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TeamEvilGSP Live Q&A 5-29-20

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02:52 Do you do educational consults?

03:11 If Boldenone is immune to the 5 alpha reductase enzyme, does that mean that users could be DHT deficient?

04:22 Any proof that Trestolone SARMS improve test count?

04:44 Is there any relation to an increase in anxiety with the use of Clenbuterol? I know that yohimbine HCL does have an impact, but am curious about Clen, specifically for a female.

05:27 Having watched the healing peptides conversation on the members site, would there be any clinically significant benefit for their use immediately post-surgery?

06:13 When it comes to middle distance male track athletes with longer levers (300m hurdles), would you be better off having a course using DHTs and orals like T-Bol?

08:13 Are blood levels of estrogen before AAS use valuable for gauging what levels are appropriate?

09:48 Revisiting the question of fructose, in reference, you mentioned about eating a bushel of apples. I really don’t mean to be pedantic, but I looked up for fructose content on them and it’s fairly high.

10:46 Last week I asked about Test dosage and how much it would show in blood work. It showed 3x injected dosage, just like you said.

11:25 Are there any AAS that have synergistic abilities that mimic other AAS like Tren or Halo, that bring about strength gains without their side effects? You mentioned Primo and T-Bol have synergy.

12:31 Recommended daily dose of BPC-157 and CJC-1295?

12:58 So to reach that around 30-40g wouldn’t be that difficult. About 12g of fructose in a medium size apple.

14:05 What would you recommend as a PCT after a 4 week D-Bol cycle?

14:28 I absolutely agree with you 100% when it comes to hurdles.

15:40 And I do understand it would still be healthier than drinking high fructose corn syrup.

16:42 What do you think is the ideal frequency a week for hypertrophy?

17:20 What kind of drug dosages are atypical amongst male olympic lifters in the west? Let’s say 6 months of 0 testing.(Test, DHT, Winstrol, GH)

18:48 If I drink egg whites with milk or something, is the bioavailability of the protein high? I’ve read it needs to be baked, but I’m skeptical about that.

22:22 Database shows red apples in Australia are 7.3g/100g

23:12 I get half my protein intake via whey because of my work schedule, is there anything bad about this other than the expense?

25:40 Which steroid would give the maximum amount of fullness with the least amount of BP issues?

26:33 How common is Halotestin in competitive powerlifting?

27:01 Per kg how many mg of Test would you say is the minimum for muscle growth and a maximum before getting into toxicity?

28:52 If using weekly IM of an enanthate ester, after 5x administrations, does it matter greatly when you do blood work relative to the shot?

29:40 Unfortunately I happen to like apples a lot.

30:15 For someone who can’t get Primo, what do you think of 500mg of Test and 1g of Masteron?

31:21 Do genetics affect how we are processing AAS? One might use Methyldrostanolone in higher doses, whereas someone would not even tolerate it, but tolerate something else. What’s your view on that?

32:38 How much of a reduction do you see in HDL and elevation in LDL whilst on Anavar?

33:41 Why do new generation team USA sprinters such as Noah Lyle’s and Christian Coleman, have much softer and less muscular physiques than previous record holders?

34:21 Have you read the book “Underground Secrets of Running Faster” by Barry Ross?

34:41 Yes I didn’t mean healthier in the sense of good and bad, just more nutrient dense.

35:40 I don’t see people perseverating on denaturating protein, eating raw meat to not denaturate it.

36:38 If I remember correctly, you have a specific way of ramping up the drug dosages while on cycle. If progress stays linear, why not keep dosing static and change other variables (training, nutrition, etc.)?

38:17 I’ve used Anavar and Winstrol in the past. Currently running Masteron and it seems to do what Winstrol and Anavar do, but better, so why would one pick Anavar or Winstrol instead?

40:25 Can one be to lean for Metformin to be useful?

40:51 Are powerlifters with small joins typically at a disadvantage compared to “larger framed” lifters in the same weight class?

41:35 What are your thoughts on HGH fragment 176-191?

42:13 That makes me curious as to why it’s implied that cannibals have physical problems from being cannibals.

42:40 What is your opinion on DHB?

43:40 Going back to the discussion of high volume training programs, what’s your opinion on two a day training?

44:44 My personal T level is on the low-normal side. How does that affect my training(350 I think) and does it make a difference at what time of day do I take the test?

My response to Masteron’s anti E2 effects are apparent even at 250mg Test and 200 Mast my E2 dips as 46:52 my hands and neck feels dry and sore. However, my sex drive is still very much there, which is weird.

47:37 Whilst using Anavar I’m using some lipid management supps. You advised fish oil, slo niacin, etc. Once I have finished the cycle, are there any tips you can give to help bring HDL up to pre cycle values?

48:20 On the topic of Anavar would it be better to use it alongside other AAS notorious for worsening lipids, like Tren, given that it lowers LDL and LDL is one of the drivers or arterial calcification?

49:37 What do you think about training a lagging muscle every day? Will this method make it grow faster?

50:40 Not a single week without a question on DHB.

51:00 Besides caffeine, what would you suggest to deal with cramping from Clenbuterol?

51:43 What’s your opinion on using Nandrolone on a keto diet?

52:03 Are there any notable liver supplements whilst running orals?

53:50 I know you’ve previously said that AAS promote type I fiber hypertrophy over type II, but would it not be the case that they just potentiate the fiber type being targeted, given the study on Mark Bell?

54:47 It’s not a livestream if someone doesn’t ask about liver supplements.

55:03 He (Mark Bell) had a very high percentage of type II muscle fibers and very large type II fiber CSA.

55:40 What do you think of recovery methods, such as red light therapy?

56:26 Other than thick oil, what are some of the signs that Primo is real?

57:33 Any joint formulas you recommend?

57:40 Is there any legitimacy you can think of COVID causing blood cloths? Guy Cisternino swears it was because he previously had COVID (and not AAS).

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