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TeamEvilGSP Live Q&A 5-1-20

Have a question for Broderick to answer in his weekly Facebook Lives?

03:06 How to approach my doctor about getting TRT if my levels are ok?

04:30 My brother had an eye occlusion and got blood work done. In a nutshell his doctor said only thing he found was blood protein was too high at 8.9 and said to stop having shakes. Thoughts?

05:32 Haven’t heard you speak much about site enhancement oils and am curious to know what you stance is using them? Have used them with your clients and if so which muscles have you found it works?

06:30 What’s your standpoint on training frequency?

08:22 Why do you think the hex (hexahydrobenzylcarbonate) and undecylenate esters have only been used for one compound each?

10:12 Is it possible that Boldenone causes a large increase in E1 levels but lowers E2 levels? Which is most important people see on their blood work? Someone I know recently this on their blood work.

12:16 If a non diabetic uses insulin or metformin for prolonged periods of time, will they have adverse effects when they stop taking them?

13:26 I have diminishing libido over the last 5 years, despite keeping my testosterone and estrogen high and prolactin low. Is there any other hormone that could cause this?

14:46 When you take exogenous insulin is your own production of insulin momentarily suppressed?

16:51 I have noticed an “intolerance” to 20mcg of Clenbuterol. Is there any anabolic effect at a 10mcg dose?

17:53 How does DHT or DHT derivatives regulate mood? The ” feel good” effect from Primobolan and Masteron.

19:24 Thompson fat pad…

20:14 Does Turinabol aromatize at less than 50% the rate of Testosterone? If so roughly at what rate?

21:23 1-1.4g protein per pound…

21:44 What’s you take on low dose Trenbolone usage for a 90kg athlete, if the user sees no side effects or increase in prolactin, for a off-season MMA athlete?

23:34 For off-season bodybuilder who is using 4IU of GH a day, could that dose be potentially put to better use had you split the dose to maybe 2IU pre-bed and the rest peri-workout?

25:16 What is an intelligent systematic approach to begin anabolic mapping? Would you just pick a metric i.e. protein expression and start from there?

27:31 What would be you second choice to metformin? It’s way harder to get then steroids where I live.

28:34 In you experience, what percentage of you clients have actually benefited from increasing protein from 2g/kg to 3g/kg?

30:25 Under what circumstances, or for what goal would you move GH dose from before bed to post workout?

32:03 In your experience, per 200mg of Masteron how many points of estrogen lowered?

32:46 When you escalate volume from 80-120 sets, how proximal to muscle failure are these sets taken?

35:27 You recently asked for feedback on what content to cover whilst more time is available. The practical application series is worth the yearly membership alone, please continue to build that series.

36:39 Why does lower fat diet cause joint pain and dry joints in some?

37:25 When using DNP are there any negative feedback loops that would slow the metabolism, making DNP less effective in losing fat? I’ve read that T3 production could potentially be one thing.

39:38 Could a 2300 calorie meal super high in fat/protein/carbs affect blood cholesterol, even if taken 8-12 hours fasted dues to digestion?

41: 23 Do large doses of AAS make sense without HGH? For example 5-7g of AAS a week.

42:58 You explained before that 50% of a lift can be sufficient for a person on PEDs to cause hypertrophy. Stupid question: Is that 50% of 1 rep max or 50% of a weight one can lift 8-12 reps?

44:16 Which country do you think are running the most advanced and effective drug courses for their Olympic athletes?

45:52 You have said many times most bodybuilders train too heavy. Knowing that, I was wondering what do you think about pre-exhaust technique as a “safety measure”?

49:10 Assuming that a user gets negligible estrogen suppression form Masteron, do you believe Primo is worth the extra cost over Masteron?

49:41 I know you hate TRT assholes but I like your opinion anyway. Would there be positive effects to adding Proviron and Metformin to a TRT dose of Testosterone?

51:03 I’m curious about the science behind how site enhancement products work…

51:12 When one is coming off of an AAS course, would you try to maintain training numbers as best as possible, or would you systematically decrease training load, if so, how?

52:20 Knowing that you like big muscular women, I’d like to hear who are your all time top 3 favorite female physiques?

54:44 What are the differences between niacin and slo-niacin?

55:14 How more problematic is Boldenone compared to Testosterone, milligram for milligram, when it comes to hematology potential?

56:21 How long could you retain muscle after PCT?

56:38 Would you agree that a diet high in fat and protein has a different effect on hormones levels than a low fat “high” carbohydrate diet?

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