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TeamEvilGSP Live Q&A 5-8-20

Have a question for Broderick to answer in his weekly Facebook Lives?

01:33 In your recent Instagram stories, I see that you like to escalate calorie intake first as you get into a building phase and then behind it the PEDs start building up.

03:08 Do beta 2 agonists cause hypertrophy?

03:18 Since Anadrol stimulates estrogen receptors and is a DTH derivative itself, could it be effectively used as HRT the same way D-Bol CAN?

05:00 Why do beta 2 agonists cause hypertrophy?

05:24 What are the best steroids for strength?

06:36 Are there any AAS that is known to raise blood sugar?

06:48 Would you suggest a low-fat high carb protein diet for runners/MMA fighters? What about an athlete that is overweight?

07:52 So the downside of Anadrol as HRT would be the same as Boldenone?

08:21 Is there any pathway by which beta 2 agonists, such as Clenbuterol, could impact thyroid?

09:37 Do people keep some of their muscle gains post cycle if PCT is done properly?

09:50 Pinning TRT morning vs. night?

10:26 Of the shortlist of supplements you recommend, does timing matter for any of them?

11:43 Members site works fine, just use Chrome.

12:13 What are some signs that fat intake is too low?

13:58 Are there any other usable drugs, besides Melanotan II, that cause fat cell apoptosis?

14:33 Do you think collagen protein powders have any benefits for joints?

15:59 What do you think about Dr. Ray Pete’s work?

16:11 I watched a video by Jordan Peterson where he says that Primo might have the potential to cause kidney damage due to nitrogen retention. Is this true? I haven’t heard this before.

16:37 Does bacteriostatic water expire?

17:26 Other than losing weight and cardio, is there any other reason to lower blood pressure?

17:51 100kg athlete who needs approx. 600g of carbs. Using your guideline of 2g/kg for protein, would you be concerned that 20-40% of the protein comes from carb sources?

18:24 To lower hematocrit we lower blood, what do we do to lower hemoglobin?

19:14 How can we mitigate carpal tunnel effects of GH?

19:54 Victor Conte only claimed to use THG 2x a week in the offseason as a pre-workout before heavy training days, test was used all the time. What benefits does using it in this way have as it has no ester?

21:38 Is it true that carbohydrates help with fat metabolism and when carbs are low you can’t burn fat efficiently?

22:32 Took your advice and injecting GH at night, dreams seem to be intense and vivid, is that related or a coincidence?

23:04 Why is Winstrol notorious for tendon and ligament issues, more so than other AAS?

23:29 The Okinawa diet is 5% fat and over 80% carbs mainly sweet potato. They’re living just fine.

23:54 Besides Boldenone which other steroids have the most significant impact on appetite?

24:35 What do you generally find with slo niacin causing the uncomfortable flushing, or is it quite rare?

25:20 Excited for tomorrow’s podcast?

25:50 We know that low-intensity exercise uses fat for fuel and high intensity more carbs, but does eating have a great effect on it like they claim? For example, when eating carbs, you burn mostly carbs.

26:27 Favorite fat burning supplement/PED?

27:26 If a female athlete using your recommended mcg/kg Clenbuterol specifically for fat loss, do you also have a guidline for a number of 10 on / 4 off courses that can be done given downstream impact on thyroid?

28:54 What heavy metals are most commonly found in AAS nowadays?

29:46 Thoughts on Metformin?

29:56 If someone has only used 19-nors, but do to side effects is changing to DHT derivatives, would you equate mg for mg for the next course, or escalate, or still increase?

31:36 I understand you use Modafinil but have you tried Armodafinil before? I find the effects to be fat more subtle and long-lasting.

32:55 Does progesterone drive appetite? I know some guys using a progesterone product called Megastrol acetate claiming it effectively drives appetite, no surprise, suffering side effects though.

33:52 Can fat loading…

33:56 Do you think it’s healthy for people who use AAS to come off TRT from time to time?

35:49 Members site is back up.

36:12 Have you ever read any of Chris Aceto’s books?

37:15 Some people claim that African-Americans are more responsive to AAS based on their androgen receptors, is this true?

38:45 What is the best way to fill glycogen stores?

39:39 With GH is there any benefits to IM vs. sub-Q injections?

41:02 In what case would you escalate a bodybuilder’s fat intake?

42:44 Any suggestions to combat lethargy whilst on a 4-week course of Superdrol?

43:48 Can you foresee any contraindications on physique management with HCG use in women during contest prep?

45:58 Are there any advantages to using Anavar and Turinabol simultaneously?

46:24 Has K2 been proven to show some useful properties in cardiac health?

47:15 For an equated daily GH dose, what would be the advantage or disadvantage of pulsing your dosage vs. a single bolus?

51:02 Have you seen modified insulin pumps for administration of other PEDs, like GH?

52:00 What difference have you seen in PED protocols in different countries amongst powerlifters and bodybuilders? For example from what I’ve been told guys in Greece avoid AIs, but Tamoxifen is preferred.

54:13 Does Proviron have anabolic properties and should it be used in the same way that Anavar and Winstrol are used?

54:46 A friend in the NFL uses Testosterone suspension.

55:17 Proviron can increase LH intra PCT?

56:04 Context to HCG – using alongside AAS as a means to manage menstruation. My expectation is that an increase in E may be a win for health/lipolysis, but progesterone impact could mess it all up.

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