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TeamEvilGSP Live Q&A 4-24-20

Have a question for Broderick to answer in his weekly Facebook Lives?

02:52 What are the differences in effects between Boldenone and DHB?

03:24 No caffeine today?

03:42 Do you like to do or use anything for connective tissue yourself, or in your athletes? Drugs, supplements, exercises/prehab work?

05:00 The day you walk into the gym and are just not feeling it. Should you lock in and power trough, or go home and take a rest and not risk injury?

08:02 High dose of Equipoise in the offseason. Is this anabolic comparable to Masteron, due to an AI metabolite?

09:27 How awesome is Charley Joung looking!

09:43 You usually mention that race is one of the several factors in deciding the appropriate drugs for an athlete. In an old Q&A, you mention 19-nors work well for Middle Eastern guys. Thoughts on other races?

12:25 As a 38 year old female, strength and conditioning training 6 days a week, looking to increase endurance and recovery, which of the SARMS would you recommend?

13:27 Have you ever used Methyltren with one of your athletes?

13:45 Is there any way to increase female libido, without risking masculinizing effects?

14:59 Is there a reason someone iron deficient would crave crabs?

16:05 Which member of the Testosterone family has the lowest effect on red blood cell count?

16:57 What considerations or factors would you look at when increasing doses of anabolics when deciding whether to also, or instead increase growth hormone dose?

18:11 In what case would you typically use a drug like Halotestin for one of your athletes? Does it have a place for short time leading to a powerlifting meet, or bodybuilding show?

18:53 At what rate does MENT aromatize?

19:49 To what degree does Masteron retard estrogen? Is there a Test to Masteron ratio?

21:08 Your favorite macros?

22:02 Many athletes seem to get drier/flakier scalps when on cycle. What are the causes/mechanisms behind this?

22:31 Pros usually can’t get much over 12% BF because they have to be within striking distance of a contest. If this not a consideration, what BF range would you recommend staying in?

24:06 In the podcast with Daniel Pekic you mention your go to drug for raised prolactin, as a result of 19-nor use, is Dostinex. Have you seen success with P5P B6?

24:39 It seems like lots of bodybuilders end up adding lots of different DHT derivatives pre contest. Is there a benefit over just adding a larger dose of one DHT derivative?

26:16 What’s more anticatabolic, protein or carbohydrates, assuming someone like Mentzer did only 50-80g of protein when approaching a contest?

27:25 What would you say is the most overlooked aspect of trying to gain muscle?

28:54 Can you go over the general benefits of Primobolan or Masteron and its play in its form of a different pathway and benefits in either’s addition to using Test E and Deca?

30:14 What are the problems that I can find dieting with a long term fat intake of 0.2/0.3g per pound of body weight?

30:46 Other than water retention and high E2, is there any other reason one could be getting a boated face?

31:25 Why is Quinbolone’s cyclopetenyl ester not used in anything else?

32:32 Any supplements, foods, dry needling effective for low back spasms on one side? Have you ever had them? How long did they last? How did you treat them?

34:40 For how long in general do you need to run Clenbuterol to start noticing anabolic benefits?

35:30 How many bodybuilders do you think lie about their cycles? Examples: Lee Preist, Dorian Yates, Frank Zane.

37:07 When you said you have somewhat changed your opinion on certain health supplements, what specifically?

37:41 Is there a minimum dosage required to get the healing benefits of Nandrolone and do they scale (200mg helps twice as much as 100mg)?

40:29 When you said you have somewhat changed your opinion on certain health supplements, which of them were you referring to specifically?

40:56 Many of the old GDR Olympic TNF records still stand, especially those set by women, despite large advances in nutrition and training. Why do you think those records still stand?

42:46 I know you dislike ratios, I know insulin and GH are synergistic. If someone is injecting 2IU of GH, at what IU amount of insulin would you need to add more GH for further synergistic effects?

44:27 How can I make my bald head grow hair?

45:00 Why do some people report Masteron giving them a noticeably higher sex drive compared to other steroids, even Testosterone?

46:44 To get the largest bone density increase from Nandrolone, would you prescribe more calcium than with other compounds?

49:29 Is there a simple way to explain as to why some drugs (Masteron, Cialis, etc.) make you more vascular?

50:29 What is your go to oral for a one day event for maximum fullness, such as a bodybuilding show?

51:45 Is UGL Primo perfectly fine to use? Does it have to be Bayer Rimobolan like everyone claims?

52:51 Why do you think Boldenone has never been pursued for HRT, or has it?

54:04 Have you started working with SARMS yet?

54:20 Let’s say you have a Dimitry Klokov-esque weightlifter, what do you think about 50mg of Trenbolone and 50mg of Drostanolone weekly for HRT periods?

54:50 How do you think this virus will affect the performance in the 2021 Olympics? Will they get back on PEDs in the meantime?

56:27 Do you increase daily intake of creatine when using Oxandrolone?

56:38 Do you expect sports records to be shattered left and right in the next Olympics due to the lack of testing?

56:49 Are you drinking a beer?

57:12 What’s the worst side effect you personally had with steroids?

57:54 How much Nandrolone are you currently on now and how much Primobolan are you going to use weekly when you have access to it again?

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