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TeamEvilGSP Live Q&A 5-10-20

Have a question for Broderick to answer in his weekly Facebook Lives?

01:46 Did you see UFC 249?

03:30 How’s your daughter after the COVID?

03:52 What is an appropriate reason for taking PEDs?

05:00 Which type of anabolic steroids would you suggest for a 1st-time user, not for competitive use?

06:24 Does the side effects of DHT increases when Deca is combined with Finasteride? Can Deca be combined with 1mg of Finasteride?

08:45 I believe I heard Alex Kikel mention the concept of rotating AAS, could you please expand on why you would do this?

09:13 Is there a newer/more up to date iteration of Llewellyn “Anabolics”?

10:17 On an 80-120 mesocycle should we be training with reps left in the tank and gradually pushing the intensity?

10:46 Would Deca be unable to cause androgenic side effects, such as acne, do to not being a DHT derivative?

11:09 Thoughts on using your least favorite compound, Trenbolone, for a short time while coming out of a bodybuilding contest prep for its strong nutrient partitioning to prevent excessive fat gain?

12:14 Could you give a brief overview of Superdrol and illustrate its potential applications?

13:49 There’s a recent 11th edition on “Anabolics” by Llewellyn.

14:01 Do you see any value in taking a multivitamin to fill in any nutritional gaps, if the doses are about 100% of daily dose & the sort of vitamins/minerals are of a high bioavailability?

15:54 Happy Mother’s Day to Ceinwen!!!

16:20 I found Oxandrolone being quite forgiving in terms of androgenic side effects (acne, hair loss) – is there an injectable drug with a similar profile?

17:52 Getting a bit of nipple sensitivity (small lump sunning 125mg Test and 200mg Mast per week. My test level are 31nmol – could it be that my free test is higher causing this side?

20:28 Are fatigue, depression, extreme joint pain, signs of high or low estrogen?

21:27 Do you have any particular way you like to phase/periodize bodybuilding training during a gaining phase?

22:17 Generally is it a worse idea for someone who already has some acne issues to become enhanced?

23:34 Are there any general supps you would recommend to gen pop looking to plug in the gaps dietary wise?

24:20 How can you preserve muscle mass when fasting 18 hours?

25:30 As you have said that you have been using AAS since you were 16, have you suffered any prostate issues? Can you give a couple of tips on using AAS for someone with DHT issues like frequent urination and hair loss?

26:33 Are hepatic enzymes the best way to judge liver health? For instance, they are in the 150’s, you use OTC supps and they go within the reference range. Is it automatically good for your liver?

27:52 You said a couple of weeks ago for an AAS using person there’s generally not a benefit to take creatine except for niche circumstances. Could you mention some of these niche circumstances?

29:11 Any SARMS you recommend?

29:30 Can you get away with a high carb, low protein diet for bodybuilding to limit glycogenesis?

30:42 How long could you dose HGH for the purpose of enhancing fat liberation and oxidation ans is more better in this regard?

33:14 Doesn’t Primobolan cause more androgenic side effects and have a more DHT-like action compared to Anavar?

34:43 For someone looking to become an “evil genius”, what degree path would you recommend to a student now? Currently studying medical biochemistry while teaching myself anatomy and endocrinology.

37:09 How many athletes in the UFC are enhanced?

37: 26 Are there any health supplements you recommend for elevated DHT?

38:04 I mean 18 hours a day, fasting for a period of a month for example. Sorry I wasn’t clear.

38:16 Do you recommend coming off cycle?

39:20 In your healing peptides podcast, you recommend 4 weeks of BPC-157 as a conservative duration. If someone is injured and can’t train, would a longer duration be ok in that case?

41:10 How do AAS affect sympathetic and parasympathetic systems?

42:48 All articles online mention “loading phases” of 2-6 weeks where you take several times the recommended dosage BPC-157 and TB-500…

44:04 Are there separate tiers of drug use in terms of AAS and other drugs? In bodybuilding what would be the general trends of drug use at different levels?

45:03 Will you ever have a hair transplant?

46:50 What family does D-Bol sit in?

47:18 Any ideas why I keep waking up in the middle of the night dehydrated? I have 500ml of water every hour or two after waking.

48:34 Do Anavar or Turinabol exhibit positive effects on tendon health? Since adding both to my cycle 3 months ago, my wrist and quad tendinitis have both healed almost completely.

49:36 Could you explain signaling in layman’s terms? What relevance it has to training, nutrition and drugs?

50:25 For a male, 230lb, how many mg of anabolics before needing to increase Testosterone above 200mg/week?

51:21 How prevalent is offseason PED use amongst elite IPF lifters in your opinion?

52:16 Would you ever recommend using BPC periodically just for the general purpose of systemic relief throughout a year-long period, even if there is no real acute injury?

53:43 I heard some AAS antagonize glucocorticoid receptors. Do they all do that? I specifically heard about Trenbolone.

54:33 Do you feel that a lot of strength coaches overcomplicate warmups, exercise selection, all the talk about RPE, etc.?

55:56 Regarding the sodium intake, is that transferable to strength athletes as well?

56:35 What are the common side effects you see with Dianabol?

58:04 How big, if any, is the role of AR receptor in the negative feedback loop of GnRH suppression?

59:07 Could you please talk about Test injection, as far as frequency?

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