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TeamEvilGSP Live Q&A 3-20-20

Have a question for Broderick to answer in his weekly Facebook Lives?

01:34 Broderick’s opinion on the Coronavirus situation.

02:22 Our gyms have been shut, a couple of guys are wondering if they should stop their PEDs and just do TRT?

04:16 I tried to squat heavy in January and a loud click came from the anterior quad flexor. Since the I can’t squat and I am suffering from pain every morning. How should I proceed?

04:42 My blood pressure is 150/80 consistently, I know that’s not crazy high, but only TRT at the moment. 27 years old, 92kg, sub 10% body fat and fit (lots of cardio)… other than daily low dose Cialis…

06:11 Opinion on 2% Testosterone transdermal preparations?

07:16 I know this may not be a question, but for those shitting themselves freaking out, could you give a brief summary of how muscle memory is and the “bounce back” after zero training period?

09:38 What is the length of time you’d have a client run insulin for?

10:07 I notices everyday activity is getting me slightly out of breath. I do cardio and have noticed my BP has gone up from 121/71 to 138/84. All in one week. I’m only on 500mg Sustanon and 200mg of Deca.

11:24 Possible increase in RBC, noticed slightly faster breathing at times, but feel great otherwise.

12:01 Back to the basics – lunges, dips, pullups and good old pushups.

12:56 With low dose DNP (2mg/kg), how long can you run it?

13:55 What is the maximum time you’d have a client run insulin for? Are there any biomarkers you’d look for, like fasted blood glucose?

14:38 Speaking of sex, if someone was to have 3-6 hours of sex weekly, regularly, is it appropriate to consider that cardio, or is cardio still necessary?

16:12 How much magnesium do you recommend for each 100g of carbs?

16:45 What is a ballpark starting dose for female first cycle with the goal of hypertrophy?

20:33 Since female cycles are done in such low numbers, do you take into account ester weight within injectable total mg?

21:46 Following up on a previous question, what dosage of Cialis do you recommend for BP control?

22:33 I know your recommendations for Metformin increase as carbs increase. Why did Randy Madsen and yourself decide to increase his Metformin from 500mg to 1000mg deep in his prep with kcals dropping?

24:43 Under 10%… if carbs are lower than 120g it is less effective due to carbs turning into ADP. I know you are a big fan of RP Strength, Jared was my first coach and I loved the diet; high carb.

25:16 Is there any difference between oral and injectable Primobolan?

27:17 Have you had your coffee?

27:56 What in your opinion is the best way to lower LDL?

30:00 We all know that PEDs impact HCT (hematocrit), but which will impact it the least?

31:50 Your opinion on TRT please?

32:21 How do insulin and GH interact to be synergistic?

32:53 Given some countries are not in lockdown, for some people at higher risk of COVID-19, would you recommend avoiding overreaching for the time being and focus on maintenance?

33:53 Can you give any insight into why Turinabol is a popular choice with females, when it is a testosterone derivative and Dianabol and Boldenone are not?

36:06 It was pertaining to DNP working with low dose carbs.

38:20 Modafinil is amazing!

39:03 Which PEDs stand out as posing a non-significant risk to the immune system?

39:40 When someone wants to consult with you, which hormonal blood work would you like to see?

42:00 Can you have muscular overreaching and CNS overreaching?

43:45 Can sports TRT improve cholesterol levels?

44:25 Are Anavar and Turinabol synergistic in men?

45:13 You have insomnia, I work nightshift. What are the major health implications and things to monitor if you live a sleep deprived life?

46:20 Is it fine to use EQ as the base of a cycle and dropping the Test during a summer mass phase?

47:30 What do you believe is the secret behind the Chinese weightlifting teams, besides the soviet weightlifting technique foundation? Designer PEDs? Gene doping? They don’t even look like they cycle off.

51:00 How does 4-hydroxytestosterone compare to your beloved Steranabol, given that both of them have the same respective alteration to the parent compound?

52:12 I keep hearing some people say peptides are greater than HGH for a lot of purposes. Is there usage, do you agree?

53:45 When using Clenbuterol for fat loss, does caffeine or yohimbine interfere with the off periods?

54:59 Not really a question, just something I found interesting: Testosterone same mg/kg, Tren A at 3mg/kg, I felt less aggressive, more controlled, kind of at peace, Deca 4mg/kg increased anxiety and aggressive.

56:43 But I saying that 10 more kg and another year. better picture.

57:06 Could you please speak on the key different effects that GH and Tren have on the thyroid?

57:20 Have you seen any designer DHB derivatives yet?

57:35 Would using an oral AAS like Oxandrolone or Primo sublingually or buccally affect the washout (clearance) time? It’s what G. Rodchenkov advised Russian athletes according to a WADA case study.

58:45 The only problem I had with Tren is that it seemed to really mess with my cholesterol.

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