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TeamEvilGSP Live Q&A 6-5-20

Have a question for Broderick to answer in his weekly Facebook Lives?

01:40 How can you support Broderick?

02:26 Would you suggest doing blood work before starting the first steroid course with the plan of following it with TRT?

03:30 Does Testosterone or DHT drive libido more in women, or is it the DHT derived from Testosterone?

04:23 Eating 5 meals a day and gaining right around 0.5lb a week and getting leaner, would you add another meal? Would you add another meal? Don’t want to put any additional fat on, but don’t want to leave any additional muscle.

05:50 You said on “After Freedom” eGFR won’t recover once it drops.

07:18 Have you ever observed amongst athletes a similar reaction to DHT column drugs in terms of positive and negative effects?

08:03 What do you think about people that train ultra high reps with the claim that it benefits tendon strength?

09:42 For someone who would like to experiment with Tren, how would you recommend starting off?

11:09 Rawdon Dubois mentioned an upper safe dose of 60mcg of Clenbuterol, the patient information of Clenbuterol recommends a starting dose of 80mcg.

12:29 I know you despise natural trainees, but what I would like to know, could you ever consider coaching one who’s thinking of becoming enhanced?

13:01 How much do you think shipping will be for the TeamEvilGSP coffee cups for Australia?

14:07 Recommended supplements for joint health?

14:14 I am under the impression that hex ester applies with Tren was developed to try to minimize certain side effects. Do you think this was successful?

15:21 Is Turinabol the least hepatotoxic of the 17-alpha-alkylated compounds?

16:18 How much time/day/week do you spend re-reading your library collection and furthering your knowledge of health and fitness?

17:44 For how long do you recommend using Clen if the dosage to kg for fat loss falls to 100mcg or more?

19:00 I have never taken steroids, but if I did, would they affect my current training on a percent base?

20:08 Have you ever read any of Chriss Aceto’s books?

20:50 Thoughts on injectable Stenabolic for handling more volume and possibly cutting body weight?

21:18 Is the idea of taking orals with a meal to help improve absorption a myth? Surely the drugs would be best taken away from food as they have effects on the digestive system?

23:50 Any way to tell how one would respond to steroids?

23:58 Do you know Gerd Bonk’s peak weekly dose of Turinabol? I read he took 12g a year.

24:35 Your video series on the first cycle, PCT required for this?

25:00 Stenabolic is a SARM…

25:18 Can any form of gear help with loose skin?

26:16 What’s your opinion British bodybuilder Jordan Peters and his opinion on PED use?

26:54 Is it true that certain muscles have more androgen receptors, thus they respond more when taking steroids, such as neck, traps and delts?

28:38 Just assumed you’d know who he was, considering he’s quite well known. (Jordan Peters)

28:58 Thanks for clarifying, the reason I asked is because the UGL lab put on their packaging not to take with meals as it may cause nausea, vomiting, etc.

30:48 On biology. Isn’t the single reason of your body to live long enough to pass on your genes?

31:46 You love busting Palumbo’s balls, I’ve noticed. I bet the keto fetish and poor attempts at hair polish piss you off.

33:03 Do you know weightlifters taking over 1g a week of Turinabol?

34:09 Are there any compounds to specifically strengthen connective tissue?

34:58 How did you come in contact with Dr. Mike Israetel?

35:41 Is there a way to prevent the appetite suppression of oral anabolics?

37:01 I think having read Aceto’s books myself, he is right a lot, he just needs to five up on the obsession for fasted cardio.

38:53 Why do you think high doses of gear, even injectable only, can reduce appetite? A lot of people seem to think it’s easier to eat on low to moderate doses than very high doses.

40:03 Training related question: I spent some time reviewing your public podcast and you’ve mentioned that you like 5 sets of 5 for powerlifting, can you speak to how a general mesocycle would look like?

42:55 Risk of death aside, would race bike riding be a suitable replacement for cardio for a hyper-muscular athlete?

43:28 Can you give your expert opinion in chemistry, please help dispel the notion being spread mostly by washed up old gurus that claim all UGL is inferior to pharma gear, even if UGL gear is tested.

46:36 Just a few questions which sport do you think uses the most PEDs? Cycling is the one most tend to say…

47:51 Is ephedra a reasonable OTC substitute for Clen?

48:30 If you are somewhat familiar with what the sprinter Mathew Balling is doing, do you believe drug testing in college will catch up with him, so to speak. The Texas HS sports scene has ramped PED use.

50:08 Does Pavel train any weightlifters?

51:02 For your own personal goals, what king of dietary approach do you take? More of a high focus on nutrient dense food or do you incorporate some flexible dieting/IIFYM?

52:24 What don’t you like working with naturals? Is it the limitations?

53:57 Can high hematocrit ever cause side effects with vision? For the first 2-3 weeks of every high Testosterone cycle I’ve ever run, I’ve had slight clouded vision.

55:02 Have you ever met Joe Rogan?

55:18 What is the role of dietary fat in one’s diet, besides to fill out calories?

56:26 Which compound or compounds do you think has the biggest variance in response from athletes?

57:21 Will you release more videos with Rawdon Duboise?

57:55 Theoretically, wouldn’t it make sense if a high cholesterol diet would make a group for potential increases in some hormones?

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