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TeamEvilGSP Live Q&A 4-14-20

Have a question for Broderick to answer in his weekly Facebook Lives?

01:18 I have used Drostanolone enanthate in the past and have developed some benign prostate hyperplasia, which is an unpleasant experience. Upon cessation of Masteron the condition improved and my prostate returned to normal. I now get yearly check. Playing with the idea of adding Primobolan in my upcoming cycle. In your experience will this also irritate the prostate in the same way?

03:18 90kg bodybuilder that eats 600-800g of carbs per day. Do you think adding metformin, or long-acting insulin would be a smart choice for long term health?

05:37 If Melanotan is already mixed with bacteriostatic water in the fridge, how long would it be until you’d say it’s lost some or all of its potency?

07:08 How much water retention do you generally see individuals gain when they implement insulin use for bodybuilding purposes? Is it mostly intramuscular from increased glycogen or subcutaneous?

08:34 Ibuprofen inhibits muscle protein synthesis via COX inhibition, but you’ve pointed out before that muscle protein synthesis is not equivalent to contractile tissue accretion & has more to do with muscle repair. Do you think the reduced rate of muscle protein synthesis or the COX inhibition, in general, is likely to impact long term muscular hypertrophy if used regularly?

12:12 I ran across some HIV studies that gave a handful of women 100mg-150mg/wk of Anadrol, and they noted that patients had no signs of virilization. The supposed mechanism for that was the combination of Anadrol’s low androgen receptor activity and low SHBG occupancy. I have three questions about this topic:

12:37 Is it correct that a major component of an AAS’s virilization impact is actually the extent to which it occupies SHBG (presumably allowing free test levels to increase)?

13:14 For a female not suffering from wasting who is trying to maximize the ratio of anabolism to virilization over the long term (multi-year gains, no deadlines), is Anadrol really top of the heap, or are there superior options?

14:38 I believe you have previously mentioned advising women to use non-AAS anabolics like Clen instead. What are the best non-AAS anabolics for women?

17:04 What is the minimum time for an off period between courses you would recommend in order to drop systemic fatigue from training and drug use? On the other hand, if an individual was more risk-averse and prioritized health and longevity more would you program time on course = time off plan?

20:10 In what situations would you recommend someone does a recomp instead the “traditional” deficit and then surplus. While recomp is easier (in the sense that there are no big calorie fluctuations), I’ve always understood it as reduced-fat loss and reduced muscle gain compared to focusing on just one, so it makes more sense to me to 100% focus on one at a time.

23:23 Perhaps a silly question, but I was wondering how gynecomastia works, I know too much estrogen means you store fat on your chest, but is that no matter what, in the sense of, will too much estrogen make the body forcibly put fat on your chest even if not gaining fat (like transporting from somewhere else to then chest), or does it merely open up for the “opportunity”?

27:46 What should someone look out for in terms of health, or what advice would you give to someone, who plans to use Tren Ace for 6-8 weeks at a low-ish dose (200-300mg/week) for fat loss?

29:13 Does DHB behave like a DHT derivative in terms of driving neurological strength adaptations? I know that it is very structurally similar to Primobolan which is a DHT derivative itself, but is it technically accurate to call DHB a DHT derivative? You’ve mentioned that it’s at least 5-10x as potent as Primobolan per milligram – is that solely in terms of tissue-building effects or does that also include neurological effects?

31:20 Does subcutaneous TRT aromatize at a higher rate than intramuscular TRT? You mentioned that SC TRT ends up working the same as its IM counterpart after a few weeks (accounting for its delayed onset of action). I have not seen specific literature that shows SC TRT aromatizing at a higher rate than IM TRT, but several online anecdotes and blood work panels certainly support this (SC TRT seems to increase E2 by 50-100% compared to IM TRT at the same dose).

33:40 What would a lower than average blood glucose reading after eating indicate? After doing countless of blood glucose tests and finding an average my fasted blood glucose is about 90mg/dl. However, it almost never goes above 140mg/dl, and usually sits around 100-120mg/dl after eating (many tests have been done directly after meals and upwards of 2-3 hours afterward and these numbers are very similar). I’m currently eating 5000kcal divided into 5 meals on average.

36:32 How likely are hypoestrogenic symptoms to occur in an individual using 75mg TRT + 200mg Masteron + 100mg Primobolan, assuming that the individual’s response to 75mg TRT is top-end of the range (900ng/dl T, 45pg/ml E2)?

39:03 Have you personally used or observed client use of Raloxifene at 60-120mg concurrently with 3-5mg/kg total androgens, and what side effects have you seen? Ralox is unique in that it primarily blocks estrogen receptors in breasts (similar to Masteron but with greater selectivity) without the nasty side effect profile of typical SERMs.

41:46 I’ve found that it’s very likely I have not been getting nearly enough potassium. Do you have any recommended ways of easily increasing potassium intake besides increasing intake of potassium-rich foods (which I will also be doing).

43:38 For those of us who don’t have a home gym at the moment & training with suboptimal conditions, would it be a good idea to drop to a “normal” TRT dose (1mg/kg) or to continue on sports TRT (2-3mg/kg)?

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