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TeamEvilGSP Live Q&A 4-10-20

Have a question for Broderick to answer in his weekly Facebook Lives?

01:45 What are your thoughts on concurrent training?

02:59 What benefits has modafinil over caffeine?

04:00 Milligram for milligram does Masteron have a harsher effect on lipids than Testosterone? I am thinking of swapping 100mg of Testosterone to Masteron within my sports TRT, but conscious of lipids.

05:12 Would the only negative lipid effects come from the lowering of estrogen?

06:05 Are air fryers good for roasting coffee? Currently using a popcorn maker, but it’s a bit inconsistent. How do you or recommend people roast coffee? Pan roasting seems inconsistent too.

08:39 In what circumstances would you recommend Tren ace for an athlete?

09:40 What low dose oral would be great for a first time cycle other than Anavar?

11:23 Why do you see it (Winstrol) commonly associated with joint issues/pain on different message boards?

14:13 In your experience, what drugs tend to be the most effective at increasing appetite?

14:46 You have previously mentioned 1000-1200ng/dl is where the magic happens. I’m 90kg and 140mg of Test a week keeps me at 1200ng/dl. Would there be any benefit to pushing that past the 2-3mg/kg mark?

15:50 If a powerlifter is on Test and Primo for a year to get a squat or deadlift of 800 pounds, if the powerlifter came of Primo completely, how much strength would the powerlifter lose over time?

16:55 I remember you mentioning something like “you want estrogen to be as high as you can tolerate it” and I was wondering about the side effects that are not visible: prostate issues, stroke, etc.

18:31 What are your thoughts on lipid supplements like Lipid Stabil…?

19:12 Does cardio intensity have to be at a certain threshold to begin to benefit lipid profile? Does very low intensity, like walking, have a significant effect if enough volume of cardio is done?

20:38 What are your thoughts on an HRT blend of 250mg cyp and 400mg Mast e per week?

21:18 If someone were to experience side effects from 19-nors, at what point after the first injection will they start to notice?

21:51 What defines how “keepable” the gains are from a certain compound? I see a lot of bros on forums claiming the strength on some compounds like Anadrol is “temporary”, what are they referring to?

24:24 I know you’re not a fan of Westside Barbell training methods, but does conjugate style training still offer some benefit to people like MMA fighters and field athletes?

25:13 Is it ever appropriate to add metformin to a regimen of Mast, Test, insulin, GH and a hypercaloric diet to better manage glucose? Would metformin and insulin conflict in the MoA, or be redundant?

27:32 I can’t find the answer to this anywhere. I was curious if, while on gear, can Leyding cells be stimulated with other drugs, to prevent atrophy?

28:42 Is it possible to be a non-responder to oral steroids? At 75mg of Anadrol the only side effects were elevated LFTs, appetite loss and lethargy.

29:54 In a recent after-hours podcast you mention that CBC is one of the first things you address first in blood work. Would you shed some light on this please? I would have thought lipids or kidney function.

32:13 Would you agree with Llewellyn that an injection depot can cause some localized hypertrophy?

33:35 I know you don’t work with natural athletes, but if you did, would you train them any differently than assisted?

34:08 Speaking of metrformin’s ability to slow down reduction in insulin sensitivity, could you titrate up the dose of metformin over time to continue this effect for even longer?

36:07 Is chromium worth taking if you’re not using insulin or metformin?

36:53 I remember you posting an idiot-proof starter insulin protocol which was xIU before breakfast with x number of carbs.

37:54 What would you say is the point of diminishing returns with Masteron? Where instead of increasing the Masteron adding another compound.

39:11 You mentioned before you’ve built 20′ arms without doing bicep curls. What were your exercises of choice when you achieved that arm size?

41:02 Do you have any personal experience or knowledge on PED use in current-day college football? Are coaches these days still administering drugs as they sometimes did 40 years ago or have times changed?

42:13 Do you have a preferred food source you keep somewhat constant to get your fat intake for the day?

42:55 How much does Masteron reduce estrogen approximately? What would be a good ratio of Masteron to Testosterone?

43:45 What PED do you see more beneficial for strongman athletes that need to make weight?

45:21 Do you think ’70 bodybuilders came across a lot of great concepts in terms of training and drug choices, e.g. low/no Test, high Primo?

47:03 I have heard it said that EQ after a period of time suppresses estrogen? In a high EQ only program how much should this be considered, if at all?

48:50 Do you think it’s acceptable for Thor to have his attempt to be an official record and not being in a proper meet? Is it good for sports to do home gym records?

50:53 Have you seen circumstances where people pushed their SHBG so low with DHT family compounds, that it negatively impacted their cycle, wellbeing, training outcomes?

52:19 Do you think Mike Mentzer’s approach to training was horribly flawed and he only got the results because he was a genetic superior?

54:05 I don’t know how accurate the idea that plastics and soya can act as estrogen is, but if it were the case, could you argue a beneficial effect on IGF-1 production from these?

55:28 Is it still possible to get an hour consultation with you via the website?

56:05 Sports TRT with a little dose of Boldenone for cardio performance?

58:23 You’ve stated the 1+1=3 effect with Turinabol and Anavar on a podcast with Daniel Pekic. What’s the chemistry behind this effect?

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