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TeamEvilGSP Live Q&A 6-7-20

Have a question for Broderick to answer in his weekly Facebook Lives?

02:31 Are injectable orals less liver-toxic?

03:43 Does Boldenone bind to the androgen receptor stronger than Testosterone?

04:30 Have you noted any differences between Tamoxifen & Clomid regarding changes in water balance?

05:30 I think you’ve mentioned before that whenever you mess up something, you should be called out for that, so to get the off topic first out of the way, here goes: on Friday’s Q&A someone asked about Jordan Peters which you replied that you have no idea about who the guy is, however I am 99% sure you have mentioned that you do know him, but you don’t necessarily follow him.

07:21 Let’s say I am on a growth cycle for bodybuilding purposes, so: 3mg/kg Test E, some Primo… But if I don’t like Nandrolone or Trestolone, is it wrong to use EQ instead, as a volumizer?

08:46 TeamEvilGSP T-shirts are amazing!!! Anybody who doesn’t own one, should order immediately!

09:20 Can different macros speed up metabolisms?

11:30 Healthy women generally release 1-1.5mg of androgens per day… if someone is on 35mg of Anavar per day, 7 days per week & wants to try Nandrolone, would 40mg a week be a good start?

13:40 Where is Greek Spartan?

14:30 For long term reduction in estradiol using Aromasin, how low would you begin dosage? Is there a general mg dosage that typically has x reduction in estradiol?

16:30 What do you think of Nebido?

18:10 In case you missed my earlier post & still don’t believe me, go look up the May 8th Q&A (in regards to Jordan Peters)

18:42 There are still people using DHB… It’s PIP in a bottle, whatever recipe you use to make it!

19:32 How does one go about getting products tested by mass spectrometry? Do labs that test disapprove/take action if they receive AAS?

20:46 Have you had any experience with the home hemoglobin tests? If so, can it be used as a rough gauge to know where hematocrit is between blood work, or is this overthinking due to the lifecycle of RBC?

22:47 What’s the coffee your sipping on this morning?

23:17 Deca & prolactin increase… How to use Caber?

24:51 Can Nandrolone decanoate literally heal spinal structures (due to injury), or does it only alleviate pain due to water retention?

27:29 On 30mg of Anavar per day, my bodyweight stopped going down while being in a 1000kcal deficit. I doubt that this is all due to body recomposition, what else can it be?

28:52 The UK guy, hard worker, has his own website (trainedbyjp)

30:01 Is there any advantage to using injectable Winstrol vs. oral Winstrol?

31:56 Could you please articulate the mechanisms of action that could be at play with AAS with poor binding affinities such as Oxymetholone, apart from IGF-1?

36:09 You stated that Anavar & Turinabol are synergistic for women. Do you say that because you have not seen the same effect for men, or is it because it is synergistic for a few men?

39:00 Can you recommend DHEA as an adjunct therapy with Nebido? (as part of HRT)

39:13 Are there some specific genetic traits among high level athletes that do not get mentioned very often, but can play a significant role in one’s performance?

41:07 Jordan Peters is a UK bodybuilder and & coach, best known for focusing on intensity rather than volume, he is a 300lb dwarf, talks openly about drug use & is very practical & safe.

41:45 On Friday I asked you about coaching natural trainees, I am not sure if you misunderstood my question, but I was referring to one who has been thinking of making transitions to drug use.

42:22 Will you be appearing on the “Leo & Longevity” podcast?

43:12 Considerations for a type 1 diabetic using anabolics?

45:42 Can you go a bit deeper into D-Bol vs. Test E regarding aromatization? Can we say that we can use D-Bol at 6mg/kg as a base instead of Test E?

48:51 Sounds that Jordan Peters is getting mixed up with Jordan Peterson. 150lb difference…

49:29 Have you ever thought about starting to occasionally arrange online workshops/courses instead of traveling?

51:36 Have you ever heard of natural test levels coming back without any PCT at all after just 1 year of blasting (800mg total dose)?

52:24 Thank you so much for such a detailed answer!!! (Nandrolone decanoate for spine injuries question)

53:00 Jordan Peters tough motherfucker!

53:24 Oral Winstrol is less toxic than Vit. C?!

53:59 You said you like to see E2 at 100-200pg/ml. I have difficulties getting there on 200mg of Testosterone.

57:04 I’m asking because I have injured my back numerous times as a natural, probably due to my low E2.

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