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TeamEvilGSP Live Q&A 4-26-20

Have a question for Broderick to answer in his weekly Facebook Lives?

01:23 What is the best time of day to take metformin R (slow release)?

03:12 Could you talk in basic terms about what insulin like growth factor is?

03:55 Blood work came back at 3400ng/dl for total test on supposedly 400mg Test per week. I am assuming this blood work isn’t from 400mg Test E, is that an accurate assessment?

05:22 Are there any non-steroidal supplements that can increase HCT (hematocrit)? Current value is 42%

06:48 How does Bayer produce so many Primo and such that ends up on the black market? Can they just produce whatever they want without proving demand?

08:30 Opinion on IGF1 LR3?

08:51 Is there any reason to take chromium if one is already taking metformin?

09:28 Tony Huge said he goes hypo from 3IU of insulin and some IGF1. I don’t even feel 10IU. Is that a reason to be concerned?

11:27 With more free time during the apocalypse, do you think splitting up workouts in AM and PM sessions for hypertrophy have any benefits?

13:02 How do you decide the dose of your first AAS course?

13:47 How likely to shut down HPTA indefinitely with a 9 week AAS course? Is there a difference between genders in this case?

15:30 A couple of Q&As ago someone mentioned that they got anxiety from taking Boldenone at a small/moderate dosage. Aren’t test derivatives almost always supposed to make you feel better?

16:07 Any brief side effects of suddenly stopping the use of anabolic steroids before a cycle ends?

17:19 Where would you start a cycle in terms of mg/kg which ends with a peak dosing of 15mg/kg?

19:09 As Masteron is a DHT derivative, does it cause more prostate damage than Testosterone?

20:00 How do you find the upper limits of estradiol levels? Does the gyno develop also without pain in the nipples? Could you develop it without symptoms?

22:02 What is your opinion on using Testosterone Suspension for the purpose of increasing estrogen?

23:14 What do you need to know about a person to help them decide which AAS to help them get to their goal?

23:59 If hematocrit is high, but platelets are low, is that still high risk?

24:10 I usually see my creatinine levels go up on Primobolan. Why do you think that would happen?

25:31 Can injectable B12 be used for increasing hematocrit to performance values?

27:08 What particular blood work do you suggest taking before starting a course and how frequent should it be tested?

28:58 With higher carbs during a higher carb mass phase, would you be concerned with high levels of sugar(100-200g/day)?

30:25 What factors would you consider when deciding between using either Superdrol, Halotestin or Anadrol in the final 4 weeks of a contest prep for bodybuilding?

32:44 If never had gyno issues, but end up with a compound that wasn’t what is should have been & E2 spiked drastically, then gyno symptoms came on, could this lower the threshold for gyno in the future?

33:40 Would you say that it is a viable idea to start a short oral only cycle as a first cycle just to see how you respond mentally and physically?

35:02 HMG dosage for fertility on TRT?

35:29 Do you think we will see the next iteration of refined compounds like Primobolan in the near future?

36:46 Not enough info, I know, but for long term insulin sensitivity would it be better to take metformin, insulin or nothing? Eating 700-900g of carbs per day. 100kg under 13% bf.

38:44 If the big picture allows for significant flexibility in timelines, do you have any metrics you watch to help determine what point you take a client’s 10 week course to something longer?

40:44 Mike Israetel does not recommend to lose more than 1% of body weight on calorie restriction diet if you have more than 10% fat. Do you agree with that?

41:45 How important is high insulin sensitivity in the grand scheme of things?

43:42 How would you assess insulin sensitivity in already tracking fasting blood glucose?

45:35 What would be the time frame when increasing your Testosterone dose when you should see an increase in estradiol?

46:22 Can you go over briefly what do AAS do on a cellular level?

47:12 What would be your go to cycle for a person who does not wish to compete but still wants to enjoy gains over physiological levels?

47:28 How would you periodize PED usage, e.g. 30 weeks out, blast and cruise or a pyramid style?

49:05 Which compound is less androgenic and more female friendly, Steranabol or Primobolan?

50:24 Do you recommend increasing doses through a cycle or maintaining dose the whole time?

51:56 If it were still available, do you feel it would be superior to Nandrolone for females as well? (Steranabol)

52:00 Risk of Primo tabs on liver toxicity?

52:20 You’re 100% right with the DHB! I heard about it from you about 4 years ago when you were doing the monthly facebook Q&As.

53:19 Genotropin pens tend to have a little bit of leakage post injection (the pen probably automatically aspirates). Any tips on how to obviate this leakage?

54:50 Do you abandon your coffee once it’s gone cold?

55:41 GH usage in powerlifters? Is muscle accrued through hyperplasia not as useful in weight classes?

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