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TeamEvilGSP live Q&A 7-3-20

Have a question for Broderick to answer in his weekly Facebook Lives?

02:10 What do you think about supplements for myostatin inhibition?

02:28 Do you find Benny Magnuson’s raw powerlifting deadlift more or less impressive than Hafthor’s equipped?

03:52 When you talk about a dosing of 5mg/kg do you count Sports TRT into that dosing?

04:39 Is the stress response from training enough to justify acute bloating & acne & a puffy look from the first week(-ish)?

05:03 Have you ever heard of or seen Metformin reduce vascularity?

05:59 Statins are for the inhibition of HMG-CoA reductase, but that’s early in cholesterol synthesis. Why do companies make a drug to target such an early stage?

08:21 When you said Middle Eastern people respond well to Nandrolone, what does that mean specifically?

09:35 Why do you recommend using Masteron as the muscle building compound in your stack? Everywhere I looked it up, it’s anabolically weaker than Testosterone.

11:37 Does Sports TRT/base circumvent Deca-Dick?

12:22 What about aldosterone & its relation to cortisol? When I start a new program the first week I’m a bit watery.

13:35 You’ve mentioned many times before that you don’t believe in the efficacy of any health supplements. What is your response to these different product reviews that show noticeable improvements in certain markers?

16:42 When taking an oral for a powerlifting meet, how should I time it before the lift?

17:52 Wanted to say thank you for the HGH Roundtable, it was outstanding!!! Have you ever tried any coffee K-cups?

19:12 Last week you mentioned how bodybuilders were in much better shape in the late ’90s early 2000s, what do you think have been the major reasons for the decline?

21:20 If you choose to run MK-677, would it be best to run it 5 days on 2 off?

22:59 I’ve heard in some of your podcasts that an athlete at national level would generally take 10-15 times their body weight in gear, so does that mean that a 230lb guy would take 2300mg per week?

23:58 Under what circumstances would you reject a client?

25:39 Do you find a strong link in the positive genetic response between DHT column drugs & South Asian people?

26:38 For the next roundtable you & Alex could talk about steroids & response based on ethnicity?

27:15 Pour-over is the best with an electric scale measuring everything out.

29:20 Why would my BP be worse now, being 20lb lighter & in better cardiovascular shape?

30:58 Do you think the amount of criticism Trump gets is over the top?

31:45 Speaking of Ronnie Coleman, what are your thoughts on Chad Nicholls?

33:17 Do you think Jared Feather has top tier pro potential in the open class?

34:03 Could AAS cause a stuffy nose by allergic reaction?

34:51 What TRT dose do you consider to be mini cycles?

35:28 Your opinion about the 2020 election?

36:16 What is your opinion on IGF1-LR3 as a tool to influence recovery & hypertrophy?

36:30 Is Melanotan II effective at driving RBC similar to EQ?

37:03 Would you add Tony Huge or Ameen Alai to one of your next roundtables?

37:35 Are there any biochem anabolic-centric textbooks you recommend specifically?

37:57 You mentioned Chad Nicholls is a great coach, but why is there all this stuff Shawn Ray is saying about his methods killing people?

39:18 Shaun Ray is better… (Shaun Ray is full of shit)

40:02 Do you have any photos from your old bodybuilding days?

40:07 From your specific perspective, is Dexter Jackson’s success down to drugs alone?

41:53 T3 & T4 production seems like a pretty closed negative feedback loop. Why does T4 supplementation work, especially since it’s the inactive form? Does it just overpower the system?

42:50 How good are Mike Istraetel’s genetics for bodybuilding?

43:02 In your personal opinion would you say Wheeler or Levrone were overrated & their claims at being robbed of Olympias have little validity?

45:05 I heard that taking TUDCA while on orals negates their effects, essentially that it works too good & you should take it after a cycle of orals, not during.

45:44 Why does the body decide to use more T4?

46:54 When running only 200mg of Tren E per week for 10 weeks, should I be concerned about its effects on thyroid?

47:38 Do you think the clean & press should come back into weightlifting?

48:07 What do you think about taking orals every other day in order to minimize the effects orals can have otherwise?

49:21 Who would say were some of the most underrated bodybuilders?

52:08 Is GABA powder useless as a recovery sleep aid?

52:56 Do you think that drug application wise, bodybuilding has gone backwards?

54:21 What is your opinion about Rich Gaspari?

55:25 At what level of gear does hair loss start occurring?

55:34 What do you think of the ’72 Olympia scandal with Sergio Oliva being robbed?

56:39 Do you think that the IFBB classic physique division is going back in the right direction?

57:37 In the’81 Olympia Padilla & Platz were robbed.

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