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TeamEvilGSP Live Q&A 3-22-20

Have a question for Broderick to answer in his weekly Facebook Lives?

02:35 Are there any psychological effects women experience using compounds such as Anavar, Clenbuterol, Winstrol & Nolvadex?

05:27 If you have a set distance (like from home to work) of three miles that you need to bike (and want to use this distance for cardio/health benefits), would you set a pace that you can do the entire distance and attempt to always increase that pace/speed, or would you do more like all-out sprints, a bit of light biking, all-out again etc.? (steady state vs. interval)

09:54 Recently my job started taking blood samples to find out if we’re using illegal substances. I’ve been taking nothing besides unprescribed Modafinil. How likely is that to be found as amphetamine?

12:40 When progressing from the recommended 80-120 sets throughout the course of a diet phase, would you aim to be at the 120 set mark as the diet ends? Or would you suggest maybe setting it up to reset at 80 sets maybe 4 weeks out to drop volume a bit when calories are down and fatigue is high?

16:20 With the gyms closing in Australia tomorrow, just wanting your thoughts on the whole detraining to set up future gains e.g. taking a few weeks off to resensitise to hypertrophy training.

20:30 Have you ever seen EQ drop someone’s red blood markers?

22:08 When using exogenous insulin, do you recommend 5 days on 2 off like the growth hormone protocol or everyday for the insulin?

25:05 Watched a bud go to jail for 13 months then win his pro card like he never missed a beat 6 months later.

26:55 Other than maintaining muscle with time off from the gym do you have any thoughts on Mike Israetel’s resensitise mesocycle with lower volume, which you would do after a few mesocycles of high volume so your muscles resensitise to volume. I believe you’ve mentioned a lot of Pros take a lot of time off the gym after comps so they might be doing this indirectly?

29:00 What’s your opinion on how the world is handling the pandemic situation?

31:05 You have stated in the past you prefer the use of T4 to T3. Do you object to the idea of using T3 at a supraphysiological dose like 50mcg as a fat burner during a calorie deficit? If one were to do this alongside a course of 10mg per kg of anabolics (95kg male), 2IU GH pre bed, 100mcg T4 per day, 5IU Humalog with first three meals is there a risk of muscle loss? If yes would this depend on the severity of the calorie deficit and would a higher protein intake than usual alleviate this risk? Is the T4 pointless once T3 is added?

34:51 After a 16 week contest prep diet where drugs were kept at a reasonable level, do you find any value in keeping some mg in for the 4 weeks following the diet to try to take advantage of the “anabolic” post-show rebound and fill back out quickly as oppose to reverse dieting?

36:36 Would there be logic to doing the reverse when coming off T3 by first going on T4?

38:22 How would you go about introducing Lantus insulin regarding dosing for the purposes of augmenting extracellular to intracellular fluid ratio, of course its anabolic and anticatablolic properties and perhaps to relieve some burden from the pancreas? And would metformin + training be enough to maintain muscle insulin sensitivity if this Lantus approach were to be long term?

40:55 Plus post show you’re reintroducing a new anabolic stimulus of more food, better training, better sleep… so I’d think saving the drugs for later on might be more appropriate for longevity. Also after drugs anecdotally I seem to feel like I observe a continued delayed growth response for weeks.

42:53 If a 100kg individual was prescribed 100mg of Testosterone/week could daily or every other day dosings of HCG bring testosterone levels into sports TRT range?

45:30 Regarding your 5 days on/2 days off protocol for GH and insulin. If someone’s lifestyle made it more convenient to only inject 4 days/week that may or may not be consecutive, would I be correct in assuming that there would not be any major disadvantages?

47:12 Is a low dose Isotretinoin/Accutane course (5mg daily) substantial enough to cause liver damage even on 250mg of prescribed UDCA? I’ve read plenty of anecdotes that 5mg Accutane daily is fairly efficacious for acne with very little side effects at that low a dose.

49:49 To what extent does Anadrol metabolize into Mestanolone (Methyl-DHT)? You’ve said that pure DHT (Stanolone) would be ideal for the skill acquisition component of a heavy 1RM lift – I wonder if Anadrol’s Methyl-DHT metabolite is what’s responsible for most of the acute strength gains that are only outclassed by heavily androgenic and toxic compounds such as Halotestin, MethylTren, M1T, MethylSten, Cheque Drops, etc.

53:47 I can only source GH randomly so I always have to spread out my dosing and take only 1IU/day I have decided to take it every day instead of 5 on 2 off at 1IU/day do you see any benefit of taking the two days off? I don’t seem to get very much water retention.

55:41 Is the metformin dose relevant to bodyweight? Is so how much does my big 252lb ass need?

57:33 If activity is high and in a mild deficit would your worry about insulin sensitivity and cycling on off?

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