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TeamEvilGSP Live Q&A 5-19-20

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01:24 For orals, what is the best timing scheme to take them, assuming multiple doses in a day?

05:02 Can you suggest any endurance enhancing compounds besides Meldonium? I’ve found possible indicators that ITPP, but dosing recommendations are all over the board.

07:52 I’ve seen some people selling Adipotide (might be called Adipotide FTPP, not sure). Never heard of it before, but googled it, and apparently, it causes shrinkage of the blood vessels supplying fat cells, making the fat cells undergo necrosis. Have you heard about it before, and any experiences with it?

09:11 Is there a benefit to starting a first steroid course at a lower percent body fat, and is there something that you will caution somebody on, if they wanted to start their first course at about 20% body fat ? Goal would be fat loss + muscle gain (recomp).

13:26 My father was prescribed one 250mg ampoule of Sustanon every 3 weeks as TRT. Is dividing the dose into weekly applications more ideal? and if so is it worth the trouble? He is 60 years old, non-athlete.

15:44 I understand that with gynocomasia, the ‘base’ of the breast tissue remains there unless surgically removed. However, is there a chance for it to recede visually at least with fat loss?

18:20 I’ve recently been exposed to melatonin and my sleep quality way more than I would have expected. I’d like to know if you have any insights regarding melatonin to help me decide which protocol I’m going to follow.

19:04 I remember you have previously said that HGH does not cause “bubble gut” or make your waist bigger (you used the example of alcoholics who have big, hard waists). But I was wondering, if someone has a wide waist genetically (wide hips and ribs), are there any drugs you would recommend avoiding if someone wants to avoid waist size increases as much as possible?

21:57 Are there specific brands you recommend for different AAS?

22:28 I remember that you have said that homebrewing “is an entirely different level of crime” (paraphrasing) but you also said that if someone wanted to homebrew you recommended a specific book.

23:37 Does HGH Fragment have applications beyond fat loss? Is it even good for that? I ordered growth hormone on Alibaba and got HGH fragment instead. I don’t really want to take a drug for fat loss just because I have it.

25:50 I have heard some people say that insulin makes your waist bigger (even higher level people, like Dorian Yates), but I don’t know enough about it to know if I should worry.

28:30 Just curious, how do you know that it is fragment and not regular HGH? (regarding the previous HGH Fragment question)

29:14 What qualities of care should look for in searching for a TRT doctor?

31:53 “Correlation does not mean causation” I just wanted to explain why I asked about the drugs and waist size, since there’s plenty of bro science about that. (regarding the previous “bubble gut” question)

32:45 You mentioned earlier Meldonium and some other things that can increase aerobic capacity specifically blood oxygenation. Are there any PED’s that increase cardiovascular output in other words better delivery to working muscles while being contracted I know that gets tricky and potentially leads to problematically high blood pressure?

36:27 For someone who has recently lost fat and has loose skin, is there anything that can be done other than time and muscle building?

38:53 A quick side note, discovered Alex Kikel through you, he’s going to be coaching me soon, really hyped to have someone knowledgeable as a coach, we even had the same ideas on what PED’s I should use.

39:25 There was a podcast where you talked about Testosterone only cycles. I haven’t watched it yet, but a friend of mine told me that the AI protocol you proposed in that context. I know the basic difference between AI and SERM, but I just wanted to hear your detailed rationality behind the choice, I mean was the choice based on how easily it is to manage estrogen with Anastrazole vs. Tamoxifen, or rather based on the side effect profile, etc.?

41:21 I will have my own list to publish soon top 40 in the world by formula! (David Herrera)

42:06 A few AAS compounds are known to lower cholesterol (I know the ratio is affected relatively negatively though). What would be able to explain which pathways allow that to happen?

43:11 Does Mesterolone have estrogen antagonist properties? Considering your answer was positive, I have a second question, otherwise just ignore it. Considering similar sustainable doses of Mesterolone vs. Drostanolone, which one would have more anti-estrogen properties?

44:24 In a protocol using Testosterone and Drostanolone, if one starts having estrogen side effects, do you raise the Drostanolone, wait or rather, manage it with a SERM?

46:59 Why did you switch from bodybuilding to powerlifting? Did you ever consider strongman?

49:35 When returning to the gym after a couple of months of body weight and light dumbbell work, are you better off training until you return to your previous size and strength before starting a cycle (for bodybuilding)?

51:27 Is left ventricular hypertrophy caused by increases in body weight or by androgens themselves?

54:33 Eccentric vs. concentric loading.

56:14 Would you coach someone who has difficulty getting blood work done due to country rules (i.e. Canadians)?

57:07 I used concentric only training this last week right before the meat so that I wouldn’t get sore and still activate the nervous system really well (David Herrera)

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