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TeamEvilGSP Live Q&A 4-19-20

Have a question for Broderick to answer in his weekly Facebook Lives?

01:23 Your opinion on Andrew Triana’s “Maximum Uptake” glucose disposal agent?

03:09 You’ve mentioned previously that THS should be higher while in a deficit. My recent blood work I had lower THS on a diet (can’t get T3, T4 tested in Australia). What could be the reason?

05:19 If body temperature affects the half-life of an ester, would having a higher than normal body temperature during a cycle affect the injection schedule to any significant extent?

06:45 Mid back rounding only when heavy sumo pulling on maxes. Any cues, supplementary exercises, anything you can recommend?

08:20 Does Boldenone tend to cause high blood pressure or not if hematocrit is under control?

09:54 What’s your thoughts on casein protein before sleep vs. whey isolate?

10:32 Does the theory of using DNP to improve binding affinity & constant for drugs like Anadrol work well enough to be a worthwhile endeavor, or just increasing complexity?

12:12 Between Testosterone and Nandrolone, which has the biggest impact on hematocrit?

12:23 Do you think Carderine is good for anything?

12:46 Is reduced conversion of Boldenone to E2 due to reduced aromatase binding affinity, or after binding is aromatase less effective at conversion?

14:25 Do you like to slowly increase the milligrams over a 16-20 week cycle, or just a fixed number for the whole time?

16:00 Piggybacking off the body temperature, what insight does taking waking body temperature offer in terms of biofeedback?

17:46 What’s your opinion on HCG use with TRT?

17:56 Can you do Winstrol without PCT?

20:23 HCG on PCT protocol? Thoughts please.

20:32 Trying to figure out maintenance calories after my diet from calculating the weekly deficit from my average weight. Is this a good idea, or just go back to 30-40 calories per kg, say 35?

22:35 Year round T3 usage at a low dose (20-30mcg) to have a more anabolic conversion rate with macronutrients?

23:30 I know the majority of pregnenolone and DHEA is produced in the adrenal cortex and not the testes, but should someone still supplement DHEA if on cycle and not using HCG?

23:52 You always say “right tool for the right job”, could Boldenone be a bad choice for its tendency to increase hunger?

25:23 Are there drugs in a similar class as Carderine that you favor for things like cholesterol, endurance, or metabolic benefits?

26:42 Is androgen receptor desensitization an actual thing?

27:24 What might a typical cycle look like for an offseason, for someone who is a 100m sprinter and knows they won’t be tested for at least 12 months?

30:57 Starting dose for Lantus for a 120kg Bodybuilder?

33:28 Turinabol is in the center column family, but I have not been able to find any information that says it aromatizes like most others in the column.

36:02 With regards to hyperplasia, how much difference does it make to an athlete who didn’t try any GH, but rather relied on other components, comparing muscle belly shape and size?

37:55 The “Russian Duchess Cocktail” had a detection time of 6 days. It was Anavar, Primo, Tren administered sublingual and buccally. How do they have such shot detection times administered by this route?

40:21 Use by dates on orals, do they actually lose potency to a noticeable extent?

42:35 How’s the family? Didn’t someone get corona?

43:12 Would you say that 1500ng/dl is sports TRT?

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