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TeamEvilGSP Live Q&A 6-26-20

Have a question for Broderick to answer in his weekly Facebook Lives?

01:00 Oral Primo toxicity?

02:45 On the topic of Clenbuteron & beta-2 receptor downregulation, I’ve run across multiple bodybuilding coaches who disagree with this concept. I tried to do some research, but couldn’t find any…

03:47 What causes lethargy from things like Superdrol?

05:05 Do you have any suggestions or any experience on people running Primo year round as an adjunct to TRT & if so, what dosage have you seen & its impact on blood work & health?

06:46 I’ve heard it claimed that Tren is only 40% more anabolic than Test. What are your thoughts on that?

07:07 Strength gains from Anavar vs. Winstrol. Which of the two provides greater strength gains?

08:08 Why was Testosterone selected as the compound for Sustanon? Does Testosterone have a stronger effect on repairing soft tissue more than other compounds?

09:36 If I wanted to cycle a single oral with TRT for strength gains, what’s the Evil Genius’ suggestion?

11:42 How do animal studies predict outcomes in humans?

12:49 In regards to the chemical signaling concept, how does one find the minimum effective dose for a compound?

14:06 You said yourself retrospectively, you should have added T4 as calories peaked during a mass gaining phase. How would you drop calories after use before endogenous production picked back up?

17:16 Just started listening to the latest podcast with Daniel & needless to say, super excited for this!!!

17:49 Could you please speak about the risk-reward ratio of gene doping for building muscle?

18:18 Pharmacology wise, what are some of the best strategies to gain muscle in a calorie deficit?

19:14 What is your take on the effectiveness of BP-157?

19:37 If insulin & GH are safer than AAS, why don’t people start with these & add AAS later? Usually they are the other way around…

20:03 When getting ready for a bodybuilding show, if the person is already in good shape, will taking diuretics provide any noticeable improvements in overall condition?

21:16 When escalating bodyweight over the course of a 16 week mesocycle for a male physique athlete on the larger side, what kind of range do you usually aim for? Would 10-15 kg be a potential number?

23:00 I know you recommend 2mg/kg for TRT, but if you can achieve 1100 total test with just 125mg of Testosterone after 6 days shouldn’t I just run less?

23:33 How did the GH round table go?

24:25 Is there any English speaking weightlifting coach?

25:30 What’s the ideal Test-Tren ratio for strength?

26:30 As far as diuretics go, what would be your recommendation for first time users?

27:43 You mentioned before that most natural bodybuilders train wrong…

29:15 Mohamed Ehab is so explosive!

29:30 Should I take oral steroids, such as Dianabol, with a meal or an empty stomach?

32:03 What are the main differences in action between Superdrol and Halotestin concerning speed-strength athletes?

33:58 What are your thoughts on the safety & effectiveness of Trestolone (MENT) compared to Test?

34:53 Can you please talk about Metformin & Primo?

34:55 Following the Madsen Files. You like to put Clenbuterol in, during the lowering of anabolics (bridge, as people say), do you ever increase the GH during this cruise period, to rest one pathway & exploit another?

36:53 I was under the impression that MENT is a 19-nor compound, is that correct? If that is the case, why does it aromatize so heavily?

38:13 The latest After Freedom was great!

39:35 Which injectable AAS would you recommend for a tall skinny male to get a full & round look?

40:35 On the other hand, what do you recommend for endomorfs?

42:37 My partner is in his mid 30’s & has been off Testosterone for 2 years now. Did blood work, everything came back normal range, however it seems he cannot maintain his erection. Any ideas?

45:01 Which steroids cause the least amount of acne?

45:35 What are the main compounds that you are looking forward to their development, like Clenbuterol derivatives?

46:17 Has there been more research about AAS & neurological disease like Parkinson & ALS?

48:05 Is Metformin affecting muscle growth?

49:53 Did you get the question concerning women & roids?

50:02 Would injectable Oxandrolone sole a lot of the appetite/digestive issues one gets from oral Anavar?

50:52 Have you tried “Death Wish” coffee?

51:36 Are Tren-anxiety & emotional cold feeling irreversible? I have taken Tren for a long period of time, but I still feel the side effects?

53:26 Estrogen, BP, blood sugar back to normal, we have tried Cialis, etc., it works, however we have trouble with ejaculation & reaching climax.

55:06 Is it stupid to take Clenbuterol at the same time as T3?

56:20 I asked Israetel and Andrew Triana if they’d be willing to do a round table on all things mini & they said they would.

56:33 Carderine on cycle to help cardio?

56:50 What are your favorite tea varieties?

57:59 Have you seen anxiety attacks in athletes before from AAS, even on very conservative doses?

58:40 How does yellow tea compare with green tea in general?

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