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TeamEvilGSP Live Q&A 4-28-20

Have a question for Broderick to answer in his weekly Facebook Lives?

01:30 If you’ve just finished a 10 week cycle, using Test C at 250mg, what strategies can you use to pass a drug test (WADA) in 90 days? Is it possible to do PCT and still pass?

04:07 I’ve been running a blended TRT protocol of 150mg Test E per week + 75mg Nandrolone decanoate per week + 25mg Proviron every day. What are your thoughts on this, as my goal is to keep T at the top of the range with acceptable minimal side effects? I’m a recent member of the site trying to reconcile info here vs. previous recommendations.

07:16 Regarding creatine. If I remember correctly you advised to take in 1g of creatine per 10kg bw? If one is using 10IU of NovoRapid insulin pre workout, should one put all the 13g in one intra workout drink or distribute the 13g of throughout the day?

09:25 Listening to the After freedom podcast (great content btw) and you touched upon genetics (nature vs. nurture, the god gene, etc.) and it made me think, while extremely unethical, what happens if you start messing around with putting androgens into pregnant women, or giving them to children. What changes could be expected by the time the person is born?

11:16 Furthermore, what would happen to a child if we started giving it HGH and/or AAS?

13:10 Is there any reason for athletes on AAS to use creatine?

14:26 Efficacy of Albuterol compared with Clenbuterol?

14:50 Does Clenbuterol negatively affect force production?

16:50 Efficacy regarding fat loss, primarily; although certainly curious about any anabolic properties as well. (regarding Albuterol compared to Clenbuterol)

18:30 Any appetite suppressants you utilize with your clients or recommend in a fat loss phase?

20:43 For a 90kg male whose primary goals are muscle accumulation for physique purposes, and is planning to run around 200-300mg of Test for HRT, 400mg of Masteron, and is looking to add maybe another 100-200mg of AAS. For the additional 100-200mg would you suggest making that addition in increasing the Masteron dose if a little more “volume” was wanted, or would you look at something like NPP for the additional 100-200mg? If a 19-nor was suggested what are some considerations to take in order to control prolactin so that ancillaries would not be needed in as much of a dose or at all?

23:08 Is WADA steroid test for Testosterone the T:E ratio or the metabolite downstream for a national level weightlifter (in Europe)? Is it enough safe to don’t use Masteron (neither propionate) for about 3-4 months out and therefore just rely on testosterone and orals (Winstrol /Anavar and not later than 6 weeks out)? Can you give some insight about what can be a starting point “standard” protocol for such situation considering a standard lifter (national level but not higher)? (Urine test, after competition only)

26:17 Have you ever heard of someone who uses DNP year round to stay lean?

27:27 Why do you recommend splitting the HGH dosage to night & morning if the dose is above 4IU? Is it due to plasma value, or for other reason?

29:50 Does intra-day timing ever matter for taking short half-life AAS (Anavar in my case)?

31:18 Do steroids become ineffective if they are expired?

32:56 If estrogen is good right up until you grow tits, but you can’t get gyno while in a deficit due to the lack of calories…

33:56 Is the negative lipoprotein impact of Masteron (in part) due to the estrogen negative effects? If so, would an effective remedy be increasing aromatizing compounds allowing E2 to rise?

35:14 Fertility. You’ve been on gear for 20+ years, but also have 2 daughters. Staying on anabolics progressively impairs the HPTA and fertility concerns are founded, but how founded? Is resilience to infertility a roll of the dice?

38:05 For a bodybuilder already using roughly 10mg/kg of AAS (no HGH or insulin), what pharmacologic changes would you typically implement first if growth of muscle tissue was slow but strength was still quickly rising? Athlete shows fast strength progression and slow hypertrophic response, for the sake of the argument you personally know diet and programming are adequate.

40:11 In the setting of 19-nor use, what are your general strategies in regards to prolactin control?

40:36 You‘ve mentioned that systemic fatigue kicks in after 20 weeks at the latest. How long would it usually take until this fatigue subsides?

43:56 Insulin round table was great, just wanted to mention!

44:08 What factors go into prolactin problems in 19-nor use? (What generates them?)

48:24 So it’s not specifically tied to elevated estrogen levels? (regarding the previous question on 19-nors)

49:49 Assuming all options are within budget, do you feel Primobolan is worth the price, or are there alternatives with similar effects that are cheaper, so may as well buy those?

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