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TeamEvilGSP Live Q&A 4-3-20

Have a question for Broderick to answer in his weekly Facebook Lives?

01:29 Thoughts on sub-q vs. IM injection?

02:57 Combine DHT, Test & Nandrolone, or stick to two of the tree?

04:39 2IU of GH better in the morning, fasted, then train, or in the evening before sleep, after all eating is finished?

05:20 How much creatine do you recommend for a bodybuilder?

05:32 What are your mg/kg suggestions on Nandrolone for women?

07:43 Going from 16% bf to 10% bf in 8 weeks. How would you structure AAS use with DNP?

10:10 Is it true that Anavar is metabolized in the kidneys?

13:05 Best advice for people who suffer from acne, other than Accutane?

15:42 Is it even possible to get real Primobolan anymore?

16:37 If you’re not peaking for a show or meet, is there really any use for orals for the casual user?

17:39 What would be the duration of T3 you would recommend for a bodybuilding contest? Is 10 to 12 weeks overdoing it?

18:53 If body recomp is the goal, an you’re taking 500mg Test weekly and 2IU of GH, when would be the best time to inject and what are some of the conditions to get the maximum effect of the GH and Test?

21:21 Are you reading any books related to science or sports performance?

22:49 Am I right in assuming Nizoral won’t help with hair thinning caused by a DHT derivative, like Primobolan?

23:15 Is the hair thinning from gear a genetic predisposition?

24:03 Wales event will be rescheduled for the autumn (October-November).

24:45 Are you using PCT with some athletes?

26:20 Super Training is a great read!

27:23 Power: A Scientific Approach by Fred Hatfield

28:03 Would you recommend running a higher mg dose Testosterone and lower dose Trenbolone when running together at the same time, or higher Tren, lower Test? The goal is to lose fat and lean out.

30:05 Will EQ show up as some nmol/l in a test value?

30:57 Thoughts on higher frequency shorter esters?

31:10 If the hair loss pattern is from the mother’s side, why do so many guys have full heads of hair, like their fathers do?

32:11 How’s the bicep?

32:36 Have you heard of reverse catheterization being used to help athletes pass urine drug tests, in a scenario where they’d likely fail a drug test because of metabolites of drugs that haven’t cleared yet?

33:22 Is there any way to reduce oral side effects, as far as upset stomach, upper abdominal bloating, heartburn?

34:30 Do you have a preferred drug of choice for beginners, that isn’t Testosterone, or do you not agree with that premise?

34:58 Can you please talk about the synergy you observed between metformin and Nandrolone?

35:10 Alex Kikel was recently talking about rate-limiting factors for muscle building, using Vit. D, Zinc and Magnesium as examples. What are some other often overlooked rate-limiting factors?

36:51 You said you don’t recommend PCT, so I’m assuming no clomiphene or HCG post or during. Willing to explain the reasoning for no PCT?

38:02 Is 1IU of Novorapid equal to 1IU of Lantus in terms of glucose control?

38:57 What are the differences between berberine and metformin?

39:10 On blood work can Nandrolone be picked up as E2?

39:37 Is Anavar more anabolic than Primobolan?

39:56 Do the different family trees have similar effects on blood pressure?

40:48 Are there any AAS that are least likely (or less magnitude) to drive hematocrit and hemoglobin?

41:43 MK-677 only on training days pared with insulin to spike IGF1?

42:26 Will this be up for 24h after?

42:59 A study that I recently read stated that Boldenone increases tendon collagen synthesis by over 40%. Since Turinabol is chemically similar to Boldenone, could it exhibit similar effects?

45:11 What are your thoughts on Winstrol compared to something like Anavar?

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