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TeamEvilGSP Live Q&A 3-31-20

Have a question for Broderick to answer in his weekly Facebook Lives?

01:35 I’ve heard you mention that you tend to subscribe to the Dan Duchaine 2 week on- 2 weeks off Clenbuterol protocol. Any suggestions on what to bridge the off weeks with? Would ECA stack be a good choice, or anything more valuable? Also, do you believe ketotifen to have any positive effect on prolonging the effects of Clenbuterol?

05:10 I know you’ve mentioned that you don’t like the use of SEOs (Site Enhancing Oils). However, could spot injecting the compounds you already are using make a difference? If a physique athlete had lagging triceps could spot injecting make them hypertrophy more in the long term? Possibly through increased inflammation or fascia stretching or would the difference be negligible?

08:24 What is your overall opinion on using pramipexole to lower prolactin. Do you believe that it’s a good alternative to cabergoline?

10:30 Guess this is really 3 separate questions on the same topic so apologies if I should have made a separate post for each. (11:56) Is there a suggested number of weeks you would not exceed with a 10IU 2x ED dosing protocol for Humulin-R usage? (11:05) Would you continue metformin usage while using the exogenous insulin or would it be better to save metformin for use once you stop exogenous insulin use? (14:06) Is exogenous insulin use only beneficial in hypertrophy focused training block or does it have some use in strength blocks and/or peaking?

17:02 If oral Primobolan acetate is dose equated to injectable Primobolan Enanthate (accounting for lowered oral bioavailability), do they subjectively feel similar in terms of mood and general mental effects? In other words, would a short 2-4 week course of oral Primo be a good way to quickly gauge one’s potential response to injectable Primo in terms of overall mental feeling and performance?

19:01 How does pure oral Mestanolone (Methyl-DHT) compare to classic DHT derivatives for acute strength and skill acquisition?

20:37 If one wants to use 10-15mg Dianabol as HRT year-round to replace the equivalent TRT dose, would you use a different route of administration such as sublingual or injectable in order to minimize hepatotoxicity?

23:48 In your TRT/HRT practical application video, you mentioned that Dianabol produces about half the amount of DHT as dose equated Testosterone. According to studies cited in William Llewellyn’s Anabolics and Wikipedia, D-Bol does not produce 5α-reduced metabolites, unlike methyltestosterone, due to the presence of its C1(2) double bond. If this is true, where does D-Bol’s androgenicity stem from besides the trace amounts of M1T metabolite it produces?

26:25 Are moderate doses of DHB (200mg) on top of 1mg/kg TRT acne friendly?

28:23 Are you familiar with how genetic mutations regarding certain enzymes and SNPs affect one’s response to AAS dosing in general?

30:47 My question is regarding fasting blood sugar upon waking and GH. I have been taking 2IU pre-workout for about 4 months. Recently I have added 2IU before bed upon listening to your content and noticed my morning fasting blood sugar is between 100 & 105. Unfortunately, I do not have a baseline before taking GH. Diet consists for 700-900g of carbs/day currently. Typical Day: 8:00pm – 2IU of GH & 2:00am – 2IU of GH. I wake up about 4-5 hours after the pre-bed dose, so I wanted to ask if the GH’s role of releasing nutrients into the blood is the cause of this? If so should I be concerned or have any particular thing to monitor? Blood sugar 2-3 hours after a meal is 85-100 depending on the carb content. If it matters I have also been taking 1000mg of metformin since the start of GH as well.

35:45 What other skills and knowledge, other than sports performance, pharmacology, and nutrition, are you trying to develop nowadays? Which ones are particularly relevant in our day and age?

38:00 Any idea on what the next “AAS profile” will be on the member’s site?

38:56 If a strength athlete wanted to add Trenbolone acetate onto their regimen leading up to a powerlifting meet how many weeks would it need to be taken to get the full effects of the drug?

40:38 Do you have any experience with oral micronized progesterone used for sleep enhancement? It has been used in men on TRT at doses between 100-400mg before bed, which ends up dramatically increasing sleep quality (REM and SWS) by essentially acting as a GABA-A agonist and by increasing neurosteroid allopregnanolone levels by up to 15x acutely, which has a sedative-hypnotic effect identical to benzodiazepines without the degradation in sleep architecture associated with nearly all sleeping drugs.

42:00 Any tips on how to use Anadrol? At 50mg by day 4 or 5 I get a massive headache and have to discontinue use for three days before I can continue. I’m well hydrated and my blood pressure is in check during the headache phase. I only use NSAIDs sparingly as I understand it can have a negative effect on muscle protein synthesis. Adding a drug to fix a drug isn’t the answer either.

44:45 Show was cancelled due to corona. Following taking 50mcg of T3 for 4 weeks. What would be the best way to come off it whilst keeping Test to TRT. Stopping completely or tapering?

46:14 If workouts suffer because of painful lower back pumps brought on by Dianabol, is there a way to combat this or would the best course of action be to just use another compound?

50:05 I’m 90kg, 10% bf and my TRT dose is 200mg/week. 200mg/week keeps my testosterone right around 1000ng/dL and estrogen at 50-60ng/dL. I plan to start a 20-week course by adding 400mg of Masteron enanthate and escalating over time to a total of 10mg/kg (i.e. 900-ish mg). Do you believe there’s enough estrogen present to support 400mg of Masteron, without significant suppression, or would it be wise to bump up the TRT to a full 3mg/kg?

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