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TeamEvilGSP Live Q&A 6-12-20

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02:08 Bough some GH, put it in the fridge as soon as it arrived & the day after, the powder inside was lumpy. Should I be worried?

02:47 Have you found any specific AAS, or other pharmacy/training interventions to be effective for the purpose of myocyte maturation?

03:35 Is there a real concern for the possibility of cancer with exogenous GH?

04:58 Are there any benefits to adding in gelatin to the diet?

05:23 Will the live with Alex be on your membership website?

05:43 What is your opinion on German Volume Training for bodybuilders chasing hypertrophy?

07:20 Speaking of GH, do women differ in any specific way to how they respond to GH and its fat burning/anabolic effects?

09:20 What is your favorite AAS course?

10:12 What’s your general cardio protocol for health for people on gear?

11:26 Any tips on how to get a good training partner?

11:47 Other than erectile disfunction & depression that users report with Nandrolone, are there any side effects to look out for?

12:45 Do steroid powders need to be refrigerated?

13:48 Because Anadrol is a DHT, would the water retention on it be more selectively stored into muscle, compared to D-Bol, which many users report a fuller look?

15:23 How do you advise athletes manage calorie intake when transitioning out of a cutting phase into a weight gaining phase?

17:18 About SHBG. Since almost every AAS, IGF-1, insulin, etc. lowers SHB, will this make Testosterone less effective in a cycle?

17:49 Can you stay on SR-9009 while using DNP?

18:34 Considering Testosterone can antagonize the progesterone receptor, would you suggest always having ancillary drugs (i.e. Bromocriptine) on hand?

19:38 At the end of 16 weeks of heavy anabolic use, if blood work comes back ok, should one continue to push for another few weeks?

21:05 Will using insulin be a good idea for people who lack volume and 19-nortestosterone creates problems?

29:30 Outside of the reduced endogenous testosterone production & potentially sperm production, is any other long term impact on the testes from long term exogenous Testosterone use?

24:10 Can insulin without HGH help with building muscle?

26:26 Have you considered adding carnitine?

27:13 Potential benefits from HCG use to assist these organs (testes), thinking about the “use it or lose it” principle?

28:33 Do you think 50mg of Proviron with 150mg Testosterone weekly could drive estrogen to low?

29:35 Why would hypothyroidism cause a high IGF-1 level in a 30 year old male, 100kg to be specific?

31:33 Why doesn’t D-Bol increase erythropoietin comparable to Boldenone?

33:49 How significant is Halotestin’s effect on RBC?

34:34 Did you already do your research about Jordan Peters?

34:50 How prevalent is stem cell usage in bodybuilding?

35:44 Are anti estrogens inherently bad for blood lipids, or is it the fact that lowering estrogen values is the part of the equation that negatively impact lipids?

37:20 Will high E2 in a calorie surplus potentially result in more body fat vs. a low E2 in a hard training athlete in general?

39:12 Are there potential thyroid problems a cause of dosing rather than duration?

39:55 How short of a time do you think one could fatigue the pathway responsible for lean tissue accrual?

41:22 When using Masteron would you increase your Testosterone dose to compensate for estrogen reduction?

42:42 Will Arimidex at 1mg every day hamper testosterone count?

43:21 Given access to anything, what is the maximum amount of lean tissue gain per week on average?

45:51 NSCA textbook references a study that suggests that L-carnitine may upregulate the AR and IGF-1.

46:42 If you increase Testosterone to around 2000nmol & estrogen climbs from 50 to 300, is that something to worry about, or should an anti estrogen be used?

49:07 Does the type of AAS determine the risk of prostate hyperplasia, or is it duration, dose and genetic dependent?

51:08 In what situation would you use Turinabol as compared to Anavar?

52:41 Can a too hard calorie deficit in a cutting phase result in protein in your urine & lots of albumin, or is it kidney damage?

55:03 The carnitine eBook by Alex Kikel

55:57 In your experience, on average, how much is prolactin increase on 2IU a day of GH?

56:58 What changes in blood work do you see when using DNP? Do you consider using antioxidants when using DNP?

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