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TeamEvilGSP Live Q&A 4-5-20

Have a question for Broderick to answer in his weekly Facebook Lives?

01:30 You mentioned in previous Q&As that you wish you had gone more aggressive in terms of drug use.

03:02 Training frequency on gear?

04:07 What do you think of resistance bands while gyms are shut?

05:14 Being of the ’71 birth like yourself, what are your thoughts on HGH to repair this old body?

05:53 Dairy for physique athletes up until show day or drop one week out?

07:54 Would you recommend an EQ only cycle, more so as TRT?

09:24 Would you go over your CV recommendations?

09:33 Tren vs. Deca for putting on mass?

11:05 CA for putting on mass? Is Tren better for preserving mass and Deca to build muscle?

11:43 Are you still planning to come to the UK in May?

12:34 Do you have your clients take a single blood pressure measurement each sitting or take multiple measurements?

13:55 TeamEvilGSP shirts are great shirts!!!

14:20 Do you want Daniel Pekic to ask a good question for your audience?

14:36 What’s the benefit of taking large stacks of AAS during a fat loss phase over just a small Test dosage? If you can’t build muscle, then are the large stacks of drugs pointless?

15:42 I’ve seen people propose Tren may not be a great drug in itself to grow and is better at mitigating breakdown or that they feel it increase the caloric burden needed. Do you disagree with those ideas?

19:21 What do you think of using amphetamines to control appetite while cutting?

20:51 Is methyl-DHT a compound worth using for strength training and MMA, or do the side effects outweigh the benefits?

21:57 Could you explain to us the role of insulin binding proteins in the context of using recombinant human growth hormone for increasing muscle hypertrophy?

29:09 Tell your wife I said “Hi GRRRL” (as in GRRRL clothing)

29:52 Twice a week injections for long esters for stable blood plasma levels is a myth, right?

30:05 The After Freedom Podcasts with Daniel Pekic are amazing! I hope you guys keep putting them out on a regular basis.

30:46 What’s your opinion on using Nadroprop for a low-calorie diet over 10 weeks?

31:04 Talk about how 2-a-day training and 100IU of insulin a day is the only way to grow.

31:31 What does taking metformin do when taken alongside other steroids?

34:43 Is there a range you would consider optimal for DHEA in blood work?

36:13 250mg of test weekly only gives me 900nmol/dL. Let’s say I have to take 350mg of Test a week to get 1200nmol/dL, would you still call that a non-superphysiological value/dose?

38:20 Is it good or bad if I run long-acting insulin and short year-round? Been doing this for a good 2 years.

40:52 I’ve got quite a few Balkan Pharmaceuticals Primo ampules. Most of the codes come back good on their website, some do not. Would this concern you?

43:24 What’s your favorite AAS and why?

43:45 What do you mean by TRT crushing the SHBG?

44:16 DNP clearly becomes life-threatening pretty fast at doses beyond 4-5mg/kg or less. So how long can one go with a DNP dose for the drug to still be worth taking, give that the goal is rapid fat loss?

46:24 Have you ever had any run-ins or spoken to Jason Blaha?

46:50 Best usage protocol for first-time metformin user and can one use expired metformin (01/2019)?

48:42 Many friends get problems with potassium/kidney on Primo, why?

50:18 Was there any truth that metformin from certain countries had things in it that might cause cancer?

52:06 Why do so many educators in exercise science resort to anabolic steroids and do not reveal the same on their Instagram profiles and when they get interviewed?

53:21 I’d love to see something on the member’s site soon, concerning your thoughts and recommendations on physique/bodybuilding training?

54:27 When is the best time to take HGH? For example, 2IU split into 2 shots per day. Also is it true you need to take your HGH on an empty stomach to be effective?

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