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TeamEvilGSP Live Q&A 6-19-20

Have a question for Broderick to answer in his weekly Facebook Lives?

01:25 From a biology point of view, does muscle serve any survival purpose?

02:02 Using Bromocriptine to improve insulin sensitivity in the offseason?

02:25 Can volume/intensity scale indefinitely with dose & calories?

04:03 What is the mechanism of action behind the elevation of blood lipids with anabolic steroid use?

05:50 Does long term use of anabolics cause permanent changes to the vascular system? Lots of bodybuilders seem to still have oversized veins & pronounced blood vessels even after downsizing.

08:23 How can someone learn at least how some PEDs work?

09:30 Can Nadrolone decanoate be used as TRT?

12:02 I have a naturally lower T level. What can cause that?

13:42 Would that mean that higher rep training could cause bigger veins?

14:30 What steps/precautions should one take before using PEDs for the first time?

15:27 Hypothetical question: how many times could we potentially repeat the same cycle (mg/kg dosing) until further increases in dose and/or duration selection?

17:36 What is the most convenient carbohydrate source in your opinion?

18:59 Are there any weird contest prep (bodybuilding) secrets/tricks you have found just work for some reason, but you can’t quite explain why?

19:39 On the UK anti-doping website, the most common substance athletes seem to have been caught for is Dianabol. Aside from the detection time, why use Dianabol over Anavar or Stanozolol?

21:55 For someone over20% body fat, would you still recommend 2g/kg of protein?

22:12 During your Insulin Round Table you mentioned a synergy between anabolics & insulin. Is this anabolics in general or is there a class that is more useful than the others in this situation?

23:13 What is the TRT dose typically prescribed by a doctor (medical TRT)?

24:44 What’s the best moment of the day to take Caber?

25:20 Does Halotestin have uses for a powerlifter other than towards the end of a peaking phase such as a general strength block?

25:32 If one gets acne from Masteron, is it safe to assume Primobolan would also increase acne?

26:16 I used to be fat, but if I go on TRT now would it affect my training in a noticeable way to justify getting TRT? I’m 19.

27:42 And in the continuation of the contest prep topic & more specifically peak week, what do you think about this “junk loading” approach some bodybuilders are known for?

28:19 Is it true that exogenous Testosterone increases one’s appetite?

29:25 I never experienced significant gains from Oxymetholone, tried different brands & the same brands that others get results from. Online some claim the same. Have you seen this before?

30:51 The material in the practical application series in the membership site should be mandatory viewing for anyone considering AAS/PED use!

31:39 For someone not making a living off their sport performance, what would you consider the max total anabolics in terms of health risk reward?

33:02 Have you ever tried Clonidine or Benadryl to fix sleep issues?

33:58 Have you seen the news this week about Christian Coleman’s suspension?

35:35 Carb sources: rice flour, rice, pasta, potatoes…

36:27 Is HGH in and of itself anabolic to muscle tissue?

37:45 When it comes to MCT oil & total calories during a contest prep, do you look at MCT calories more as carbs or fat?

38:55 Is elevated hematocrit in the absence of elevated platelets a problem on cycle?

41:10 On the low/normal testosterone level topic that I mentioned, my doctor refused to write me a prescription because he said that on a physiological level I don’t have any signs that I need it.

42:23 For a fitness model that needs to look as lean as possible, while still having a “pumped up full look” on the day of their photoshoot, what oral would you recommend?

43:07 It’s 350, so the low end of normal… (regarding the previous low testosterone topic)

44:12 Are certain AAS better post surgery, like Deca and Winstrol?

47:03 What AAS “influencers” do you think people should be warned about because their advice could harm people?

48:05 What would you recommend for a second cycle? First cycle being 500mg of Test for 16 weeks.

48:25 Is there an interaction between TUDCA supplementation & 17-alpha-alkylated steroids?

49:04 If I don’t have to take a drug to fix a drug, when in a growth phase the only drugs we can use are all the Primo, Mast, all the oral DHTs, no 19-nors, it won’t be hard to build a Mr. O?

51:03 And speaking of junk food, what’s your go to “take out food” when you feel like having one?

52:06 Your thoughts on aspirin with ephedrine?

53:05 Can HGH help with psoriasis?

53:32 I refuse to watch that interview. I cannot tolerate interviews done by non-bodybuilders. I can get corny jokes elsewhere.

55:45 If you wouldn’t suggest 500mg of Testosterone for a first cycle, what would you?

56:34 You’ve said before that Middle Eastern people react well to Nandrolone, does that include Trenbolone?

57:18 Why did you start at such a young age?

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