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TeamEvilGSP Live Q&A 6-21-20

Have a question for Broderick to answer in his weekly Facebook Lives?

02:29 Are there peptides or AAS that regrow or undamaged nerves?

03:38 What was your sports background when you were a young kid?

04:18 Do you think that it’s good to include a couple of fruits in out high carb diet, like pineapple, mango, etc.?

06:00 What compounds have the lowest acne sides?

06:08 Any experience with Voltaren gel for joint pain?

06:30 How much fructose is in an apple?

07:10 Milos Sarchev said he has been on 500mg of Testosterone as TRT & blasted during his competitions for over 30 years with no side effects. 500mg of Test with no side effects likely for the majority?

08:43 26 year old man who has been on AAS for 8 months straight, how long would you expect until testosterone production is fully recovered?

09:54 Best drugs for insulin sensitivity, or does HIIT a few times a day accomplish this to a higher degree?

11:34 Is the same time off steroids recommended, or is that just broscience?

12:40 Would you agree with the statement that Clenbuterol for anabolism is as effective as Oxandrolone?

12:58 For strength/powerlifting purposes is it better to take Methyltrienolone than Halotestin?

14:02 When it comes to training programs, do you find that using isometrics & eccentrics are important for a well balanced training program?

15:03 Have you ever used SARMS & do you think they serve any purpose in bodybuilding?

15:20 If one would take 30mg of Dianabol in addition to 250mg of TRT. In your opinion, how often would you do that per year and for how long?

17:25 To your knowledge is there an upper safe dosage for long-term Clenbuterol use for anabolism?

19:22 How did Nautilus turn from the absolute tip of the spear of exercise equipment, to having a portfolio of like 3 cardio bikes?

20:56 Can you explain the mechanisms that cause AAS to affect cholesterol?

21:48 Xyosted Pen sub-Q. What’s really the difference in absorption between sub-Q & IM?

23:04 Should orals be taken before, during, or after a meal?

24:30 What were your thoughts on the 800lb bench press attempt yesterday by Julius?

25:44 Are women who have more feminine characteristics more susceptible to masculinizing side effects?

26:06 What are your thoughts on the often spoken magical post contest rebound phase? Is it something you ever focus on with your clients, or just a waste of effort?

28:09 What DHT compounds are the best to bulk with?

28:24 If a bodybuilder is taking 2IU of HGH pre-bed for anabolism & wanted to raise the dosage to 4IU, when is the best time in a day for anabolism?

29:40 This might be a question for Lyle, could specific birth controls help with the masculinizing side effects of AAS?

30:30 How often do you train & do cardio?

31:46 Does your rule of thumb for orals, that you shouldn’t exceed your bodyweight in kg in the number of days apply also if one is on sports TRT?

32:23 Probably a stupid & very individual question, but considering anabolics increase your nutrient efficiency, how often & aggressively do you typically push up the calories during a gaining phase?

34:27 Does taking Oxandrolone with meals only slow the rate of absorption or does it also potentially reduce the bioavailability of the compound altogether?

37:28 Does calorie increase go hand-in-hand with drug use?

37:43 There’s been a lot of speculation of the comeback of Phil Heath…. Do you think it’s ever going to happen?

38:33 What’s the highest long-term dose of HGH you have encountered with your athletes, without the need of insulin to counterbalance insulin resistance?

39:30 Does going below a fat intake of 0.5-1g/kg have any benefits if someone can take it, or is it just redundant?

40:48 If calorie total is the same once you hit 1g of protein per pound, would it be better for anabolism, to fill in the available calories with carbs over additional protein?

41:55 You mentioned the other day that people of Middle Eastern/Indian descent respond really well to 19-nors. Is this in terms of less side effects?

42:46 What blood tests can one do to monitor the toxic effects of DNP & what are the reasons it’s so bad for you?

44:20 Why were Tom Platz’s legs so far ahead of the rest of his physique? Was it genetics, training, or something else?

46:50 Considering the current state of competition in bodybuilding, I think he (Phil Heath) could have a good chance of getting the 8th.

47:10 In combat sports, is the primary goal of anabolics an increase in the ability to train hard & consistently, without needing the food that might cause weight gain?

48:35 Do you know what the smart drug makers recommended about Oxandrolone ingestion around meals?

48:48 I know DNP is the human equivalent of RATEX, just wanted to hear some more about it.

49:12 What are the biggest differences between national & professional level bodybuilders?

51:00 Which current professional bodybuilder do you admire?

51:32 Does HGH fragment have a significant effect on fat loss?

52:40 Is it possible to grow in a slight caloric deficit, or is it pure broscience?

54:03 What compounds do you think a professional soccer player would likely use?

55:19 I work legs harder than anything else, yet they respond the least. Should I try lowering the volume, or is it just genetics?

57:13 Do you happen to have any ideas/info on how guys like Ronnie Coleman & Levrone approach gaining mass after the O after months off? i.e. surplus into deficit later, or deficit, but muscle memory allowing a huge recomp…

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