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TeamEvilGSP Live Q&A 5-26-20

Have a question for Broderick to answer in his weekly Facebook Lives?

00:59 Recommended books or resources covering periodization for bodybuilding?

02:52 How reliable or useful is DNA testing currently? Do think there is any utility in them, not just for fitness outcomes but as a proactive approach for preventing potential health issues later on?

05:39 What are your thoughts on using HGH in the gaining phase for fat control? Useful or not ?

07:22 Is there any evidence that athletes who use anabolics have a suppressed immune system? Regarding COVID-19, do you think that AAS users run a higher risk getting a severe course of the disease?

10:08 To piggy back Tomas’s question, can Clen during a caloric surplus minimize fat gain and improve muscle gain?

11:47 Regarding HGH, do you always recommend the protocol of 5 days on and 2 days off? Isn’t it less effective than taking HGH every day? What are the benefits of 5 days on and 2 days off compared to taking it every day, besides lower costs?

14:13 Any validity to the statement that Anavar targets trunk fat?

14:24 After HGH is reconstituted with bacteriostatic water, how many days can it be stored in the fridge until it loses some of its potency?

15:59 A rugby league player in Australia just caught doping with exogenous Testosterone, androsterone & 5 beta-androstane-3alpha 17beta-diol. Can you give some insight into these compounds?

18:28 This is probably a lengthy question, hope it comes out right. I have an internal bleed that can’t be fixed at the moment and I’ve been anemic on and off for about 8 years, due to blood loss. Since going on TRT (2mg/kg) my HB values have stayed relatively okay, within range. Recently they’ve dropped HB to 128 (range 135-180) has previously been down in the low 100s. Iron is 6 umol/L ( range 10-33) has previously been lower than readable ranges. This is while taking iron supplements and a double iron infusion 10 days prior. Saturation 8%, Ferritin 48ug/l (30-320) (I’m on folate), Hct 0.42 (0.38- 0.52) on my last bloods it was .50. I’m also on growth hormone 3IU a day. So with that back ground info. When things get this bad with my bloods, I tend to crave pure sugar type foods, juice, glucose jelly beans etc. Could that possibly be caused by what happening with blood loss, lack of iron etc? Also could you shed some light how much if any it would affect hypertrophy? Would the process of my body continuously trying to produce higher than “normal RBC” numbers, could this eat into the recovery process? My thought are that it probably would affect the ability to gain muscle and the recovery process but I’m not sure to what extent. I know it’s a lengthy question but it might help me organize my periodization, and training to suit my condition, and whether or not it’s worth doing another course once lockdown here in Australia is over.

23:36 I saw your Instagram post it note about recomp. You had calories and AAS dose increasing but the calorie increase to peak faster, then AAS caught up, I think it was week 8, then they both flattened out. Am I right in thinking that the drugs are mostly taking care of the recomp phase? And the calories are doing a fair bit of the work in the escalation phase? Is there an ideal body fat percentage range? An upper limit where you wouldn’t run a recomp on the back half of the course? I assume if too much fat is being gained, you would slightly drop back calories and let the drugs continue to help with the recomp phase?

27:30 During contest preparation, do you have a general rule of thumb regarding the escalation of AAS dosing?

27:56 Would you say that your method of increasing set volumes week to week only makes sense in the context of AAS users where the dosages gradually increase ones work-tolerance?

29:54 Curious if you have seen this occur in any of your athletes/people over the years. Severe abdominal cramps, looks like one ab is contracting so hard and actually protruding out and can see it “bulge” the stomach. Seems to not be an issue with hydration/ions or any of the general cramping issues. Have no cramping in any other muscles.

30:44 I’ve read an article on glycerol loading for increasing training endurance and as a pre-contest tool. The logic sounds based on the mechanisms they introduced, but it seems like many pieces were lacking. What do you think about it and why?

32:11 Would you being able to explain the mechanism by which estrogen increases water retention? Are any of those mechanisms direct ones or dependent on aldosterone increases?

34:17 Had pathology come back and urea is over the high range (9.3mmol – ref range is 8.0) and CK, creatinine is on the higher end of ref range. But eGFR is at 88. Despite only doing a negligible amount of training and my protein <= 2g/kg. Is this something I should be concerned about? 35:53 IGF-1 has many mechanisms of action that overlap with the insulin ones. Which one would metformin directly help with? 38:33 Just finished watching the insulin round table and seems like you mentioned that the reason why IGF-1 works better in the presence of insulin is actually due to the insulin binding proteins, did you mean IGF-BP or actually insulin binding proteins? 41:41 Would GH/insulin change protein recommendation? If so, how much? 41:58 Current opinion on TRT doctors in the US?

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