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TeamEvilGSP Live Q&A 7-12-20

Have a question for Broderick to answer in his weekly Facebook Lives?

01:11 Is it true that the liver cannot properly heal at super-physiological testosterone levels?

02:47 I know you don’t think highly of Proviron, but I just feel great on it. Sex drive & function are way better & much more energetic. Does your rule for dose & duration apply to this?

03:40 The idea is that after using orals your liver is compromised & after that you should avoid Sports TRT dose…

05:39 What is your favorite form of cardio, with the goal of lowering blood pressure? Low intensity, high intensity, how long, for what average heart rate?

08:38 Does additional exogenous insulin not retard output from the pancreas? For example adding exogenous 10IU simply won’t cause the pancreas to produce less?

10:45 If a 85kg athlete is required to consume 4000mg of sodium, one must consume 12g of table salt… Am I calculating this right?

13:02 If I sent you an email with feedback for the website, would you read it?

13:10 Are there any supplements you would recommend for lowering blood pressure? I am 30 years old, 85kg, fit & never crossed 500mg of total AAS, yet my blood pressure is 140/80. Any tips?

15:17 Where do you like to see A1C with athletes?

16:41 I can’t split my D-Bol pills, so I can only take it once a day. What time would be the best to take the oral?

18:03 Get your ass on a cardio machine!!!

19:34 Would you say cystatin C is the best test to see if kidney function has been impaired?

22:40 How would you do cardio for fat loss vs. for health? Please try to elaborate why.

25:15 Through experience, would you say there are maximum doses one should take of any given compound? Is there a minimum effective dose of certain drugs?

25:35 The blood lipid video on the website was very informative, Rawdon Dubois & you seem to be a very good combo, he always asks good questions.

26:22 Does the total weekly dose of AAS of high level bodybuilders (like Randy Madsen) go back to Sports TRT level between courses?

27:15 Do you think world class coaches & drug testing organizations are always trying to out each other or are they all buddies giving each other heads up on tests?

28:41 Which cardio modality would you recommend for lowering blood pressure?

29:21 Alternative options for Anavar for females?

31:43 If someone is truly committed to their goals in bodybuilding or powerlifting, would you have a minimum training age before taking PEDs?

33:03 Systolic & diastolic blood pressure.

34:57 Do you think there is any correlation between test levels & strength? e.g. If you take 100 lifters & you take their test levels, would the ones who are stronger have the highest test levels?

36:52 For female sprinters is Clen like GH, in the sense that more is better?

37:28 In a podcast/video on your site, you were speaking about how to use R insulin & you said that 30IU would be the maximum value to use. Why this value?

39:07 Randy was on 250mg (125mg of Testosterone & 125mg of Primobolan)

40:08 Typically how much Masteron do you recommend for your pornstars? Wouldn’t too much cause a negative effect on their estrogen, thus giving them ED?

42:40 If one trains Monday, Wednesday & Friday, what would be a good time to donate blood? (Because they keep telling me not to train for several days after donating)

44:33 What aspects do you disagree with William Llewellyn regarding his books?

46:27 If you should train up to your dosing, what’s the rationale for starting training cycles at minimum effective volume? Why not push volume as high as possible through the cycle for hypertrophy?

48:02 Is it correct that T4 is beneficial for anabolism when it is used with HGH?

50:48 Upcoming After Freedom podcast with Alex Kikel!

51:14 Would you post some photos from your old bodybuilding days?

51:30 If DHB is 5 times stronger than Primobolan, what would be the difference between 500mg of Primobolan & 100mg of DHB?

54:28 Would you recommend HGH for a powerlifter?

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