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TeamEvilGSP Live Q&A 5-15-20

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01:47 Thoughts on John Meadows recent heart attack?

02:44 What coffee is in your mug?

03:20 Is the role of GGP undervalued in elite sports by chasing the fallacy of specificity and transference?

04:46 For long term athletics and longevity, is it worth utilizing a compound you won’t run long term? i.e. long, low Deca cycle, but try to maintain with just Test.

05:21 What advice/supps can you recommend to reduce coronary calcium plaque?

05:55 How problematic do you find Boldenone to be for women vs. T-Bol or D-Bol?

06:42 Modafinil as a weight loss agent?

06:57 How often have you come across individuals who estrogen has been sunk so low from Masteron, that they had to use more than 300mg of Test in order to maintain a decent estrogen level?

07:47 Typical MENT dosage per week?

08:12 Ketotifen resensitizing the properties of Clenbuterol?

09:25 If someone (male) were able to do short 6-8 week cycle at 10mg/kg combined using Anavar and Primobolan, wouldn’t a Test base be unnecessary considering the short duration of the cycle length?

10:26 On that poorly worded question (regarding the long, low Deca cycle question), essentially I’m asking if it’s worthwhile adding an anabolic you won’t take long term? Not interested in adding muscle I won’t be able to maintain without that compound.

12:05 5-10mg of Cialis is good for me?

12:36 Do you feel that low dose Cialis would do more for blood pressure control than all of those NO producers and herbs, like Hawthorn?

13:17 Do you think that running something like D-Bol to fill out for a shoot once lean would be a good idea, or would something like Nandrolone be better for that effect?

14:40 Recommended cardio per week for gen-pop is 150min/week, for enhanced individuals how much cardio do you recommend for general cardiovascular health?

15:56 Top 3 coffee experiences?

17:42 My wife’s vitamin D was low on her blood work (she gets plenty of sun). Do you have a vitamin D supplement you’d recommend?

19:30 I remember you said you used a lot of Reforvit-B during your collage days. Do you think that the B vitamins had a significant impact on performance, or was it just due to the availability?

20:37 Assuming Masteron’s effect on estrogen is negligible, would its effects on lipids be the same as Primo?

21:30 John Meadowns isn’t that heavy though, surly he’s like 200lb tops.

22:24 Which injectable steroids impact lipids the least?

22:41 Will dietary antioxidants prior to a workout have the same impact as ibuprofen on decreasing inflammatory markers?

23:34 Was Charles Poliquin a decent strength coach or was he a glorified drug guy? Some of the philosophies don’t really hold up to research.

25:30 To what degree does Primobolan’s estrogen management ability compare to Masteron?

26:26 For a non competitive bodybuilder looking to avoid permanent test suppression, would it make sense to do shorter, more frequent cycles throughout the year or one single cycle with larger dosage?

28:04 Does creatine monohydrate cause hair loss?

28:12 I get 90% of protein from whey…

28:25 Something pre workout for better session. True or not?

28:37 What’s the best way to support TeamEvilGSP outside of membership? Just buy a shit-tone of shirts?

29:51 How hard is it to catch GH use in testing? Do you have any insights on how Pat Mendez was caught twice for GH use?

31:40 In theory, Oxandrolone has the ability to regenerate bone tissue. Does you experience confirm this? Is GH a better choice?

32:52 When did you learn that Testosterone should be kept low and why do you think so many people encourage very high Testosterone doses?

35:02 If someone is above 20% body fat, would a course of AAS have efficacy, or should the stop being a fat fuck?

36:00 Could you give any insights into the largest differences you see in how people of different races respond to certain classes of compounds?

36:18 By which pathway does Trenbolone increase strength? I’ve noticed that the strength I gain whilst using Test+ Mast is larger retained off cycle. Would Tren be similar in this regard?

38:36 What’s wrong with getting the majority of protein from whey?

39:23 Does Test & Deca cycle in cutting phase a good choice?

39:57 Do Winstrol and Anavar pretty much give me the same cosmetic effects, barring for the greater decrease in HDL seen with Winstrol?

40:50 Now that there’s a new metabolite test for Anavar, do you believe that Winstrol or Primo Ace will be the next oral of choice for athletes?

42:01 How to use insulin to improve memory and learning?

42:28 Do you know of any sources of hardcopies of Fred Hatfield’s works?

43:26 What are some other academic subjects you were interested in besides biology?

44:03 How does swallowed oil based Trenbolone get to the bloodstream while Testosterone does not?

45:33 Come back to Sidney after the lockdown! You should do more educational events/seminars, sometimes maybe not even directly sports related, even areas of biology you find interesting!

47:03 Would Spironolactone help someone who suffers from AAS induced acne?

47:37 There is a DHT derivative called YK-11. In my experience it tends to act more like a 19-nor. Do you have any experience with it?

48:53 Test & Deca vs. Test & a DHT derivative for a male, advanced trainee, aiming to lose more body fat?

50:03 What are the differences in performance you see between Anavar and Wistrol?

51:04 Daughter’s health?

51:06 Mike Israetel recommends Anavar only cycles, this for beginners. What’s your opinion?

52:08 So instead of whey if I switch to getting the majority of protein from egg whites would that be a good option?

53:53 If I can build muscle on maintenance, when would getting into a mass phase be beneficial? When progress strop when in a maintenance phase?

55:08 If you were tasked on a team to find new designer AAS for combat athletes, what family of AAS would you drive your attention?

56:37 What did you say the expert for insulin for motor learning is called?

57:11 Is there a correlation between AAS and Alzheimer?

58:02 In a podcast I’ve heard you say that Richard Feynman was an early influence on you as a kid. What other thing would you recommend people get into in order to learn how to learn?

59:08 For those of us that have analytically heavy jobs, like me (I’m an engineer), is there worry about the AAS compounds reducing cognitive performance?

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