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TeamEvilGSP Live Q&A 5-3-20

Have a question for Broderick to answer in his weekly Facebook Lives?

02:01 Protein intake for bodybuilding?

03:02 501kg record. Any thoughts?

04:18 Resting heart rate. Is there any number you’d aim for?

05:20 Do I need to worry about super high estrogen in experience no side effects?

05:37 Will you book be called “Longer, Lower Slower”?

05:47 Magnus also judged Eddie’s 500kg deadlift.

07:14 Is Halotestin used in the offseason?

07:49 Injectable L-carnitine good for improving insulin sensitivity and metabolic flexibility?

08:30 Do metabolites from Drostanolone lower estradiol?

08:47 So Thor vs. Eddie now going to fight/box. Who do you think will win?

09:26 Is there any literature on why the same compound reacts differently from injectables vs. orals? i.e. Masteron vs. Superdrol, Winstrol vs. Winstrol, Dianabol vs. Boldenone

10:58 Do I need to worry too much about blood glucose during the afternoon? Even with fast insulin… sometimes my blood sugar still won’t drop.

12:10 On a mg per mg basis you said most AAS are similar in terms of their ability to build lean muscle tissue. Are Trenbolone and Nandrolone different to other injectables in this regard?

13:17 How much fish oil do you recommend?

13:47 Do you think there is any way around the studies being done on untrained people?

14:44 Where do you stand on the ethical side of things when it comes to PED use amongst teenagers?

15:25 Best PCT…

15:50 What compounds, if any, aromatize at a greater rate than Testosterone?

16:46 Proviron or Masteron in the same weekly dose. Who will have more health risks?

17:26 You mentioned recently that Fred Hatfield had a nitrogen retention rate for anabolics.

18:20 If Joe Biden was dead and a pharmacological firm wanted to research new compounds, and the come to you for advice, where would you want to start?

20:03 Why fructose does not stimulate insulin?

22:22 Lately I’ve been seeing more people recommend 5mg Superdrol for female powerlifters. Any reason to think this wouldn’t work well at the tail end of a physique prep for fullness/hardness in women?

23:26 Is benzodiazepine harsh for liver/kidneys?

24:04 Was Orabolin useful back in the day?

24:56 Without saying anything that’s confidential, do you believe designer steroids are still being used to pass doping tests?

25:25 Has your wife competed in anything?

26:34 Pyramid vs. constant use of roids?

27:21 B12 form I think similar to Orabolin. I was excited coming across it only to find out it was B12.

27:55 Do you see any benefit of freeing up your test, lowering SHBG?

28:58 For someone 5’10”, 170lbs, 3rd cycle, working on increasing work capacity, overall athleticism and strength, would be working up to 300mg of Test and 140mg of T-Bol a week be reasonable?

30:17 Based on an answer you have earlier in the Livestream, if we looked at lean contractile tissue accrual, 500mg of Trenbolone would be the same as 500mg of Primobolan or Testosterone?

31:45 Have you ever noticed any correlation with people’s natural appetite and their genetic limitations in muscle size?

32:12 After running a 16-week cycle of AAS, normally go back down to a sports TRT level for about 6 weeks, then I get blood work done consisting of CBC, metabolic panel, thyroid panel, and basic E2 and T.

32:45 Do you think nicotine is like a weak variant of Clenbuterol?

33:09 Who was the most genetically gifted powerlifter in your opinion?

33:47 Have you ever seen a 7-alpha-methylated DHT derivative?

34:12 Would 6 weeks be enough time after the 16-week cycle to determine whether your body is ready to push on?

36:06 How much do you think Ed Coan would’ve lifted at 308?

37:03 Arnold one stated that bodybuilders who strictly did bodybuilding had a different appearance to those who also dabbled in powerlifting. I’ve also seen this somewhat. Is the difference down to glycogen?

38:38 No, methylated at the 7th position, like DHT, Trestolone.

39:25 Just been watching the round table on insulin and loving it. You tree have chemistry together. I’m hoping there are more videos coming with you all.

39:56 How many weeks can I use insulin after your basic protocol for two times daily? And the possibility of resistance.

42:13 How beneficial is to use 300mg of Sust compared to 250?

43:06 Will we see any roundtables/podcasts with you and Lyle McDonald? Really miss the old podcasts with you both going back and forth.

44:10 What do you think about Primobolan + Estradiol as HRT for a non-tested weightlifter?

44:33 Do you believe the US will now dominate Olympic sprinting now, considering the changes in Jamaican anti-doping commission?

45:43 By the way, I love that you guys have a payment plan for one year at $99.90. I just changed my subscription to that yesterday!

46:03 Is there a difference in overall appearance between 19-nor compounds vs. DHT compounds?

47:03 Do you think that oral AAS EOD (every other day) instead of ED (every day) to not ruin digestion, but still get good muscle-building effect?

48:45 Does progesterone have an impact on your digestive system?

49:27 How much would you charge for guidance?

50:09 What orals are made to be taken before a workout?

50:56 How much of a role does genetics play in heart disease?

51:03 Besides half-life is there any big difference in fat loss and anabolism between Clenbuterol vs. Salbutamol?

51:42 Take Cheque Drops as a pre-workout.

52:33 Have you seen people get digestive problems with NPP?

52:44 Would the dosages you laid out in the practical application series for a risk-averse first-course change if Primobolan acetate was involved?

53:32 Not exactly PED related, but Glucosamine for crappy knees… What’s the difference between sulphate and HCL?

55:20 I have another pro that has competed at the Olympia 212. He is interested about you.

55:55 Do you have time for a catch up soon regarding a plan?

56:43 Charley looks great!

57:47 What’s your favorite steroid if you had to pick one?

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