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TeamEvilGSP Live Q&A 4-12-20

Have a question for Broderick to answer in his weekly Facebook Lives?

01:41 Do you believe based on medical advancement, understanding, the majority of strokes and heart attacks are preventable?

02:45 Deca base vs. Testosterone base?

03:33 Your recommended bulking compound? NPP or Deca?

04:50 Synergy between Anavar and T-Bol, would you run them together?

05:56 Is there a way to quickly out whether you can tolerate 19-nors?

06:45 Will Primobolan give you that same granite hard look you get from Masteron?

07:43 The retentive qualities of 19-nors compounds being generally highest, down to DHTs being generally lowest, in the DHT compounds have you noticed a difference between orals and injectables?

09:26 If you don’t get no gyno running no AI with a cycle, is it fine to leave estrogen higher to promote more growth?

10:20 What do you do if you’re running low amounts of gear, yet still sensitive to gyno? Running 150mg of Test E and 200mg EQ.

11:48 What is the most significant impact on blood work seen by Primobolan?

13:05 Which deadlift variation be the best in terms of spinal erector hypertrophy, or would you consider a different exercise altogether?

15:21 What’s your experience with athletes or yourself on muscle memory?

17:04 Are cholesterol related issues from saturated fat intake partly, if not all genetics? You have mentioned the majority of your fat intake comes from red meat.

18:23 When you are working with female physique athletes, what are the main differences in regards to nutrition and training program in comparison to working with male athletes?

19:30 Do you anticipate any product shortages due to the raws situation?

20:42 Are there other anabolics with synergy like the Anavar-Turinabol?

20:49 Never used Primo. What dose would you recommend as a starting dose?

21:58 Off topic, it’s good to hear you speak about Paul Borresen occasionally.

22:40 If drug accessibility is an issue and only Test, Winstrol and Deca are available, how would you combine them for a first time user (bodybuilding)?

24:16 Is it possible to improve GFR?

24:40 In the context of Testosterone shortage, could Boldenone replace Testosterone?

25:11 I’ve heard you say it’s possible to run a Dianabol only stack. Is this because of the conversion to estrogen? Could it be used as the base to an oral only cycle?

27:18 For hypertrophy, how do you like to program escalations in volume? Is it a certain amount every week or is it autoregulated?

28:41 Do you recommend going to a “cruise” dose while on lockdown/shutdown?

30:51 Primo extra cost over Masteron, worth it or just stick with Masteron?

32:55 I’ve never had to take an AI to manage estrogen(up to 800mg of Test and 800mg of EQ). Is there any reason I shouldn’t run, say 1000mg of Test instead of 500mg Test and 500mg Primo?

35:18 Is a Primobolan only cycle for 8 weeks combined with a surplus of kcals a bad idea for tissue gain, since estrogen is needed for optimal hypertrophy?

36:56 How to combat the side effects of Clen?

37:37 Would HGH have any impact on immunity?

40:02 Recommended mg/kg of DNP per day?

42:16 Does time on, or dosage determine the level of suppression you get from drugs in a male?

43:53 What’s your opinion on zinc, magnesium and any other supplements for increasing natural testosterone?

45:39 Thoughts on boron usage to lower SHBG?

46:52 Is the “pointy elbow” side effect from GH a myth? I know Chris Dickerson has been accused of GH abuse based on this alone.

49:43 6.2nmol/L of blood glucose on multiple tests even with a very low carb diet. Is metformin use a good idea?

52:28 Looks like you are definitely ready for a fire. Most hide their fire extinguishers.

53:46 Metfromin vs. berberine?

55:46 Talking to Andrew last night and reading a few articles the other day, where a study in natural athletes stated that a volume of a third of previous volume is enough to maintain physiological… (muscle mass retention/ muscle memory)

57:05 What are the side effects from metformin use?

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