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TeamEvilGSP Live Q&A 6-2-20

Have a question for Broderick to answer in his weekly Facebook Lives?

01:03 I’m a 31 year old male 90kg planning my first course – 16 weeks of Testosterone and Masteron with peak doses of 300mg and 250mg respectively. I understand not to take PCT – what can I plan for my training following this? 80 sets per week straight through for 10(ish) weeks whilst maintaining bodyweight? Can I take advantage of having the long ester milligrams in my system in the first few weeks or will I be too systemically tired?

04:43 I really liked the GH video you did, where you showed how to prepare it, I could imagine that many people mess up when putting the water in because they just spray it in, instead of doing it along the sides, plus the Tupperware tip was very useful.

05:20 I sometimes have to cough for about 10 minutes after injecting steroids. I always aspirate and it happens with different steroids such as NPP and Primo. Do you have an explanation for this?

08:26 In a list from a supplier, I saw something marked as “IGF-I (1,3)”. I can’t find anything about it online. I’m not in the market for IGF, but am just curious what this actually is. The same seller has the usual DES and LR3 variants so I assume it’s not some odd nomenclature for one of those.

09:20 You’ve mentioned T-Bol + Anavar being a 1+1=3 situation. Can you go into what effects seem to be amplified when combining the two, and how you would split up a dose between the two for someone using your 1mg/kg/day benchmark? Also, do you know what the mechanism is that produces the synergy between the two?

13:20 Testosterone enanthate. I’ve been doing some reading and some of the literature says it has a 7-day half-life and some say a 4 day.

15:29 Have you ever dealt with an athlete/client that has previously had a meniscus tear, and if so, did you do anything differently (training, drugs, etc) compared to other athletes/clients because of it?

16:43 Pharmacokinetics say Testosterone enanthate & DHT enanthate in non-human primates is 4 days.

18:10 I think a lot of the literature on single-dose administration of enanthate is about 4.5-5 days but the compounding/overlapping of drugs over time extends the half-life right?

19:07 From what I have heard, the drugs that cause the most personality shift (anxiety, paranoia, etc) for the most people, are Tren and Nandrolone, where some report that on Tren it is sometimes permanent, but for Nandrolone it goes away when you stop using. Does anyone know why exactly some people get these shifts, and what causes it?

20:21 Can someone be genetically prone to pulling muscles?

21:24 For a 16-20 week pre-contest cycle, do you still escalate dosage in the same fashion as offseason e.g. start at 5mg/kg going to peak dosage of say 10mg/kg or do you generally just stay at the same dosage for the duration?

23:39 Let’s say I dipped my toe and did an 8-week course of Anavar. my lifts went up, I gained some muscle and lost some fat. Now I’m coming off and I’m back to being natural. Any tips on how I should try and keep most of my gains while I’m in this hypogonadal phase?

27:47 He probably means terminal half life which is 1/2 time from once it reaches its peak.

28:43 What kind of drugs can be used for golfer’s & tennis elbow? I do a lot of competitive arm wrestling.

31:59 Any tips on what type of supplements I should take alongside Anavar for my liver and cardiovascular health?

33:21 Received Testosterone: The Male Elixir today. Awesome book!

33:37 In one of the forums I am in, someone shared a study which found that doubled dosage, injected every other day for GH was superior.

35:20 If you planned a short duration of Anadrol (alongside Primo and Boldenone) specifically to drive red blood markers, would keep same mg/week total and other one of the other two to make room for the Anadrol, or would you just add the Anadrol over and above? Is there a dose you’d suggest for that Anadrol dose?

36:54 What type of supplements would you take alongside Clenbuterol?

37:25 Is there any upper limit to units for HGH for hypertrophy purposes assuming only AAS involved, but no insulin?

39:52 You’ve mentioned the benefits of caffeine many times and obviously enjoy your coffee. Do you personally take any additional caffeine supplementation or does coffee take care of the entire amount?

40:21 A couple of members and I were talking about how GH works and we tried to find material to back that up and study more, however, we couldn’t find useful materials regarding the insulin binding proteins. By any chance you had some time to post in the group, we’d enjoy it!

41:13 Have you found the mechanism by which DHT derivatives lower cholesterol?

45:02 So taking Milk Thistle or TUDCA alongside orals is a waste of time or overkill?

45:13 Usually, I see two types of guys using elbow or knee sleeves, either, they’re older and more banged up, or they’re guys trying to do way too much weight with poor form.

47:42 How would you dose Modafinil and Metformin (timing and dosage) to aid in a fat loss phase?

50:05 What are the values for blood pressure and resting heart rate that you would shoot for? Is anything below 140/90 and below 90 for resting heart rate of no concern?

51:33 Do you have any recommended elbow and knee sleeves?

52:09 There is a video of you recommending Metformin before bed for fat loss so I was wondering if you still believed that.

53:42 You mentioned in the GH video that it needs to go in the fridge if it’s just powder, and you haven’t reconstituted it yet (not sure if that is the right word when you add the water and let it mix), does it still need to go in the fridge, I’ve bought 2000IU’s and would just like to know if I need to buy a mini-fridge before it arrives or not.

56:02 On any forum I go to, when I mention an oral only cycle I get crucified for not having a Test base and how it’s more dangerous and less effective than just pinning Test, for this reason, it’s very hard to find any shared experience for an oral only course. How valid do you find these arguments?

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