the scientist might actually find ways to cure or help with overall general health?

48:20 Could DNP help to guard against viruses like COVID?

49:24 What is the best drug or combination of drugs for mitochondrial biogenesis?

50:11 I’ve spoken to someone with a PHD specializing in gut bacteria, she said just that: “we know very little, a lot is just guessing”.

50:50 Is it possible to get erectile dysfunction at 200mg of Test & 600mg of Masteron?

51:20 Which PEDs should someone with asthma or anemia stay away from?

52:22 What has been the most ridiculous mixture of steroid combinations you have seen in a bottle?

53:39 What would happen if someone blocked both the aromatization & the DHT conversion of Test? What would be left?

54:22 The cons of staying on 300mg of Tren for long periods of time, just because I find that Tren gives me better erections on a low dose?

55:42 I have an internal bleed that can’t be fixed at the moment. Recently it has been aggravated, RBC down to 106. Would taking EQ to try to boost this back quicker be a bad idea?

57:42 Is there a specific test drug users use to determine renal disease?

58:18 What’s a reasonable amount of Masteron you could have per ml of oil without major problems?

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