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TeamEvilGSP Live Q&A 7-19-20

Have a question for Broderick to answer in his weekly Facebook Lives?

01:08 Do you think ibuprofen can be particularly useful in treating tendinitis or is that recommendation outdated?

03:18 Is it better to TRT Testosterone over 35 than to cycle on & off for long term health?

04:20 Is already on AAS, are there any benefits (maybe cognitive) of adding DHEA, if under the reference range?

05:16 When referring to carbs, protein, PEDs, etc. they say you must take x amount per kg. Is this lean mass or whole mass?

06:50 How do you recommend escalating sets in your 80-120 training programming for clients that need more overall size?

07:38 Bromocriptine seems to make me very tired. Is this common?

08:07 Do you know or have any stories about the humongous bodybuilder Greg Kovacs?

08:38 I have heard as an alternative to ibuprofen something like 50mg of Nandrolone can be useful.

09:18 Is there any difference in ephedrine that comes in ECA stack & that in Bronkaid?

10:09 Any female bodybuilders that you are specifically looking forward to seeing on stage at this year’s Olympia? P.S. Iris Kyle is making a comeback by the way.

11:28 For a powerlifter with a higher body fat percentage, will getting rid of extra body fat be better off cycle or on cycle?

12:57 Are there any long term consequences of being on Nandrolone for basically ever? Anything particular you would look out for?

14:10 Regarding my question about escalating sets for clients who need overall size, to which muscle groups would you allocate sets to?

16:00 Was Milos Sarcev a pioneer in insulin usage in bodybuilding?

18:28 Would you consider having a podcast regarding how to match AAS & training in a macrocycle for bodybuilding?

19:13 Natural training is something Broderick doesn’t know or care about!

19:55 Which PEDs do you consider to be most effective to increase muscle mass in females (minimal side effects)?

21:40 In a weight loss scenario, like contest prep, would a deescalating volume paradigm be appropriate? Say going down from 120 sets per week?

23:13 If Anavar comes in 10mg tablets, is it viable to increase dosage incrementally from 50mg to 60mg by taking sat 50mg a day and 60mg the other?

23:55 Do you have a rule of thumb for mcg/kg bodyweight for T4 usage? What would be a smart way to use T4 to lower the stress on the thyroid while on Trenbolone?

25:39 Have you ever come across dr. Scott Stevenson?

26:06 What are your views on guru Amin Alai’s recommendation of alternating Anadrol and Anavar every other day to reduce liver toxicity?

27:23 Just wanted to say you are great sir & deserve way more publicity in the bodybuilding & sports world!

27:41 Is Nandrolone the best AAS for a highly glycolytic training block?

28:30 In general, when a bodybuilder drops from an AAS course of 5-7mg/kg to Sports TRT, would you expect them to hold onto all of their accrued muscle mass?

29:28 Are there any differences between men and women when it comes to oral steroids and their overall impact on blood values?

31:33 Would a person with a high natural test require greater AAS usage?

33:18 You have said you have not seen blood work showing EQ lowering estrogen. Have you seen Masteron suppress estrogen?

33:29 When dosage of HGH gets to 8-12IU how would you split the dosages?

34:30 Where can I find more information about thyroid?

34:55 Would you be coming back to Australia when restrictions are lifted?

35:50 Have you ever met Tamas Ajan?

36:11 Ever found that Metformin keeps you awake if you take it late in the day?

36:31 How would you lower estrogen in women to bring it into range?

37:02 What would your protocol look like for healing a partial meniscus tear?

38:00 Why does no one talk about aspirin for sports performance?

38:36 Would you recommend HGH during contest prep, or would you rather take it away due to water retention the last few weeks of prep?

40:15 Will you move to Australia if Biden becomes president?

40:43 In case of future lockdowns, what primary pieces of gym equipment would you recommend bodybuilders purchase for home?

42:17 I heard you said that when the door is shut, it is shut. So if someone is taking a replacement dosage of T4 (100-125mcg) & someone is taking double, would they experience the same level of suppression?

43:32 Regarding your retirement, how many more years do you plan on coaching athletes?

44:38 Regarding the thoughts on Turinabol & Anavar mix, thoughts on a woman doing 10mg of Testosterone a week and then adding 30-40mg of NPP a week would give you similar compounding bonuses?

45:34 Someone who has mediocre genetics & wants to do bodybuilding, how long would you say is realistic to put on 20kg of muscle and be somewhat competitive?

47:45 As little as 5mg of Anavar & T-Bol is pure sexual magic for women walking on stage!

47:57 Have you seen more infections from water based compounds?

48:23 Any tips when you have a stomach bug during a cycle?

49:35 The reason behind palumboism (distended gut) is IGF-1 levels & high amounts of food?

49:56 Do you run any webinars at the moment?

50:35 When you come back to Australia, will Sydney be a location for a seminar most likely?

51:55 Are the erythropoietic effects of Boldenone the reason some say it has a negative impact on the kidneys?

53:12 I’ve seen plenty of bodybuilders in their early years looking not that impressive and all of a sudden just bursted into growth. Is there some common denominator behind this?

53:51 If a 30 year old male has Hashimoto thyroiditis, is there anything to watch out for starting any AAS?

56:45 It does not make sense to take creatine monohydrate while on AAS?

57:44 Have you heard about Tiaen Clark’s Deca only cycle?

58:37 What are your thoughts on injectable carnitine?

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