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TeamEvilGSP Live Q&A 4-17-20

Have a question for Broderick to answer in his weekly Facebook Lives?

01:22 What is the role of vitamin B6 in ZMA?

03:16 Lantus 60IU for a 120kg male, a good starting dose?

03:27 Ever had an issue with clients having low SHBG, perhaps from high DHT and negatively impacting training outcomes or well-being?

06:10 Which steroids are best at nitrogen retention?

07:29 Do you know why EQ gives some people extreme anxiety?

08:40 What’s your favorite pre-workout oral?

09:11 Just as too low estrogen can cause sexual side effects, can estrogen that’s too high also cause negative sexual side effects?

10:11 In practical application, isn’t Masteron far superior to Primo? I understand that Primo is about 20% stronger, but it’s also double the cost. Doesn’t this make Primo irrelevant?

11:37 Can AAS users get caught in a regular blood donation?

12:19 What’s your recommended dosage for EQ? I hear people say you won’t get much out of it under 1 gram.

12:50 If someone did have low SHBG, do you think this could be an argument for more frequent injections?

13:27 Thoughts on Dante Trudel’s products like A Bolid/Tsterone? Obviously inferior to drugs, but any efficacy for natural usage?

14:50 Does your concept of sports TRT extend to cruise?

15:10 Oral Primobolan acetate vs. injectable enanthate. How bioavailable is the oral?

16:02 Extended periods of testosterone use cause severe drops in libido… an approach to fix?

17:18 Should metformin be dosed differently when used in conjunction with exogenous insulin?

18:13 Outside of Nandrolone and Anadrol, are there any compounds you might consider underrated or overlooked for females?

18:56 Also is there any dosage threshold for metformin as far as efficacy goes?

20:46 Is Methyltrianalone used by pro bodybuilders?

21:00 Is Nandrolone being good for the joins, just an old-school myth?

22:21 You can often see Tren being praised for its nutrient partitioning benefits…

23:07 In powerlifting, how much are the top guys using? I’ve gone 795mg at 90kg with around 750mg of test per week.

24:32 If fasting glucose is 78, would it be worth it to implement metformin?

24:48 Is creatine a gateway drug?

24:55 In a deficit scenario, do you think taking breaks with insulin is necessary since insulin sensitivity provides the body with increased activity?

26:30 Thoughts on doing a fast mini cut during this lockdown?

27:52 How far from failure do you recommend to start a mesocycle?

28:57 Took your advice and dropped my Test cyp down to 600mg per week and Equipoise to 1000mg per week and I’ve got a lot over the last 3 months.

29:58 Right tool for the right job. For what purpose might Anavar be superior to Turinabol?

31:57 Do you see generally in athletes, low Test and higher Nandrolone cause fewer side effects than higher Test low Nandrolone?

33:05 What is the most amount of Masteron you have ever used?

33:45 Favorite cycle for a male, 90kg?

34:25 In your opinion, which steroids are the best for nitrogen retention?

34:39 Lately it seems you’ve been collaborating/associating with other coaches. Have you learned anything new, or surprising that contradicts any of your ideas/beliefs?

36:01 What is the maximum weekly dose of Test, you would stay undetectable in a urine sample?

37:41 Earlier in some interview, you said you wished you trained a little lighter in your competitive days. Do you recommend lighter, higher volume training even for strength athletes?

38:35 What do you do when you have an athlete that aromatizes very little? The usual 3mg/kg leaves them with estradiol of 20-30.

39:51 Is there a place for strength blocks for an aspiring bodybuilders periodization scheme?

42:28 What is your favorite instant coffee?

42:32 I have a friend who claims they feel lethargic when eating high carbs. Would there be any other advice besides lowering body fat and adding metformin to improve insulin sensitivity?

43:40 Is Boldenone a substrate for aromatase? Does it inherently activate estrogen receptors , does it inherently activate estrogen receptors, or do its metabolite induce aromatase inhibiting effects?

46:01 moreplates_moredates collaborate, you guys make great content together

46:13 Could synthetic DHT have some importance for the drug tested athlete using Test suspension, in regards to water retention and neural learning, or is it detectable?

47:02 Your opinion on BPC157 and TB500?

47:48 Do you think it’s possible to use 30mg of Anavar in a deficit and gain 4-5 pounds?

48:42 Methyltrienolone helps with insulin sensitivity…

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