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TeamEvilGSP Live Q&A 7-14-20

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01:07 I wanted to ask your thoughts on reasons why pharmacy companies produce a Testosterone no higher than 200-250mg/ml & underground labs producing up to 400/500mg/ml. Is the 400-500mg/ml Testosterone real or not?

05:08 Does having elevated ALT and AST (liver enzymes) reduce IGF-1 output for those on exogenous HGH?

07:49 Can AAS cause ovarian cysts in women?

09:09 In cases of overtaxing the body, could reducing physical activity actually improve resting heart rate & blood pressure via a reduction in stress?

11:40 For increasing hydration are there methods that are synergistic with the increased consumption of fluids?

13:42 Besides reducing blood pressure & avoiding drugs like Trenbolone, what else can be done to preserve renal health?

14:46 Can the same drug and dose affect the same person differently in a negative way at a later date like a year apart?

17:30 Does ITPP have potential to help people with COVID-19 who are having trouble getting enough oxygen avoid going on a ventilator since it helps increase tissue oxygenation?

19:00 Can you still be doing some kidney damage despite really good blood pressure control on cycle?

19:36 What side effects do you see with Primobolan 400mg/week region? Everything I have read says almost none other sites say big list of potential sides….I’ve added 400mg primo to my 250mg TRT about 2 weeks ago, I’ve noticed I don’t feel as motivated in general and mild loss of libido. I have Bayer Primo.

23:53 Making very little progress at 250mg Test. I understand adding in, let’s say, 300mg primo would obviously help but is that enough of the drug to elicit an effect on hypertrophy? Curious if Primo is linear or if there is a threshold that one must hit in terms of mg to really see benefit & if so what is that threshold for Primo?

26:02 In the GH round table Alex mentioned a scenario where you would administer GH & then relax, thus creating a similar environment to before sleep administration. Would this be a good alternative to before sleep administration & what would be a minimum length of “relaxation” time after administration in your opinion?

28:42 Do you think bodybuilders need to take a week off or at least do very easy weeks of training to let fatigue dissipate, and if so, how would you time it in relation to an AAS course?

35:20 I heard you mention before that roughly half of the AAS accrued muscle could be permanent for most people. I would assume that at the highest levels of dosages and muscle gains that would not be the case. (i.e. someone puts on 50kg of muscle using very high dosages). If that is indeed the case, at what point would that cutoff be?

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