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TeamEvilGSP Live Q&A 5-22-20

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01:44 Is high SHBG an issue?

02:18 Does pure DHT have a role in sports?

03:00 In a dieting phase, if I overeat protein will I still get fat?

03:45 Currently running 170mg/week Test, 300mg/week Masteron enanthate & 20mg of Anavar. How long can I run this?

05:02 When considering the anabolic to pair in a 2 compound cycle, if you already worked up to a certain mg dose, then switched on your next cycle, do you begin at the same dose or start over?

06:35 Between Boldenone and DHB, which would have a lower impact on hematocrit, mg per mg?

07:20 What are some of the more pronounced negative side effects of DHB?

08:24 Why is T-Bol in the testosterone category of your family tree if it doesn’t convert to estrogen or DHT?

11:00 Would Turinabol & Anavar help somewhat in a strength block? I’ve used them in my first hypertrophy block & dropped them earlier this week, my strength block starts in 6 weeks.

12:33 How would you classify Methyltrienolone for strength & muscle building?

13:07 You said something along the lines that training is a secondary thing when drugs come into play, but do you think that the style of training can impact how the muscle will eventually look?

14:38 Does casein due to its slower & longer breakdown the ideal protein for maintaining positive nitrogen balance over a 24h period?

16:50 My previous highest doses has been 1.2g with 10IU of insulin daily. I’ve been on 150mg Test E for 20 weeks & and have worked up to 4IU GH. Would a reasonable amount to start at 800mg AAS and work up slowly?

18:28 For instance there seems to be a difference in the muscle density, if that’s the correct term, in some of the very strong bodybuilders.

19:32 Have you seen high IGF-1 values with only AAS & insulin?

19:49 What DHT derivatives have you found work best when stacked together?

20:09 What are the feats of strength you were most proud of (gym records)?

21:08 Some people say Masteron does not build muscle & is deactivated the same as Proviron… Those people are fucking stupid!

21:40 Since you hate protein powders so much, what would you say the next best convenient protein source?

23:38 What advice would you give to women wanting to take the enhanced path, first compounds to try, etc.?

24:33 Is it possible to have elevated prolactin without elevations in estrogen?

25:05 Do you have a french press or coffee pot for your coffee?

25:44 What’s your take on Ben Johnson’s use of Stanozolol, despite being caught using it, he claimed he didn’t use it, but used other AAS since it made him feel “tight”, possibly tainted Furazabol?

27:29 When calculating protein in a diet plan, do you take into account the amount of protein in vegetables or only the protein from meat, fish eggs & dairy?

28:15 Would only Test 200mg/week & Primo 300mg/week be an optimal off-season cycle for a powerlifter?

29:36 Watched the HGH video on the website, given what you said about GH releasing glucose and fatty acids to assist in growth would it be beneficial or detrimental because of what you said about C-cell regeneration among other things, to have a bolus of protein before night time GH dose?

31:04 I the shutdown period for Anavar around 6 weeks regardless of dosage?

32:04 Mg for mg, how much stronger is Masteron compared to Primobolan?

33:26 Do you like Cardarine?

33:30 Calcium is present in the diet, but phosphorus is elevated above range. Would you suggest eGFR, or do you have other thoughts as to the reason?

35:38 Would you agree that the majority of Kidney issues in bodybuilding come from high diuretic abuse?

36:19 Speaking of protein, I remember you mentioning about the possible benefits of having a larger variety of proteins with different amino acid profiles. Could you elaborate on this?

36:56 Can you rank Primobolan/ Masteron vs. HCG vs. GH and their propensity to cause erythrocytosis?

37:21 Other than Proviron what would you say are some of the weaker steroids that someone chasing hypertrophy shouldn’t concern themselves with?

38:47 For bodybuilders looking to gain size, is there a ratio of Test to NPP you suggest?

39:27 If injecting 100mg of Testosterone only, how much it display on your bloods?

40:40 If I’m trying to be frugal &achieve similar results, instead of running 250mg of Test & 1g of Primo, cold I run 500mg of Test & 1200mg of Masteron?

41:20 What benefits do you see in athletes, both physique & strength sports when using Anavar?

42:01 What would you say are the best anabolics to take for someone who has naturally high red blood cell count & hematocrit?

43:17 Sorry I meant Anavar by itself in terms of changes to the physique appearance. (regarding the previous Anavar question)

44:33 Why do so many people report higher sex drive from Masteron? Especially since it suppresses E.

45:23 In a previous Q&A you said Testosterone has more impact on DHT sensitive tissues rather than DHT drugs. Can you explain a bit more in-depth?

47:16 Do you think that Dorian could be called a retard, just like Mentzer, based on his training philosophies?

49:32 Is there any value in taking DHT derivatives (Anavar & Masteron) for a bodybuilder during contest prep?

50:40 Is Primo E to thick to be drawn into a 28G needle?

51:20 In your opinion, if you’ve read the b-amyloid study on Trenbolone in rats, do you believe this could have been a result of a lack of REM sleep from insomnia/interrupted sleep Tren causes?

51:57 Roughly how many weeks does shutdown occur with Dianabol usage?

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