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TeamEvilGSP Live Q&A 7-5-20

Have a question for Broderick to answer in his weekly Facebook Lives?

02:48 Why does Anadrol cause nausea and loss of appetite?

04:45 If the gallbladder has been removed what should you keep in mind when using AAS?

06:15 Ever heard of a double brew method with your pour-over?

07:21 Thoughts on Metformin & how to use it for a natural?

08:45 If a UGL is supplying HGH, how would you go about verifying the product?

11:35 Can you shed some light on Anavar being deemed the least toxic on the liver compared to other c17alpha-alkylated drugs?

14:37 What are some measures you take to keep your clients’ hematocrit from going high?

18:10 If one applies 5IU of fast acting insulin & consumes 100g of carbohydrates, will the pancreas kick in? If the insulin administered isn’t enough for the amount of carbs consumed will the natural production kick in?

20:32 Have you used any pharmacology for cognitive function?

22:55 For a bigger user who has only been on Test, when does it usually make sense to add new drugs instead of just upping the dose of Test?

24:48 Timeline for Testosterone increasing estrogen vs. Masteron controlling it? Is there a difference?

25:37 Since diuretics like Lasix aren’t selective to only sub-q water, why are they used pre contest, would also the elimination of intramuscular water thus creating a flat look?

30:37 How would the use of Anavar with TRT affect your following TRT blood work?

32:03 What body parts require the least & most volume to grow?

33:40 Could you please explain how you would use T4 to avoid becoming hypothyroid?

34:35 Would someone using 50mg transdermal Test daily be the same as injecting 350mg a week due to absorption rates?

36:18 Doing the 80-120 set mesocycle while focusing on smaller muscle groups. Would you say it’s reasonable in this scenario to keep pushing volume higher over the 120 sets?

38:42 MRNA drug altering gene expression, could it be of help to bodybuilding or is it too much of a risk?

39:45 How to evaluate information (in reference to coaching, supplements, etc.)?

43:09 New camera? Quality seems better!

43:55 Will there be more episodes of the Madsen Files?

44:55 In regards to weekly milligrams, what is the equivalence of natural testosterone production?

47:30 Is there any data on how different AAS impact mystation activity expression?

48:43 The videos on the members site are still not working for me for some reason. (contact

51:00 If taking Metformin, can it cause diabetes in a healthy person?

51:28 Is Metformin safer than insulin?

52:02 Why do so many top IPF competitors seem to be coached by Joey Flexx? Is he a good coach, or is there more to it?

53:31 Does the dosage of Anavar have no effect on suppression?

55:35 Could you shed some light on why the results are much more retainable on Anavar compared to Testosterone? Is it due to the aromatization?

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