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TeamEvilGSP Live Q&A 5-31-20

Have a question for Broderick to answer in his weekly Facebook Lives?

03:20 Hands down, what’s the best strain roast of coffee is (your favorite)?

04:35 What’s the longest blast period you would approve for an experienced PED user?

06:08 Dosing 100mg of Test per week (HRT), would adding 150mg of Masteron be worth it in general (health and performance without having any major effects on the immune system)?

07:28 After Friday’s exhausting and kinda fruity conversation, I’ll give you a break today and enjoy sipping my coffee and watch you yell at someone else.

08:08 Would you take into consideration a person’s temperament when designing a steroid course?

09:20 I know that you are not a fan of high Test cycles, but for economic purposes, what do you think about +4g Test only for muscle building and strength vs. adding other compounds at lower dosages?

11:31 I asked you the blood loss/anemia question on the members Q&A, wondering if it would have any significant effects on recovery from resistance training?

13:06 Do you think that WADA and the IOC will ever say “fuck it” and let athletes whatever they want?

15:45 I believe you’ve noticed muscle tears occurring more frequently on Anadrol. Is this the case with other steroids that cause water retention like Dianabol?

17:36 On the topic of fructose, I actually did some reading, finding that research is pretty scarce, reminding me yet again how incredibly complex the subject of biology/physiology really is.

18:49 I understand that even 1mcg of Clenbuterol does what it does, but could you tell from experience what an effective dose for anabolism is for 100kg male?

20:29 High B12 serum levels. In your experience have you seen this much?

21:44 When resting between cycles, which PEDs can we use? Just Test or can we add a low dose of Primo, maybe Clen? Which values should be looked at?

23:55 Everybody is enhanced, they’d save a lot of money. (regarding the IOC)

24:32 That does not look like coffee…

24:55 Do you think Mike Tyson or Evander Holyfield used PEDs in their active years?

25:48 What do you think about the way Mike Israetel is doing twice a day training? Do you think it is advantageous, or do you think it is better to have more time for recovery?

27:45 Why does someone get gyno when coming down from peak dose? I had 0 issues at peak dosage, but then coming off, began to experience issues.

30:35 Which PED would be best to improve healing from muscle tears?

31:11 I know the varies highly, but at what rate muscle gains are typical for a relatively well trained, first time AAS user, assuming a moderate 5mg/kg dose?

32:41 Going back to dosing progression within a cycle, when using more than two compounds, do you escalate them all at the same time or do you kinda zig-zag protocol?

35:39 I have read that Clenbuterol can cause muscle cramps as a side effect. Is it possible to get these with even a super low dose (10mcg/day)?

36:16 Is there a pathway in which one could develop gynecomastia with Nandrolone and low dose Test?

37:24 When escalating AAS dose over a cycle, how much escalation would you say is sufficient to see a beneficial response?

41:33 When Dan Duchaine recommended that bodybuilders should get off of AAS for 2 months, he meant 8 weeks after the drugs cleared the system?

42:49 I really liked ep. 27 of 30 Years on the Gear! The talk on training intensity was great! Keep up the good work!

43:39 By the way, it was pretty universally accepted that intakes up to 50g per day were ok and had no adverse effects on postprandial triglycerides or glucose control. (back to fructose)

45:16 When creatine kinase levels are high on blood work, training very hard, but eating a 1:1 ratio of carbs to protein, would lowering the protein to 1g/kg and adding as many carbohydrates help?

47:21 Using drugs to push your body well beyond what it was designed to handle in terms of mass, what negative effects can be seen from being much larger than intended?

48:47 I’ll watch the dosage and escalation video on the members site. I just found that it will probably answer my question.

49:03 How long is Turinabol active in the system after you come off?

50:28 Is splitting Anavar dosage throughout the day pointless?

51:39 Does being on cycle make you tan faster?

53:12 Thoughts on Mark Rippetoe?

54:14 Is it a common side effect of orals, like Primobolan Acetate, Winstrol, etc. appetite suppression and sometime digestive issues in athletes?

56:31 Keeping in mind your example of continually pushing the elevator button, does increasing frequency of the dose of peptides, such as BPC, improve the outcome? Currently using 2-3mg 2 times per day.

58:42 Should Anavar be used as a preworkout?

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