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TeamEvilGSP Live Q&A 6-28-20

Have a question for Broderick to answer in his weekly Facebook Lives?

02:13 When starting Metformin, do you find there is GI distress every time you bump up the dose? Would it be better to start closer to your top-end dose & deal with the GI stress once?

03:29 Do you ever use cruise periods to take body fat off or do you prefer maintenance?

06:07 Since I workout first thing in the AM is it a good idea to skip food & drink cluster dextrins, EEAs pre/intra workout with Humalog injected sub-q? (Just to not have food digesting during the workout)

08:42 Is there any efficacy to B12 injections for general health?

09:45 Does exogenous GH affect endogenous GH production if you stop exogenous?

11:33 What compounds have minimal effect & are a good starting point?

13:14 I’m considering TRT to optimize training & muscle gains when not in a meet prep. I’m 28 & keen to have a family in a few years, how problematic will it be to get HPTA normalization if I’ve used HRT?

15:30 Can certain PEDs be used to bias more growth towards certain muscles?

16:19 I haven’t used Winstrol before, but plan to in my upcoming strength block. Why do so many people complain of joint pain whilst on it? Is it the result of estrogen in a highly androgenic environment?

19:08 If you could go back to how you utilized periods of T4 to preserve thyroid health during a period of high anabolic use…

21:27 Is there any difference between time of absorption if using different oil for the injection of anabolics (like grape seed being slower than MCT)?

24:06 200lb male, 42 years old, 200mg/week of TRT. I would like to put on mass before I’m too old, I have 200mg of Test shipped, should I go to 3mg/kg (sorry but Test is all I have)?

25:46 Biological question: If you had all the drugs & training time in the world, could you train a woman to be stronger than the current crop of world-class males?

29:15 Why does your body retain fluid in times of stress?

30:20 I never heard how you got together with Dr. Tony.

30:46 Considering your age, PEDs & scientific background, do you have anything that detects bs when someone says they’re natty but they’re not?

31:57 Thoughts on injectable glutathione? Does it work as well as live support? What weekly dosage would be appropriate for a cycle?

32:40 Aside from allowing more time between injections & needle size what else can we do to reduce the buildup of scar tissue from IM injections?

34:45 I take 300mg per week, yet my E2 stays under 50… Where do you see most of your athletes?

37:12 212 competitor Flex Lewis is going to make a debut in the open class this year, how do you think he’s going to do against the bigger guys?

39:17 Is it wiser to try massing & strength gaining together or separately for better strength & muscle gain? Which do you think is more efficient?

40:34 When you said that cycles should not last longer than 16 weeks, does that mean that the administration of drugs should not last longer than 16 weeks or that the drugs should clear by the 16 weeks?

43:31 Considering that there are 5 adrenergic receptor subtypes responsible for regulating adipocyte metabolism, how much will disabling downregulation going to impact on fat metabolism?

46:16 Does coach Trevor (friend of Tony Huge) really have big knowledge about AAS & coach Olympia athletes?

47:57 The previous question about adrenergic receptors was about possibly modulating between Ephedrine Clenbuterol or some other adrenergic agonist.

50:04 I should have said TUDCA or NAC instead of liver support… (regarding the previous question on injectable glutathione)

53:35 Instead of R insulin, could you use a 70/30 mix & get the same results, performance-wise, with any added benefit?

54:35 At what point should I worry about my estrogen being too low with a DHT compound that doesn’t aromatize? Any symptoms to look out for?

56:20 Do you think it’s true what Lee said he used when competing at the Olympia level, 200mg Deca, 400mg Testosterone, Winstrol (injectable) 3 times per week?

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