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TeamEvilGSP Live Q&A 3-24-20

Have a question for Broderick to answer in his weekly Facebook Lives?

00:35 Broderick on COVID-19

01:46 I was wondering what your preferred modality of cardiovascular work is for clients. Additionally do you have a general amount per week you recommend assuming the cardio is intense enough to drive up adaptations? Probably know it depends, but started AAS recently, got prescribed TRT, was hypergonadal and I want to be as healthy as possible.

06:03 Do you feel it’s better to express a deficit with “maintenance” kcals and more cardio during this COVID -19 crisis, or would using the deficit via lower kcals and less cardio be your preferred method, or do you think it likely isn’t that relevant?

09:45 Could you use a blood glucose reading before and after a GH shot to test the legitimacy of the product?

12:33 Are there any other properties of Boldenone other than increased blood cells, performance and anabolism that would be beneficial in a bodybuilding context?

15:06 Given what you’ve just said about cardio, and coming in contact with the virus. If someone has had low-ish cardiovascular fitness and they were to start, gentle cardio, i.e.: walking out doors coming into contact with almost no one. Could slowly increasing cardiovascular health/ability end up helping them get through the pneumonia and other issues that are possible from COVID-19?

18:48 How would a malaria drug help out with a viral respiratory infection? How is the suggested Zithromax help with a viral infection if it’s an antibiotic?

22:10 Since we know that AAS don’t stop working because they “fill up the receptors” and there’s no need to take stop taking what you’re currently taking and replace it with other drugs to “resensitize” to the drugs. How do you explain the scenarios you have previously experienced where you mentioned that you’ve done 30-week cycles but usually found that progress stopped around week 20?

24:42 Could Dianabol be useful for a bodybuilder in contest prep to maintain fullness and leverages while lifting?

25:12 Do you find any value in injectable glutathione for bodybuilders?

26:30 I have to agree with the 20-week thing on progression and pushing things hard I tried to keep all of my hard pushing on all aspects to around 16 weeks and I don’t run into many issues every time I’ve tried to go past 17-18 weeks weird shit just pops up and progress stops.

27:35 Can you share some thoughts on which compounds a committed, but certainly recreational lifter and athlete would restrict themselves to, to get great results, based on risk, benefit, value, money and availability?

31:08 I use injectable glutathione on non training days to help getting into the recovery state and getting maximum recovery on off days.

33:00 Where can I find the talk about GH and TB-500?

34:33 Things like Trenbolone, DNP, EPO seem to be to me far over to the other side of not worth consideration. Where would, Clenbuterol, metformin and insulin fall?

37:06 Trestolone acetate is a 19nor which is definitely not for beginners/casual users and has been packaged for oral consumption. Just a “beware” for the fellow who asked that.

38:46 Do you know what causes “Deca dick”? and what can be done to prevent it from happening?

40:50 I 100% agree this day and age the end-user is by far the biggest winner I always like to think you and people like you Alex and Andrew putting out excellent information with somebody like me can benefit from and mesh them together. Thank you!

43:11 A 120kg male 14% bf, dosing of 15mg per kg AAS (Testosterone, Masteron, Primobolan), during previous hypertrophy phase was using 10 units of Humulin-R with breakfast and afternoon meal (timing based on daily schedule and accessibility but will note workouts are post afternoon administration), now entering calorie restriction phase, when sufficient carbs are no longer available would you reduce to 2 smaller insulin administrations or would you drop 1 entirely and keep the other at 10 units for as long as possible or some other protocol?

46:53 How does the overall estrogenic burden of Deca compare to testosterone? I’ve seen some blood work showing only minor increases in estradiol from Deca (~1/10th that of Testosterone). I’ve used 200mg Testosterone and 600mg Deca with blood work showing estradiol within the reference range and prolactin was slightly elevated. At a very similar body fat % my estradiol was elevated at 300mg Testosterone. Isn’t Deca supposed to aromatize at approximately 25% that of Testosterone?

49:57 In your opinion, how should varying intensities be implemented on a weekly basis for bodybuilding goals? How does joint/connective tissue health play into this or does that just come down to total weekly intensity?

53:03 I have not used Nandrolone. I have only ever used what you wrote down for me in my spreadsheet for when we are working together. I was just wondering after reading about some issues with Nandrolone. Would be interesting to try it in the future. Oh, and that Sunday time slot is perfect for us in Europe.

54:50 Members site price will not be raised for the moment.

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