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TeamEvilGSP Live Q&A 7-10-20

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02:10 A friend of mine just decided to take drugs after 4 months of training. he is taking 125mg/week & after 4 weeks he has acne & oily skin. 70kg male on a hypo caloric diet.

02:37 Can reductions in HDL from orals such as Winstrol & Anavar be entirely genetic or an effect seen in all users?

03:57 Hemoglobin literally 1 value out of reference range with hematocrit at 56, is this just a case of dehydration? RBCs in range & platelets low in the reference range.

05:28 Superdrol “glycotic” like Anadrol &thus more efficacious to work in high rep ranges, or better to focus on adding to totals?

06:44 How do you gauge recovery & what’s a good flow chart to troubleshoot a plateau?

09:22 If someone has an average response to AAS, is it also fair to say that that person will have an average response to GH & insulin?

10:05 Can AAS induce problems in breathing?

10:26 Knowing that you like big & muscular women, are you excited about Ms. Olympia returning to the Olympia weekend? And speaking of Ms Olympia, Iris Kyle is making a comeback too.

12:15 If using HGH is just taking 2IU a day a waste if just looking for leanness & health benefits, better skin, better sleep?

13:35 How is the garden? Deer & rabbits are wiping me out. I need a bigger fence.

14:09 Do you find fish oil, CoQ10 & slo niacin combo has a significant impact usually in mitigating this?

15:06 A lot of people believe that Anavar is the least unsafe steroid. Would Primobolan & Masteron be even less unsafe?

16:13 Anadrol gives me gyno within 2 days of a moderate dose. Any input?

17:59 T4 alongside 4IU of GH?

18:19 Does Primobolan impact LDL to the same degree mg/mg as Masteron?

19:09 I’ve heard Anavar has tendon strengthening effects. True?

19:53 Are there any correlations between years of high insulin use & becoming diabetic or what is the main dictator of some bodybuilders becoming resistant (e.g. Lionel Beyeke)?

21:59 Is there an average number of kilos of muscle you can reasonably expect to gain on average using GH & insulin, or is it so variable that averages are useless?

23:16 Is it worth taking a break from coffee for workout purposes to resensitize to caffeine?

24:50 After a hypertrophy phase & anabolics return to Sports TRT or off, will strength & contractile tissue eventually return to baseline, or a new higher baseline?

26:37 Are there any steroids that are directly kidney toxic, regardless if blood pressure is in a healthy range?

27:25 Peptides can potentially make your anabolics more efficient? That’s extremely interesting, never heard of that before.

29:24 If I started a 30mg/day Anavar only cycle for a month, I gained 5kg whilst recomping drastically on 2000kcal. Is this a rare response?

30:08 How many mg/kg do you like to see a 28 year old male running in order to retain or grow new muscle, while losing 1-2% of body fat a week for 8 weeks? Weight is 100 kg.

31:16 What AAS would add the most vascularity to an already lean person?

32:19 Why bro myths that have been disproven by science are still so prevalent amongst pros & gurus?

33:49 I know you don’t advocate high protein diets, but considering AAS increase nitrogen efficiency, shouldn’t that mean higher protein intake might be beneficial, or why do some coaches favor a higher approach?

34:54 Between blasts, would 2IU of GH on top of TRT be a good regimen & what are the long term side effects of low dose GH?

36:45 If someone doesn’t have any existing history of gyno & pursues Sports TRT dosages, is it less likely to see gyno related sides, or doesn’t work like that?

37:52 You’ve mentioned the role of Tren & Halo in roid rage, but it seems to me like it’s just angry assholes take steroids & continue to be angry assholes.

39:16 Listened to your recent podcast with Sika Strength. Great podcast, had a laugh. Irrelevant but maybe fun fact, the finishing word sika means “a pig”.

40:04 How did you discover your love of coffee?

42:05 Superdrol question: Are volumizing AAS generally better paired with high rep work, compared to dryer compounds?

44:40 Is there any recommendations you would give in regards to cardio for general health? I know a lot of bodybuilders prefer to count steps, whilst others prefer to keep their heart rate around 130bpm.

46:08 Does Drostanolone with no ester have a WADA detection time?

46:42 How does DHB compare relatively to other injectables regarding anabolism? I’ve heard the term “DHB is like Tren without the side effects”, how do you feel about this claim?

48:30 Why don’t you care about SARMs? Do you believe they aren’t as effective or not truly safer or both?

48:46 Since peptides make anabolics more effective, why are people so hesitant to use peptides? Seems like many only wait with using peptides when they’re already pretty big & then just add.

49:56 What is your view on women using SARMs?

50:15 If we can use the term “safer” towards drugs like Anavar, Winstrol & Primo, can Masteron or even a Sports TRT dose be in the same category based on low sides?

50:33 If I don’t need an AI for 600mg of Testosterone, what are the chances I’d need an AI for 25mg of D-Bol every other day for 8 weeks?

51:50 Do you think there is a connection with low T & liberalism?

52:04 Where do you stand in terms of calorie intake for a powerlifter entering a strength block whilst on cycle?

53:25 Which drugs do you implement for the pornstars you advise?

54:48 Does blood glucose have an impact in one’s ability to obtain “the pump” during a workout? What are the most important factors at play other than nutrition & training intensity?

55:56 In response to the guy that “blasts”, cold you bridge with a SARM?

57:20 I know your general recommendations for dose & duration of orals, however, does this change at all when looking at Superdol specifically?

58:05 Why does Tren cause dehydrated organs?

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