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TeamEvilGSP Live Q&A 5-5-20

Have a question for Broderick to answer in his weekly Facebook Lives?

01:08 Dosing protocols of HGH, 3 higher doses over a week (common study in children) similar to natural GH production vs. daily M-F lower dose.

03:20 Could you touch on again please: (males)- testosterone, DHT etc. for sexual Function. E2 responsible for libido.

05:15 What are the mcg/kg numbers for Clenbuterol for 2 weeks cycles of fat loss as well as for longer term athletic boosting usage? Also, is it effective to use proximal to cardio training for the enhanced air exchange or would other stimulants (caffeine and modafinil) be a better for that?

07:46 What was the recommended dosage for creatine you said in the past? 93kg non-enhanced.

09:58 I’m willing to start using insulin. Let’s consider an off-season with plenty of calories, high carbs, low fat diet. I would like to have an easily manageable approach meaning no change on the diet plan and schedule. Therefore, use the insulin in conjunction with my standard meals and forget about it afterwards, no shakes, no goofy timed snacks etc. Let’s say I’ll use a fast acting insulin (NovoRapid) immediately before eating my breakfast and another dose immediately before dinner (coincides with the post-workout, 3h before sleep). Does it sound as a reasonable and workable approach (I don’t live in USA and there are no legal or availability difference between the different types of insulin and the NovoRapid seems to me the best tool for my needs)?

11:27 Do you feel think that Angiotensin II is a contributing factor to what could be damaging bodybuilders because of abusing aromatase inhibitors or compound selection to drive low estrogen?

12:46 What is the main Cause of pubertal gyno? Did I get an above normal surge of hormones during puberty or do I just a high aromatizing tendency?

15:45 Does low dose Clenbuterol (40-60mcg) make sense to use for building muscle if in a caloric surplus?

16:19 Growth hormone is a peptide, as insulin is. Does that mean that, like insulin, it has no effect on endogenous production. Example: if taken at night will it affect the natural production?

19:23 Have you seen successful use of low dose Trestolone (MENT) solo for HRT indefinitely?

19:34 Regarding the reversal of mild gynecomastia (invisible pea-sized lump): am I correct in assuming that once your hormonal milieu has been corrected (no excess of estrogen/prolactin/progesterone, sufficient DHT, use of SERMs to block binding in breast tissue), the only variable remaining is to allow the sufficient passage of time in order to catabolize the tissue in question (irrespective of the SERM dosage)?

21:13 If I remember correctly, you mentioned that using adequate mg/kg of AAS during an off season with appropriate calories and proper training, 300g-500g of new contractile muscle per week can be expected. As low as 100g for an ungifted athlete or lower mg/kg, as high as 700g for a gifted one or higher mg/kg. Now, how does this compare to the use of insulin? I know it is very general question and can vary hugely based on a multiplicity of factors, but let’s say for a standard bodybuilder in the same condition as before, using 20IU of insulin a day, what is the range of extra contractile muscle per week that can be expected after the introduction of insulin on the protocol?

23:49 Lyle Mcdonald’s book on injury rehab states, running low dose Anavar or Nandrolone without testosterone in low doses, is this efficacious for injuries without interfering with the hormonal cascade once discontinued?

24:53 I curious if night dosing would affect the night time release, as I’ve read this is the largest natural release. Is there a threshold to making this dose worth wile?

27:08 Do you have any tips to help reduce the post injection pain when making DHB?

28:08 Let’s consider the long acting insulin Lantus. If I understand correctly, you would choose it if legally, economically and availability would be the same of the R-insulin. Does it cause a more rapid develop of insulin resistance considering it’s active all the time? It is recommended by some to not use it for more than a month per time for this very reason. Does this align with your suggestions?

29:30 Who do you think will win Eddie Hall vs. Thor Bjornsson?

30:39 I often see people mention “breakpoints” for seeing seemingly large results with AAS. For example, 400mg Primo is good, 600mg is better, but 700mg seems to give a bigger benefit than you would assume…

32:30 Like you, I typically run on 4-5ish hours of sleep and I’ve been this way as long as I can remember. Can you attempt to quantify how big of a detriment limited sleep (4-5ish hours regularly) is to muscle building results?

34:35 In the past you’ve pointed out that taking “liver protection” doesn’t make sense, as it just adds even more load to your liver. On the other hand, choline seem to have good support in the literature for dealing with some types of liver damage.

36:08 For someone interested in muscle hypertrophy and using Testosterone only, which would be preferable: a lower dosing of 3mg/kg for a longer duration (16-20 weeks) or a higher dosing of 5mg/kg for a shorter duration (8-10 weeks)?

37:41 For someone on their feet all day with an active job (construction, 50+ hours weeks) could that be a substitute for cardio, or would you still recommend adding traditional cardio sessions? The purpose of cardio is for general health, insulin sensitivity etc.

40:07 I had a question about the cause of reduced libido over time. I had been using AAS for around 8 years, using just about every traditional compound, now have tried every combination of low and high Testosterone, estrogen prolactin etc. yet have slowly over the years had my libido decline. Is there any cause for this outside of medication modalities.

43:06 What do you think about a Boldenone & Primobolan course, 200mg & 200mg respectively for performance with exogenous E2, since 200mg of Boldenone might not give enough E2?

43:57 What do you consider the top range of normal for testosterone? My labs in Oz report 835ng/dl, but most online sources report it as 1100ng/dl.

46:35 Name 4-5 books that you consider to be a good base information for someone to get started learning the things they need to know.

47:42 Have you ever worked with arm wrestlers?

48:40 Could you elaborate your “long, low, slow” concept for fat loss and why you think that would be better than larger more short-term deficits for fat loss?

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