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TeamEvilGSP Live Q&A 5-24-20

Have a question for Broderick to answer in his weekly Facebook Lives?

02:17 Best supplements for liver health?

02:40 What blood tests can I do to establish reason for being lethargic?

03:56 Metformin for bodybuilding, will it slow down muscle growth due to lower IGF-1 or can only help because of better insulin sensitivity?

04:08 Any experience coaching professional wrestlers?

04:54 My test is consistently around 3200, any long term concerns, provided I keep RBC in check?

06:26 Could you explain when one would use GH compared to IGF-1?

06:35 MK-677, I’ve heard it down regulates over time, so it’s best to keep cycles short. Something due to ghrelin? If you start with 12 weeks, can you bump the dosage up to prolong the cycle?

08:47 Could one use Primo and E2 tablets for HRT, instead of TRT without any deleterious effects?

10:25 Can you please talk a bit about pure DHT?

10:54 How does Dianabol compare to Testosterone & Boldenone for elevating RBC count?

12:28 In PED users how often do you see prostate issues crop up?

13:01 How does inhibition of P450 enzyme influence AAS effects?

14:08 Is running long term 50-100mg Deca per week on top of TRT for joint pain too risky for health?

15:40 How do you decide metformin dosage with your athletes? Also better to take half in the morning, half in the evening, or all at once before sleep?

17:37 What’s your favorite cut of meat? Not a nutrition question, just personal preference.

18:22 Considering that anabolics lower your minimum required volume, how much extra benefit do these super high volume programs you recommend really bring?

22:15 Any opinions on the efficacy of BPC-157?

22:44 For the accrual of hypertrophy is there a synergy of hving a higher estrogen environment & then using DHTs as the main muscle builder?

23:39 You meintioned that the dose-response effect of AAS works in quantized and not in linear fashion. In your experience, at what mg/kg dosages do we see the biggest threshold effects?

25:11 I’ve heard Ben Pakulski he finds it hinders his performance of the workouts and he recommends taking it away from workouts… John Meadows also said metformin hinders performance…

26:47 What do you think of SARMs?

27:00 Going back to yesterday’s question about mixing protein sources (which I got ridiculed for), I was more curious about if you for instance have a specific way of rotating food sources?

28:08 What is your opinion on coffee in a post workout environment?

29:34 Do you see the same synergistic effect between Stanozolol & Turinabol as between Anavar & Turinabol?

30:00 If we can keep fat lower in the offseason, would you say it would have a worthwhile benefit or is the difference within your range of fat intake minimal?

31:45 Any tips in combating hunger using MK677pre contest?

32:06 Can HCG be used as a base of a steroid cycle instead of Testosterone?

32:28 Is there a general calorie/kg recommendation for dieting AAS users?

33:57 Do you use Albuterol with your clients?

34:07 Thanks for doing these lives. My weekly highlights, although you always give me a hard time.

34:38 Metformin AM or PM?

35:16 I trained at a westside powerlifting gym for several years & found your opinion on Louie Simmons & rubber bands & chains equivalent. Had me laughing for weeks!

36:07 Are there any risks of infertility in an intermediate cycle user?

37:06 Equivalent to bondage (regarding westside)

37:30 I googled Kay Baxter, I see what you mean – she’s epic!

38:37 How long before TRT follow up blood work should Masteron E be stopped, so the doctor doesn’t see the AAS use?

39:50 Is metformin 1g/day ok?

42:08 Can oral use (Anadrol, Dianabol, etc.) be used for longer periods of time (6 months)? In medical use Oxy was used for months, but now suddenly no more than 6 weeks due to toxicity which is overrated.

43:47 Can you take metformin and thyroid meds at the same time?

44:28 How much do you thing Ronnie Coleman or Big Rami would be if they were natural?

44:55 What would be your favorite coffee to have for stimulant effects?

46:57 Does Anavar really attack midsection fat?

47:08 David Herrera says does cut his metformin in half and it doesn’t upset his stomach.

47:48 Would cracking a tablet of D-Bol in half have the same effect as previously mentioned?

48:34 DNP question. How many days does it take to feel DNP at dosages of 2-3mg/kg?

50:03 Do you split your T3 dose twice a day or take it all in the morning?

50:37 Would you expect someone with a super deep voice to respond great to androgens?

51:06 What’s your take on fructose in general?

53:06 Because I would like to know if my supplier dosage is correct. Why someone holds fluid on DNP & at the same time it looks like it dehydrates me?

55:11 So to clarify, for me 1g of metformin is bad?

55:48 Knowing that you love DHB questions, I recently heard Alex talking about its application in females. What do you think about it?

57:06 Are any legal, non-prescription appetite suppressants you found effective?

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