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TeamEvilGSP Live Q&A 6-16-20

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01:43 What percentage of fats should be broken down into saturated & unsaturated? This question is driven by a quote from Lyle McDonald from the body fat perspective it’s at least worth mentioning that saturated fats tend to be a bit more easily stored than mono & polyunsaturated fats.

05:27 Your views on athlete A doing a course for 12-16 weeks the using Dr. Michael Sacally’s PCT protocol before doing another course at a later date & repeating & athlete B doing the same course but utilizing a TRT cruise before another course? What are the pros & cons between the two athletes?

07:28 Could you please share a recipe for the suspension of Anavar?

11:53 Could you explain the difference between half-life, mean resistance time & T max?

12:32 During my first course I wanted to give it 100% effort in the gym, which made me end up with a torn meniscus in each knee & golfer’s elbow in both arms. I’ve asked previously in regards to duration, but I can see that there are multiple ways of using it (oral, sub-q, IM), I want to heal after knee surgery & also let my arms heal. What would your recommendations be?

14:22 Should one increase protein by 20% to make up for the loss via thermic effect or is it negligible?

15:44 Estrogen has come back low on the last 2 tests, latest is 16pg/ml on 500mg of Testosterone cypionate, 300mg of Boldenone weekly & 2IU of GH daily, 50mcg of T4. Concerned why estrogen continues to stay low even with these dosages. I’d like to see it a little bit higher. Any thoughts?

18:51 Is there any difference between taking Anavar sublingually or just swallowing it?

20:28 Is there any specific Merck Index that you recommend?

21:50 Also, you have previously recommended 500mcg of BPC-157 (I think it was per day?), would you increase this if someone is trying to heal from multiple injuries?

23:25 Would Mibolerone be used in a ramping type fashion like Halotestin, or purely on competition day?

24:16 I’m very new to AAS’s use and study, my question is, how do powerlifters who clearly have “high” body fat levels and according to rumor are always on steroids handle aromatization? do they rely on non aromatizing compounds or do they simply use anti-aromatase compounds?

27:07 Last time you said that Proviron was a shitty steroid , can you explain your reason and do you ever have an application for this steroid?

28:48 The recommendations for Sports TRT has been mentioned as somewhere around the 3mg/kg mark. Do you see the value in going any lower to say 1.5mg/kg and being able to utilize more of another compound such as Primobolan or Masteron in a fat loss prep phase for a physique athlete?

31:01 If you were working with an athlete that is prone to acne (folliculitis/cystic) is there any management strategies you would employ? Is there any particular way you would structure compound choice and protocols of use?

31:53 If I recall correctly, you’ve mentioned before that professional bodybuilders typically use 20-30g/kg of AAS. Could you give examples of typical dosing you see in other (real) sports? Do bodybuilders actually use more steroids than athletes, or is that just a misconception because their drug use is so visually apparent?

34:12 Potential application for reversing a deficit for certain types of athletes like MMA fighters going into camp. For example, start camp at a moderate to high caloric deficit while body fat is high and slowly increase calories leading into the event. As fatigue increases so does their food. Potentially allowing better overall performance and recovery during the camp.

36:04 I believe you have made a general recommendation of 5 days on, 2 days off for GH use, which you stated was at least partially for water retention purposes. If someone is using a lower dose (2IU), would there be a benefit to taking GH every day since water retention is not as much of a concern, or would you still do 5 on, 2 off?

38:28 If a bodybuilder planning a 16 week physique prep wanted to use Clenbuterol throughout this period primarily for fat loss but also for its anabolic actions what dosing protocol would you prefer to see, as in time on – time off? Considering its long half life (close to 2 days) I’m thinking that possibly a 10 day on – 5 day off protocol (which I’ve seen many times be very efficacious for fat loss) would be appropriate since dose and duration is key for its anabolic actions and I’m thinking that the drug might still have some of these effects by day 5 since the drug hasn’t cleared out of the system fully yet. 40:03 Is there something to the idea that beginner AAS users have a hard time initially getting as lean as they did when they were natural?

41:06 What would you recommend to someone with left ventricular hypertrophy caused by AAS? Are there possibilities to reverse it? And if so: How? Reducing AAS to a TRT dose? Doing more cardio? What type of cardio (low intensity versus high intensity)? What should the weight training look like?

45:02 Altitude masks for glycolitic training? Would they be beneficial in keeping a hypoxic state in muscle tissue? Would that be beneficial?

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