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TeamEvilGSP Live Q&A 3-27-20

Have a question for Broderick to answer in his weekly Facebook Lives?

01:50 What content would you like to see from Broderick?

02:21 Clenbuterol as a bronchodilator & COVID-19. Am I being paranoid?

04:18 If someone were to start taking D-Bol and soon after a week or so got bad side effects, what kind of damage would be made to natural testosterone levels if they stopped the drug cold turkey?

05:46 Why do oral steroids negatively impact lipids so much more than injectable steroids?

07:41 If one is sensitive to the side effects of Deca, but still wants the fullness of Deca, what would be the next best thing?

09:46 Could you give a brief overview of glycogen synthase and creatine synthase in relation to Testosterone and AAS?

14:19 Which steroids are more protein spearing?

16:57 Post-it note recomposition strategy?

17:28 What does ZMA do?

18:55 What are your thoughts on THG (Balco drug) from a chemistry perspective? I’ve heard Victor Conte say that it was as potent as Trenbolone.

21:02 You mentioned that China tainted steroids that tested positive in Kazakhstan.

22:09 Tried some nice Panamanian and Costa Rican coffees, what conditions make a coffee sweet?

25:47 Have you ever seen people get significantly extra body hair from Primobolan in the 4-10mg/kg range?

26:23 How long does it take for a drug to cause acne side effects, if it’s certain that it will?

27:32 Did you manage to research regarding which AAS have the least impact on the immune system?

31:35 Are there any drugs from the early 2000s prohormone boom that you believe are worth looking into? Superdrol?

34:26 How would you rank DHT derivatives for upregulation of neurological activity and motor learning from best to worst per milligram?

37:43 What is the highest concentration you could reconstitute Drostanolone?

38:50 Can you explain what happens on a physiologic level in this phase bro-scientist refer to as “refreshing the receptor”?

40:13 I’ve been told that varicose veins are due to high blood pressure, however one of my forearm veins has gone from straight to a half-moon based on the bend in the middle…

41:38 Due to shutdown in most areas, is it better to cruise or PCT? Normal natural levels are roughly 300ng/dl.

43:36 If one cannot tolerate the side effects of 19nors and also gets severe anxiety from EQ, is this a good scenario of when high dose Testosterone would be appropriate?

45:44 Kazakhstan positives were more Stanazolol and T-Bol.

46:08 Why does Primo typically come in 100mg/ml?

46:54 Boldenone as TRT, let’s say 300mg/week for 220lb male?

47:40 What is the mechanism by which Winstrol causes joint issues?

47:57 If a male intermediate lifter were to take D-Bol for 8 weeks at a high dose (400mg/week) combined with an AI, could they keep the majority of gained muscle after they stopped?

49:30 Been following the prep series with Alex.

50:30 What is the problem with 500mg of Test on a cruise, compared to pure TRT dosage?

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