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TeamEvilGSP Live Q&A 4-21-20

Have a question for Broderick to answer in his weekly Facebook Lives?

01:40 How much of a benefit is GH at 4-5IU a day provide in hypertrophy in comparison to say TRT + 600mg primo? Hope that makes sense even without more context.

05:22 Would injectable Anadrol change its tissue selectivity and net downstream effect compared to its oral counterpart, or would the only changes simply be faster pharmacokinetics, higher bioavailability, and lower hepatic stress?

07:07 What would be some potential causes of libido dropping many weeks into a anabolics course after initially being very high assuming no changes to compounds or AI/SERM use?

10:08 Happy 22nd Anniversary! On the notes of “happy wife and life”, if you had an athlete using 3mg/kg of Testosterone, but they aromatize very little leaving their estrogen in the 20pmol range and having low estrogen symptoms, would you consider increasing the Testosterone, or add an additional aromatizable compound?

12:31 How many ml of oil can be put into the quads per week in a 120kg male? For example could you do 3cc every other day or would this eventually cause any problems other than soreness.

14:48 You said in the last Q&A that having your Masteron dosage quite a bit higher than your Testosterone dosage (300mg Mast & 100mg Test was the example, I believe) could lead to low estrogen issues. If I remember correctly, you said in a After Freedom podcast that you used a 200-300mg dosage of Test and 1g of Primo and Masteron each during your powerlifting heyday. Do you personally ever run into low estrogen symptoms?

17:38 Is the endogenous test suppression from the Sports TRT dosing you discuss extreme enough to be able to treat someone on the Sports TRT dosing the same as someone who actually has medically low testosterone to begin with, or would the dosing for someone starting extremely low need to be higher?

20:35 Is there any science behind the popular belief online that longer esters make you hold more water?

24:18 Are the following accurate in order to pass a steroid testing? Last pin: Testosterone enanthate: 3 months out; Testosterone propionate: 2 weeks out; Masteron enanthate: 3 months out; Masteron propionate: 4 weeks out; DHB: 3 months out; Anavar (oral): 4 weeks out; Winstrol (oral): 4 weeks out

28:20 Do you have any experience helping athletes deal with Patella tendinitis? Besides rest and such, anything else you would recommend? Also, do you think GH, Nandrolone, or any other such drugs would help healing?

29:53 During my last course my bodyweight escalated quite rapidly (as expected), about 18kg in 4 months, with some of that obviously being water weight, having more food in my stomach, and all that. I quite like the results Masteron gave me, but it also increases my libido by a LOT. Due to the rapid bodyweight increase, my blood pressure rose 10-15 points (from 120/60 to 130ish/70ish) but has since fallen back down (as expected). But for my next course I want to be on top of things, so in case blood pressure increases an even larger amount, I can regulate it. Normally you recommend Cialis, but I am a bit hesitant to potentially take that during a course due to the stronger erections it gives. I don’t want to encourage anything related to that by adding “even stronger erections” on top of that. So if I “just” want lower blood pressure, do you have anything you recommend?

33:31 I know some very successful strength athletes who take all of their Growth Hormone immediately before training 20IU in one administration about 4x per week and claim that it seems to support the creation of new myonuclei better than splitting the dosing throughout the day. Assuming this large bolus of GH was accompanied by a moderate dose of Novolin R what potential problems do you see with this way of doing things and how would blood sugars respond to this?

36:10 You recently mentioned having access to a sauna could be beneficial and considerably improve recovery. Could turning the heat all the way up in the car for 30 minutes works as a makeshift sauna and if so would the post training ride home be the best time to apply this?

38:16 In your experience what would the effective dose of PEG MGF and IGF-1 LR3 for muscle growth when paired with GH, insulin and anabolics in a 125kg male.

40:12 Can using Raloxifene or Nolvadex make gynecomastia worse?

41:30 If a 100kg individual were to do a 16 week hypertrophy course of 300mg Testosterone 500mg Nandrolone decanoate and 200mg Masteron what would be your opinion on stopping the Nandrolone decanoate at let’s say week 11-12 and introducing Nandrolone phenylpropionate instead? The reasoning for this would be so you don’t have to wait over a month for the decanoate ester to clear out of your system to return to close to physiological hormone levels (sports TRT).

43:55 Does somatotropic hormone have a increased lipolytic (when injected sub-q), or hypertrophic (when injected IM) effect proximal to the injection site?

44:36 Regarding gyno symptoms, I used to be able to have E2 up around 190pmol/L at about 2.5mg of Test, without any issues apart from a bit of water retention (Broderick: “think that was supposed to be grams”). At a small amount of Masteron, or take an AI only when necessary, I’ve found that 12.5mg every 4 weeks seems to mitigate any symptoms or pain.

48:20 At higher bodyweight my sleep suffers, I know this is not really your area of expertise, but do you know any good options to help me out (already use Benadryl)?

50:41 I was wondering if there any situations where Proviron would be indicated for use? Perhaps a situation here SHBG runs a little high genetically and therefore using Proviron for increasing free test.

52:32 If you’ve been diagnosed with hypogonadism prior to AAS use and are on TRT, does this change your recommendations on dosage and timing of Test orals in a course? Specifically thinking about suppression.

54:22 While off course if sports TRT puts me at 1200ng/dl can I stay on this indefinitely or should I lower it while off course?

57:30 Are you comfortable with the idea of adding Masteron or Primo to sports TRT in order to lower the Testosterone and keep the same 2-3mg/kg ratio?

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