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TeamEvilGSP Live Q&A 4-7-20

Have a question for Broderick to answer in his weekly Facebook Lives?

01:05 I was hoping that you could cover the side effects of high dose GH. Is there any validity that it causes issues with the heart? This would be done with 3-5mg/kg of AAS.

04:08 Is veterinary injectable L-Carnitine fine?

06:03 How would you compare the effects of a SERM to estrone, or estradiol or 19-nor-estrogen? For example, nandrolone aromatizes to nor-estradiol at about 20% of the rate of standard Testosterone, so for the equal starting amount you would end up with 20% of the actual estrogen byproduct, however, it is 4-500% stronger in action… What are the differences in estrogen derivatives?

09:17 Would the major disadvantage of a Primobolan only cycle be not having the benefits of elevated estrogen?

10:33 Does Nolvadex, or other SERMs, have a noticeable effect on IGF-1?

11:56 If we assume that all drug testing in elite sport has effectively stopped due to COVID-19. Can we begin to look forward to a whole host of new world records, ageing athletes making amazing comebacks, previously impossible physical feats being achieved & general performance increments in 2021/22?

14:53 I’ve heard you state if you don’t see acne within the first 3-4 weeks you will most likely not get it. I ran 16-week cycle of: 50mg Anavar: weeks 1-4, 500mg Testosterone enanthate: weeks 1-16, 400mg EQ: weeks 1-16, 300mg NPP: weeks 1-16, 2IU GH: weeks 1-16. Blood work on last week of cycle: total Testosterone : 3260 ng/dl, free testosterone: 135 ng/dl, estradiol: 14pg/Ml (no AI taken), SHBG: 35.8, hematocrit: 51.6. No acne was experienced during the entire cycle but after dropping to 250mg Testosterone cypionate for a cruise back acne started around the 3-week mark. It escalated for 3-4 weeks and seems to be getting better as I am 12 weeks in. With the info provided do you have any explanation as to why this happened?

17:01 Does insulin help in fat loss? I think I have heard you say that insulin does help in fat loss directly and it’s the only compound. How do you take it for this purpose?

20:57 Piggybacking the earlier Primobolan/Anavar question, have you found there to be an approximate ratio of oral Primobolan acetate to injectable Primobolan enanthate?

22:22 Someone asked about your post-it note recomposition strategy on an Instagram Q&A. If us paying members are allowed to know about your post-it note recomposition strategy, would you please elaborate?

23:23 Does Masteron have a lowest effective dosage?

24:30 Have you had any experience with using hexarelin for eating and glycogen loading along with insulin?

25:19 I’ve heard you mention regrets about not implementing T4 in offseason with GH when calories were high. Can you give some advice as to when this would be worth looking into for some of us? I’m guessing first step would be full thyroid blood panel?

29:00 How reliable is the Karvonen formula for various populations?

30:27 If taking the below for a 12-week cycle, what would be your recommendation between starting Dianabol in week 3 versus 1? I’ve read most people start in week 1 as a kick start, but I read in Llewellyn’s book “Anabolics” that he recommends starting in week 3.

32:20 With the healing properties of BPC-157 would there be any benefit to taking it if you were running orals in a cycle? With the additional stress on the liver when running orals I was looking if BPC-157 would add any sort of “insurance” for the liver or if the main benefit is mainly for tendons/ligaments?

34:21 Could taking enough GH and Insulin before training induce vomiting?

35:42 Do you put much importance on carb timing, low fats and fast-digesting proteins around training for bodybuilding.

35:53 In your opinion is Humalog 3 years past its use by date still fine to use if it has been kept refrigerated?

38:22 Gyno symptoms were experienced when introducing NPP at 600mg on top of 200mg Testosterone cypionate for 95kg male. Introduced 0.5mg Arimadex Monday and Thursday along with 10mg Nolvadex daily and estrogen appeared to be in range on blood work. However, symptoms did not subside. What steps could be taken to try and remedy this before just deciding to switch compounds?

40:40 How to avoid accidentally getting insulin into a vein when injecting abdomen sub-q?

42:02 Occasionally when I spot inject my tricep…

42:08 What is your opinion on stopping long esters before ending a macrocycle and filling the weekly mg gap with shorter-acting esters or orals?

43:50 Where can I learn more about insulin?

44:07 You said on the last Q&A video that 200mg of DHB is a massive dose and something like 25mg is a moderate dose. I’ve run into a number of people saying they got nothing from DHB at doses approaching 5mg/kg.

45:03 I know that you don’t like to plan mesocycles longer than 20 weeks due to systemic fatigue so this question is purely hypothetical. If a bodybuilder has done a 10-week slight calorie deficit mesocycle using 5-10mg/kg weekly directly followed by a 20-week hypertrophy mesocycle using 10-15mg/kg weekly would these overall results in terms of gaining contractile protein be worse than if the same bodybuilder did a break of let’s say 4-8 weeks between the two?

45:40 Details about Part 2 of the Insulin Round Table!!!

46:38 Dianabol converts to 17α-methylestradiol (17mE2), which is cited to be more biologically active and potent compared to regular estradiol (E2), due to increased metabolic activity and slower clearance rate. Have you found that some individuals simply don’t tolerate the amplified estrogenic side effects of methylE2 at HRT doses of Dianabol compared to the equivalent TRT dose, despite technically converting to only half the total amount of estrogen?

48:40 Since Masteron acts as a SERM (specifically antagonizing estrogen receptors in breast tissue), is it plausible that it may share similar traits to other SERMs such as Tamoxifen and Raloxifene, which have been shown to antagonize brain estrogen receptors? I’m wondering if Masteron is a highly selective SERM acting only at breast tissues since I haven’t read many anecdotes reporting brain fog or cognitive impairment on it, unlike Tamoxifen.

51:35 You’ve mentioned that male Middle Easterners have an unusually positive response to 19-nors. Does that extend to Trestolone and/or Trenbolone from your experience or only apply to nandrolone?

54:47 I recently ceased using HGH due to excessive edema (I had started getting venous ulcers on my right lower leg). I was only using 2IU each morning. Is there a peptide, secretagogue or other compound that promotes HGH production while minimizing water retention or is that an unavoidable side effect directly correlated to HGH increase?

56:33 Any more content on training periodization planned for the member’s site?

56:50 What are you using the 19-nor for?

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