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TeamEvilGSP Live Q&A 5-12-20

Have a question for Broderick to answer in his weekly Facebook Lives?

01:21 How common is it for pro athletes to use oral steroids alone (i.e. Winstrol, Anavar, T-Bol, D-Bol, etc.)? If so, how many weeks would they use them for? What are the benefits & potential downfalls?

02:57 What’s the detection time of T-Bol? in a WADA urine test?

03:36 Not sure if you saw this since I wrote it just at the end of the Instagram Q&A. But I just wanted to say that the healing peptides podcast was great! One of the few pieces of content where I listened to it while knowing a little bit about the topic, and literally every single part of what was said was super useful and easily understood. From how and why you would use them, to explaining how they work (reading online, not one single article mentioned that you need GH for TB-500 to work, and your explanation how GH makes cells ready for commands and TB-500 then tells it what to do explained it very well).

04:35 What’s the point of a no Test cycle using Estradiol Valerate instead, when you can use 500 Test to reach 100pg/ml of E2 and maximize growth?

06:13 Does hemoglobin and hematocrit levels typically run parallel to one another? Last time I donated my hemoglobin came in at 19g/dl, would this suggest a direct increase in hematocrit % as well? As a rider, would/could Meldonium affect either of these, and if so, how?

08:42 Following your elevator analogy of anabolic signaling, does that mean that after a certain dose of the drug more won’t generate additional anabolism?

10:57 Do you think that 40mg Dianabol daily (280mg/week) could be used as a long term sports TRT dose (upwards of 20 weeks) for a 100kg individual who has a stringy and dense physique that lacks fullness or do you believe that it would be too toxic for this purpose? I know that Dianabol has been prescribed for HRT in the past but not close to 3mg/kg weekly.

12:23 I know that you’ve mentioned in that past that a hypertrophy course of Boldenone and Masteron generally doesn’t work as well as Testosterone and Masteron together. Is this solely due to lower estrogen levels or is there some other reason for this?

13:40 You’ve mentioned that some people get no prolactin side effects from Nandrolone. Do these individuals get no elevation in prolactin or do they simply not experience side effects from the elevation they get?

14:50 During last week’s Facebook live Q&A you stated that breast tissue generally can’t catabolize. There are many studies showing that SERMs such as Tamoxifen and especially Raloxifene reduces gynecomastia in male teenagers (who recently developed the tissue) and even in adults to some degree and these drugs are prescribed to men for this reason in many countries. Do these drugs only catabolize the fat associated with the breast tissue or can the breast tissue itself also catabolize if it was recently accrued?

17:02 You mentioned that the half-life of Testosterone enanthate is about 7 to 10 days. However, the package insert for Testoviron Depot from Bayer, which is 250mg Testosterone enanthate, states that the half-life is 4.5 days. What is the reason for the different half-life?

18:35 What are the risks/dangers of long term, low dose Melanotan II use? Is the risk of getting skin cancer just broscience bullshit or is there actual evidence for it?

19:56 If running a Test base of 3mg/kg, which of the two, DHT or 19-Nor derivative would be less taxing on the prostate to stack with T base (max of 5mg/kg inclusive of T base)?

23:00 Do you recommend to fast before a blood test? I have seen some labs are for it and others against it.

24:15 If a 125kg male has normal TSH, low total T4, normal free T4 index, and elevated T3 uptake where would you suspect the dysfunction is coming from?

26:13 You have said many times that you don’t like bodybuilders (and I think you also said people in general) getting above 20% body fat. If someone is not competing and is looking for optimal muscle accrual over a period of years. Do you have a lower limit on body fat % where getting any lower than that is generally not beneficial for long term muscle accrual?

27:41 Can iron deficiency cause phosphate, platelets, or RDW to be elevated?

29:27 Just for curiosity’s sake, when asked about long term side effects of DNP, you generally answer “death”. I was wondering if you have a person that takes a lower/more reasonable dosage (something like 1 to 2mg/ kg), and always eats at maintenance (so any calories burned off due to DNP will be made up for in food), what will happen long term. Instead of dying due to a lack of fat, do they die because of the stress that having an abnormally high temperature for long periods of time inflicts. And is there any data on timelines for this?

31:50 On average, below 12%. Unless you’re on drugs then it doesn’t matter. (Lyle McDonald on the previous bf% question)

32:32 I saw someone on a forum comment that they heard that men with high testosterone (and by extension, men using 2-3+mg/kg, aka most bodybuilders) have more daughters.

34:03 Lyle McDonald replying to the previous DNP question: “Why would you take DNP and eat at maintenance to avoid fat loss? What is the damn point? This sounds like one of those idiot hypotheticals of no relevance. Nobody does this.” & a reply to Lyle’s remark: “To eat more food, if someone wants to permanently eat 500 calories more than they normally burn off. My question sprung from someone asking what happens if you use it all the time to stay lean. So if we have a person that burns 2500 calories, and now burns 3000, they’re going to have an easier time not gaining fat if they have a big appetite.”

35:05 I might have to dial down my TRT when I’m gonna have kids then! haha (regarding the previous remark that androgen using males tend to have more daughters)

36:05 I was not planning on using DNP, I was just wondering, what would happen, theoretically. (regarding the previous DNP topic)

39:01 Any other markers to check for prostate health besides PSA?

40:39 What is it in gear that sometimes causes the flu-like symptoms when you start a cycle? Is it the level solvents in the oil or is there something else in play?

43:30 I was wondering, if you have a person that is in a deficit, and they are eating 300 grams of carbs, they then start doing cardio (low impact like increasing steps and a bit of low-intensity biking) and now eat 400 grams of carbs while staying in the same deficit. Is there a difference anabolism wise (due to more insulin and such) or anything else that is beneficial (besides more vitamins and such from the food), compared to not doing cardio and sticking to 300 grams of carbs (not talking about adherence, just muscle retention, and general positive effects on your body). Or would it be the same since you’re still in the same deficit?

46:14 In a video you did on the member’s website you said (paraphrasing) that most people should probably take caffeine, metformin, and aspirin. Why aspirin?

49:57 Do you know of Victor Black? He also believes PEDs are not very dangerous, I believe he’s 80 and taking PEDs, 250lb.

51:21 There’s an opinion I heard somewhere that women are more tolerant to volume and endurance than men are and they recover better as well. Do you think that has to do with their higher estrogen levels?

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