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TeamEvilGSP Live Q&A 6-9-20

Have a question for Broderick to answer in his weekly Facebook Lives?

01:40 When programming low dose Clenbuterol in the off-season with the goal of promoting anabolism and minimizing fat gain, what would be your threshold for long term (say 16 weeks) daily use? I think 60mcg daily was thrown out there by Rawdon Dubois in your recent video on Clen… what would be your recommendation here to avoid too much burden on the heart, etc.

04:26 Would an off-season powerlifters PED regiment be much different than a bodybuilder’s offseason PED regiment? Also, would this off-season “count” towards the 16-20 week cycle paradigm that you talk about?

07:22 Is it possible to avoid or mitigate the risks of getting varicose/”squiggly” veins, or does that just come with becoming a certain size?

09:40 I’m sure you’ve used many different combinations of drugs over the years, what’s been your personal favorite ‘blast’, what was the outcome?

11:30 Got bloods back this week. Total test was 1500ng/dl on a total dose of 7.2mg/kg of Test/Deca/Anavar. This was significantly higher than the last result (3 months ago) of 1010ng/dl on a higher dose (8.6mg/kg) of Test/D-Bol/Tren/Proviron. Besides gear quality, is there a biological reason (e.g. compound mix, diet etc) that could account for this?

15:55 Do you have any general guidelines as to when to move up the ladder as far as mg/kg ratio dosing? e.g. moving from say 6-10mg up to 8-12mg/kg? How many times would you repeat the same ratio over different courses?

18:20 Is it possible for Primobolan to lower estrogen levels? I know primo can be commonly faked with Masteron or Equipoise, but some people lately have claimed it will lower E2 & I’m skeptical.

20:32 Do any of the drugs used for athletic performance not follow first-order elimination kinetics?

21:17 Can you expect proportional muscle gain improvement from AAS use when doing non-weightlighting activities such as relatively heavy manual labor? e.g. in either case using AAS would say, double your muscle gain when compared to doing the same activity without AAS?

23:30 How disruptive to AAS use/tracking is estrogen+progestin birth control? What changes or other considerations would you make for a female on standard hormonal birth control who is trying to use anabolics and track hormone ranges in bloodwork?

26:12 What’s your experience with Halotestin? What are the common dosages and cycle lengths for athletic performance? Is it common to use solo?

28:44 What are your thoughts on the thrown around recommendation that all long term AAS users should be on baby aspirin? It seems to be a generally recommended OTC to add in for AAS users. Long term use has been shown to have a fairly high risk of stomach ulcers bleeding. I personally have experienced really bad episodes of acid reflux when taking baby aspirin.

32:06 Sticking to the topic of blood. What are your thoughts on therapeutic phlebotomy or donating blood for AAS users. People on the bodybuilding side such as Stan Efferding is a big promoter of it. Seems to be very popular with Russian Powerlifters as well Konstantin Konstantinovs talked about it extensively in one of his older interviews. What would you view as the biggest pros and cons of the practice if done on a fairly regular basis?

35:07 For someone who wants to maximize muscle growth while minimizing fat gain in a bodybuilding offseason, what calorie surplus would you recommend?

36:37 There’s a popular bro saying, you can either handle Nandrolone or Tren, never both, do you have any thoughts/experiences with this?

36:58 I think @hollywoodbuilt asked this question but what kinds of athletes do you find the most difficult to train or what type of personality in an athlete do you find personally the hardest to train?

39:46 Regarding veins, I know it is very genetic (oddly enough, I have been tested as being Scandinavian and German and I am always a couple of % leaner in my forearms than I actually am). But, I was specifically asking about veins becoming varicose, I believe you have mentioned earlier that some of it is just going to happen due to training hard with heavyweights, but I was wondering if there was any way to mitigate specifically squiggly veins, or if that just happens as you get bigger.

42:57 My escalations over the last three years in dosage have been minimal. Over the past 3 years, I’ve gone from 6 mg/kg to 8 in my most important training block of the year.

43:47 Does prescription ADHD medication (10mg Dexedrine daily) have any impact on recovery, besides possible appetite suppression & sleep interference?

45:47 For a bodybuilding athlete on a Test and Equipoise cycle – let’s say he is 100kg and on 250mg Test and 400mg EQ, is there any application in adding a little bit of DHB to that for a synergistic effect – or would you rather just increase the EQ incrementally.

48:06 You’ve mentioned that in the US you can get insulin over the counter, do you know anything about getting insulin in the UK, I could not get it from any of my Chinese sources.

50:16 What is the best way to negate possible tendon issues of Testosterone usage and AAS usage, especially in sports rather than just powerlifting/bodybuilding etc. Is there an inherent risk associated? Does HGH help much?

52:32 I’ve just received some Metformin, but it is in a powder instead of pill form. Would there be any difference in buying a scale that measures small amounts (I would be taking 1000mg), and weighing it out, mixing it in water, and drinking it vs. taking it in pill form, maybe it gets absorbed much more quickly or is it the same?

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