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TeamEvilGSP Live Q&A 6-14-20

Have a question for Broderick to answer in his weekly Facebook Lives?

01:49 Will there be a growth hormone round table?

02:29 What’s your opinion on running 2 19-nors together (e.g. NPP & Tren)?

04:20 In your experience, is it common to see an elevated white blood cell count from AAS usage? Roughly at what level would you start to get concerned?

06:50 If you are eating a ton of fish & red meat, is it a waste to supplement with creatine monohydrate?

08:10 For enhanced athletes, is there a reason to hold at maintenance calories after cutting body fat before recommencing an improvement/growth phase?

10:20 What are the main compounds you’d use for the energy systems of a 100kg non-tested weightlifter?

11:35 It would be interesting to hear you talk more about timeframes for upregulation of gene expression/subscription and how this affects the timeframe for when you start seeing effects from PEDs, like AAS.

18:25 Would you rather increase session duration or the number of cardio sessions for the same total duration, for blood pressure & general health?

13:12 What do you find to be the most challenging demographic to work with in regards to training programming & pharmacology?

15:15 When you count protein do you count them from every source?

16:42 Stenbolone acetate. Any experience with it, difficult to find, very effective for building muscle, hyper sex drive & mental euphoria.

17:15 What do you think about Dihydrostanozolol?

18:25 Would you say that BPC-15 & TB-500 helped your foot injury, or would you attribute it more to Testosterone and HGH, or the combination?

21:25 In regards to the way you rotated Clenbuterol insulin, 2 weeks on insulin / 1 week on Clenbuterol, does Clen’s effects transfer over to Albuterol?

22:53 Really like the Madsen Files! Cool to see!

23:27 Who/where would you tell a bodybuilder to go look for learning more about training programming?

25:55 Would you be willing to elaborate more on the dose of Testosterone, Primobolan, HGH, TB-500, BPC-157 after your foot injury?

26:33 In your live discussion with Alex, you said you’re considering competing in the masters. What numbers are you thinking you can achieve?

28:40 What are your thoughts on DC training & Dante Trudel’s advice in general?

30:12 I was expecting to hear porn star! (regarding the most challenging demographic to work with)

31:00 Pros & cons of Masteron on a cutting cycle?

33:41 How many of your athletes would you guess experience ‘floppy dick syndrome’ on Nandrolone (Deca) and at what dosages?

36:23 May I ask if you are willing to take on new clients? And if you are, what would one need to do to hire you on for a physique show?

38:17 Anatrofin is also what it is referred to. Was just wondering because Dan Duchaine said if he could have one steroid, that would be it. (regarding Stenbolone acetate)

38:57 Have you read Alex’s carnitine book yet? What do you think about it & has it made you rethink carnitine & its usefulness?

40:58 From your experience, have you found confirmation that Boldenone can cause anxiety? What can be the mechanism of action?

44:20 Can Meldonium be used for bodybuilding purposes? My idea was to push even more volume thanks to this drug.

45:25 Would you recommend using Clen if the main goal is to boost endurance/aerobic capacity?

47:43 Is there another modality, that’s more convenient than serum blood, that you can trust for watching blood markers?

50:32 Besides Clenbuterol, are there any other medical interventions that would be worth considering to use along with it? Cialis comes to mind.

52:00 Are you trying to recall Bill Starr’s 5×5?

52:45 From your experience, how long does it take to drop water from using DNP?

54:37 What king of coffee are you enjoying this morning?

55:35 Is there a place in bodybuilding for SARMS?

56:00 Has powerlifting always been your biggest passion, or why did you decide not to continue the road to bodybuilding?

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