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TeamEvilGSP Live Q&A 6-23-20

Have a question for Broderick to answer in his weekly Facebook Lives?

01:10 Can HGH cause bones/joints to pop and click, It is worse upon waking and clicking through the day, elbows hurt as well….could this be down to HGH use or old age? (40 years old on 250mg TRT/week)

04:21 Does water to powder ratio matter for GH? I have 10IU vials and am trying to minimize the amount of sterile water so I don’t have to inject half a cc at a time.

05:35 Can you be “too” insulin sensitive? Problem: There are consistently times I can eat a balanced meal (i.e. steak & rice) including 200-300g carbs and 30 minutes later my blood sugar has dropped to 60-70 mg/dL. I have the usual hypoglycemia symptoms like shaky, cold sweat, etc.

08:40 I have read about some hormone replacement therapies for women where they are replacing estrogen and testosterone together. Would replacing estrogen allow a woman to be on anabolics for longer periods of time or is this more dependent on the age of the woman?

11:34 I’ve always wondered why we don’t hear or see about exogenous leptin and ghrelin use? Is that even a thing?

13:22 As far as I am aware, one of the things GH does is raise blood sugar. So would there be a point where a person is eating so few carbs (small person in a deep prep for a contest for example) that GH before cardio would not be very effective compared to normally because that person is almost running exclusively on fat and protein?

16:30 How catabolic is weight training fasted for an enhanced athlete really? Is it even a real concern or overridden by the PEDs and meals you’re eating the rest of the day.

18:20 Could you please describe the advantages of AAS ability to increase myocyte nucleus number? What is the relationship between the addition of nuclei and hypertrophic potential?

21:45 Could a fast-acting insulin like Novolin-R be used to enhance performance on an upcoming longer endurance training day or event (i.e. marathon or 15-20 mile training run)? For me, carbohydrates are considerably higher the day before something a longer endurance day so I was wondering if insulin would enhance the ability for the muscle to store carbohydrates for use the next day. I know insulin is NOT a storage hormone (from your roundtable), but in this case can certain behaviors allow us to exploit carbohydrate storage?

25:15 I’m considering doing a TRT approach after my more intense courses for powerlifting comps. I’m 28, compete internationally so want to hold onto/build more in designated off seasons. Are there any specific considerations I should have? I still intend on having a family in the next 5 years so that’s something I wouldn’t want to sacrifice.

29:04 How long does it take until a compound has nearly completely left the body? I remember about 5 times the half life after the last administration.

29:33 Besides the possible impacts on personality, I have also read that Nandrolone has a possible deleterious effect on blood vessels (the particular study was done on blood vessel cells, not humans though) which was 11 times worse than Testosterone. Not sure if this was legitimate or not, so I was wondering if you could go into possible side effects from Nandrolone use besides impacts on personality?

32:28 My HRT question about women had more to do with the concept of a man being simple and just taking a sports TRT along with some Metformin and Cialis and being a slightly augmented man year-round with almost no consequence. Is there such a path for a woman to take?

34:09 Specifically for women, compared to other commonly used AAS for muscle building (Nandrolone, Anavar, etc.) by women, how much of a risk do SARMS have of androgenic/male features?

35:07 Asian women experience almost no masculinizing side effects from AAS

35:59 In the UK, I can only find one place that does IGF-1 testing, with transport costs it would cost 200 dollars for just IGF-1. Since I paid 70 cents per IU of GH, I was thinking if I could “test” it by using a higher dose (5-10IU) and wait for side effects (water retention), or if that would be a bad choice?

37:38 I’ve been working through your content on the members website, and I stumbled upon an episode with Steve Hall that I watched a while ago. Watching it again, you mentioned TSH values and how it shows how hard your thyroid is working. Which made me wonder, listening to your insulin roundtable with Alex and Andy (extremely good btw), it was mentioned how using insulin could help take some stress off of the pancreas. Would the use of T3 or T4 have the same effect for your thyroid?

42:25 You’ve talked in the recent Q&A’s on Clenbuterol and the two different approaches (low dose long term for anabolism and high dose intermittent for fat loss). Assuming that the anabolic potential would be mostly overridden by other PEDs, in an off-season muscle mass accrual phase (15mg/kg of anabolics) – would you suggest that the intermittent high dose approach would be best to minimize fat accumulation in a caloric surplus?

44:45 How does a drug like Citrezine HCL, which causes drowsiness, also come in a “non-drowsy” form, how can you counteract the side effect of the drug without affecting the effectiveness of the drug?

46:19 I believe you’ve stated in the past that you generally don’t program insulin use when in a calorie deficit.

47:09 There seems to be a large group of people online who believe when using Test base pre workout, it should be injected into the muscle group being trained. That seems strange to me – wouldn’t testosterone be systemic and the site irrelevant? Is there any reason behind this belief?

48:55 I’m a rookie as of now. I went with an anti aging clinic in my town and they prescribed me 200mg of Test and 350 mgs of Anavar per week and a Kisspeptin. I was just wondering if you can give me the basic rundown of Kisspeptin and if it needs to be taken and if it works and is worth taking in relation to potential side effects and contraindications.

49:53 I’m planning on completing a course with a Sports TRT of 3mg/kg plus 30-50mg Anavar per day, (total dose would be 5-6mg/kg) and was planning on doing it for about 16 weeks. However, my bodyweight is only 94kg, so this goes against your post-it note recommendation of course duration with orals. What risks am I running if I’m planning to do the course for 16 weeks instead of just 94(ish) days?

54:00 Do we know what causes the personality shifts, anxiety, paranoia, etc. from some people taking 19-nors?

54:20 Is Broderick going to the UK in the winter?

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